Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2213 - Twelve Holy Swords

Chapter 2213 – Twelve Holy Swords

“I want this matter investigated! Find out who those people are!”

“Once you learn their identities, figure out how they got that Flying Mount!”

“They came from Frosthell Island! They should still be in the area! Notify everyone there to search for those players and report back when they find them!”

Once the various superpowers found out about the Thunder Eagle, they poured manpower into investigating the Flying Mount. Its appearance had stirred the previously peaceful Sea of Death to life.

While the various superpowers searched frantically for the Thunder Eagle, Sand Bone, who had just escaped the Thunder God’s Secret Land, received news of the Flying Mount as well.

“Isn’t this the monster Black Flame had summoned?” Sand Bone stared at the pictures he had received in shock. “It’s actually a Flying Mount?”

As an apex expert, he knew just how valuable a Flying Mount was in God’s Domain. Apex experts often found resource- rich areas when exploring the continent, but since they were so far from civilization, these players couldn’t exploit these regions. However, they could increase their harvests by several-fold if they had a Mount, exploring regions that other players couldn’t reach. Needless to say, their leveling speed would substantially increase as well.

The main reason that players’ leveling speeds decreased as they reached higher levels was due to the fact that high- level maps were very far away from teleportation points, and building or relocating a Guild Town was easier said than done.

“Boss Sand, why don’t we publicize this matter? Even if we do nothing, the various superpowers will take Black Flame out if they know that he is the one riding that Flying Mount,” the Level 77 Assassin suggested from beside Sand Bone.

Now that they had discovered the existence of Flying Mounts, the various superpowers would stop at nothing to find their own. Their players’ leveling speeds and ability to gather resources would skyrocket with a Flying Mount. It was the perfect opportunity for these superpowers to gain an advantage over their rivals. If they found out that Black Flame was the Thunder Eagle’s owner, they would go after him.

“No! We mustn’t let anybody know about this!” Sand Bone said, shaking his head. “This is a good opportunity for us!”

“An opportunity?” the Level 77 Assassin asked in confusion.

Your idea might be useful if that were an ordinary Flying Mount, but Black Flame had summoned it within the Thunder God’s Secret Land. Only tools from within the secret land will work there, and Black Flame hadn’t summoned the eagle before entering the side temple. Had he done so, his team wouldn’t have fled from us,” Sand Bone said, chuckling. “Do you know what that means?”

“It means that Black Flame obtained the Flying Mount from the side temple!” the Level 77 Assassin answered, his eyes glowing with excitement.

“Correct, and the various superpowers don’t know that yet. The few superpowers’ teams inside still can’t communicate with their Guild members outside of the Thunder God’s Secret Land. They likely don’t know that the eagle Black Flame summoned is a Flying Mount,” Sand Bone said, sneering. “Black Flame may have disrupted Brother Sky’s plans, but he led us straight to a Flying Mount’s origin. We need to secure the side temple before other powers figure this out. Then, we can take our time with Black Flame and Samsara’s group!”

Sand Bone had witnessed the Thunder Eagle’s strength personally. Not even the 12 Tier 3 Heroic Warriors had been a match for it. If the Flower of Seven Sins could acquire a few Thunder Eagles of their own, no one could stop the organization within God’s Domain.

While entering the Thunder God’s Secret Land was a challenge for the various superpowers, it wasn’t hard for the Flower of Seven Sins.

Sand Bone immediately contacted Supreme Sky to inform him of the situation.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s Thunder Eagle hovered above the sea near Dragonheart Island. He had Happy Art summon her Bronze Speedboat to carry them the rest of their way. The Thunder Eagle was too eye-catching to fly directly to the island; it would almost certainly attract trouble. Dragonheart Island was, after all, a hub for the various superpowers.

As Happy Art watched the Thunder Eagle vanish, she couldn’t help her disappointment that she hadn’t gotten to ride it for a while longer. Aside from the wonderful feeling of soaring through the sky, the Flying Mount’s speed was aweinspiring. Thanks to the Thunder Eagle, the trip that would’ve taken eight hours by Bronze Speedboat, had lasted less than an hour. With such speed, she could visit any leveling spot she wanted.

After a moment, Shi Feng and Happy Art reached Dragonheart Island’s port.

Easily several hundred ships floated at the docks, and Bronze Speedboats were a particularly common sight. There were even more than 20 extremely rare sailboats.

The entrance to Dragonheart City lay beyond the port. Majestic walls, over 100 meters tall, surrounded the city, and the lowest-level player they saw entering or leaving was Level 75. Moreover, most of these players were experts from the various superpowers.

Some experts, who had just arrived, were shocked by what they saw.

As the only large-scale democratic NPC city in the Sea of Death, Dragonheart City was a forest of unique, monumental buildings. Occasionally, players could even spot flying ships as they glided through the sky above. NPCs of various races, such as Half-ores, Half-elves, Naga, and Dwarves, roamed the city streets. The majority of these NPCs were merchants, carrying massive backpacks or driving freight wagons. These NPCs hawked their wares all over the city.

If one paid close attention to the NPC merchants’ comments, they’d learn that many of the items for sale were unique, not available elsewhere. Most of these merchants’ stocks, in fact, included incredibly rare, valuable items. Some NPCs even sold Mysterious-Iron Mounts and Holy Fruit, which could permanently increase a players’ Attributes. Players could even buy Tier 3 Slave Guards.

Much of what they saw sorely tempted players who were new to the city. Unfortunately, these NPCs did not accept the human race’s Coins as currency. They only accepted Ancient Coins.

Without Ancient Coins, surviving in Dragonheart City was nearly impossible.

The Ancient Coin was a type of currency that had been used since ancient times. The Mana these coins carried made them different from ordinary Coins, and when players collected a certain amount, they could even increase the Mana density around them. However, actually acquiring Ancient Coins was an extreme challenge for players.

Even Zero Wing struggled to earn Ancient Coins.

After Happy Art guided Shi Feng through the city for about half an hour, they arrived before an Advanced Bar named Dragon Blood. Passersby marveled at the two for their assumed wealth when Shi Feng and Happy Art entered the tavern.

Everything in Dragonheart City cost Ancient Coins, and the products and services that Dragon Blood offered were particularly expensive. The cheapest fruit wine the bar sold cost 10 Ancient Coins per bottle. Expert players like themselves couldn’t even earn that much after two days of questing in Dragonheart City.

Once they entered the bar, Happy Art led Shi Feng to one of the top-floor rooms.

When they entered the room, they were greeted by a young, white-haired Swordsman in white clothes who sat by the window, enjoying a glass of wine. Aside from the young man’s name, Shi Feng couldn’t see any of his information.

Despite sitting there quietly, