Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2214 - Meeting Lu Xingluo Again

Chapter 2214 – Meeting Lu Xingluo Again

Why is he here? Shi Feng could not help his surprise as he looked at Lu Xingluo.

Lu Xingluo was an insufferable young master. Before entering God’s Domain, he most likely hadn’t even been aware of the superpowers that existed in the virtual gaming world. Needless to say, he wouldn’t have had any relations with the Super Guilds in the virtual gaming world, much less the Guild Leaders of Super Guilds.

Shi Feng found it incredible that Lu Xingluo was acquainted with Melancholy.

Melancholy was extremely secretive with his movements; let alone someone like Lu Xingluo, even the Guild Leaders of other Super Guilds had a very difficult time meeting with him.

Although Lu Xingluo was the heir of the Starline Corporation, he did not actually hold much authority. In comparison, Melancholy had direct control over Thirteen Thrones. Not only was Thirteen Thrones itself a major corporation, but the Guild also received the full support of multiple major corporations. Melancholy was someone with true power, someone leagues above Lu Xingluo. Comparing Lu Xingluo with Melancholy was akin to standing a child beside an adult. Even if the child was dressed luxuriously, a child was still a child.

Moreover, Starlink had always focused its development in the Dark Night Empire, whereas Thirteen Thrones’ development was in a far corner of the continent. The two Guilds’ bases of operations were extremely distant from each other, giving them no opportunity to come into contact.

Now, however, Lu Xingluo was actually sitting in the same room as Melancholy. Shi Feng found this situation truly surprising.

Meanwhile, the originally calm atmosphere inside the room suddenly became tense with Shi Feng’s appearance, as Lu Xingluo started glaring at him hatefully. However, similar to Shi Feng, Lu Xingluo was also surprised to see him here.

In Lu Xingluo’s opinion, Shi Feng was merely the Guild Leader of Zero Wing. Even if Shi Feng was strong, the man was just a slightly stronger ant. He and Shi Feng stood on entirely different levels.

Although Zero Wing currently possessed the ability to provoke superpowers, that was merely due to Stone Forest City’s existence. The number of experts in Zero Wing was extremely low. The Guild itself did not have any noteworthy strength at all. Once Stone Forest City’s advantages disappeared, Zero Wing’s days would be numbered.

Now, however, Shi Feng had actually appeared in this venue.

Meanwhile, when Melancholy looked at Shi Feng, surprise briefly flashed in his eyes. However, he quickly calmed himself and took the initiative to greet Shi Feng. “Guild Leader Black Flame, please, sit.”

What’s going on here? Lu Xingluo was further confused when he saw Melancholy greeting Shi Feng first. Previously, when he had been conversing with Melancholy, the latter had consistently maintained an indifferent attitude. On the other hand, Melancholy’s attitude toward Shi Feng actually contained a trace of friendliness.

Since Melancholy had taken the initiative to greet him, Shi Feng responded with a nod and went straight to business, asking, “Guild Leader Melancholy, may I know your reason for calling me here?”

“Just like Happy Art has said, you really are a straightforward person,” Melancholy said, chuckling. He then pointed at the city outside the window and asked, “Guild Leader Black Flame, may I know your thoughts on Dragonheart City?”

“A sacred land for commerce,” Shi Feng answered after pondering the matter.

During his previous life, Dragonheart City was one of the strongest commercial cities in God’s Domain. Every inch of land here had been worth its weight in gold as one of the main areas of activity for Tier 3 naval players. The resources available here were much more abundant compared to what Thunder Island had.

Not to mention, Dragonheart City was the sole large-scale free NPC city in the Sea of Death.

Unlike the NPC cities on the main continent, Dragonheart City was a place where players could become king. Of course, this did not mean that players could capture it. Instead, players had the option to purchase it.

Every construction in Dragonheart City-including the Auction House, City Lord’s Mansion, Teleportation Hall, and other key constructions—could be purchased so long as one had the money to do so. Players could do anything they wanted with the construction they purchased. They could even demolish the original construction and build another construction of their choosing.

Moreover, Dragonheart City was also home to the famous World Tower.

The World Tower was a place that the mainstream powers in God’s Domain would keep an eye on. When compared to the World Tower, the value of Otherworld Gates was insignificant because one could find super-rare Epic materials inside the World Tower and even the main materials needed to produce Fragmented Legendary items.

Due to this reason, Dragonheart City had become one of the strongest commercial cities during Shi Feng’s previous life. At its peak, the city’s commercial influence had surpassed even that of an empire.

“That’s right. This place will become a sacred land for commerce.” Melancholy nodded approvingly. He never thought that Shi Feng would be so on point with his answer. Smiling, he continued, “May I know if Guild Leader Black Flame is interested in setting up a Shop here?”

“Setting up a Shop here?” Shi Feng looked at Melancholy in confusion.

If possible, he really wished to set up a Shop in Dragonheart City. Unlike the player Shops in ordinary NPC cities, those in Dragonheart City could do business with the NPCs of other races. Meanwhile, Dragonheart City hosted a very large number of foreign races, far more than even Thunder Axe City. Obtaining Epic materials and ancient designs was much easier here. In the entire God’s Domain’ there were only a handful of NPC cities capable of rivaling Dragonheart

Hence, Dragonheart City’s Shops were incredibly valuable.

However, setting up a Shop here was not an easy task. Even Zero Wing couldn’t do so right now since all Shops in Dragonheart City utilized only Ancient Coins as currency.

Ancient Coins were different from ordinary Coins. Not only were Ancient Coins difficult to obtain, but exchanging them was also a big problem.

Unlike ordinary Coins, Ancient Coins were not automatically converted to a higher denomination after a certain amount was collected. The system did not convert Ancient Copper to Ancient Silver, or Ancient Silver to Ancient Gold automatically. Meanwhile, the merchandise sold in Dragonheart City required specific Coins. In other words, items priced in Ancient Silver could not be purchased using Ancient Copper. The same was true for items selling for Ancient Gold.

However, items sold for Ancient Silver could be purchased with Ancient Gold. The conversion used the official exchange rate, which was a l-to-100 ratio.

Due to this reason, the value of Ancient Gold was extremely high—even after ten years had passed in God’s Domain.

Moreover, even the cheapest Shop in Dragonheart City cost 8,000 Ancient Gold, which was not a sum the current Zero Wing could acquire.

“That’s right! Setting up a Shop here!” Melancholy affirmed. “Of course, there is a price for this Shop. I wish to borrow Zero Wing’s strength to capture a fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range. As long as we succeed, I’ll give you 10,000 Ancient Gold to purchase a Shop in Dragonheart City.”

Realization immediately dawned upon Shi Feng at Melancholy’s words.

It was no wonder Melancholy could offer him such remuneration. The Gravity Mountain Range was located beneath the World Tower. Not only was the Gravity Mountain Range rich in resources, but the fortresses found there were also the main method for the acquisition of Ancient Gold Coins. By securing a fortress there, one could net a profit of two or three thousand Ancient Gold every day. Moreover, as more time passed and the fortress became better-equipped, more NPCs of foreign races would visit the fortress, further increasing the fortress’s income of Ancient Gold.

Only, the fortresses found in the Gravity Mountain Range were not easy to capture. Setting aside the countless monsters that resided in these fortresses, just the Level 100-plus Mythic monsters serving as the Guardian Boss of these fortresses were sufficient to annihilate any of the current superpowers.

Just as Shi Feng was about to reply to Melancholy, Lu Xingluo suddenly frowned and said, “Guild Leader Melancholy, aren’t you thinking too highly of Zero Wing? With our two Guilds cooperating with each other, we are almost certain to secure the fortress. Zero Wing is merely lending a little help, yet you’re giving them 10,000 Ancient Gold? Isn’t that a little too much?”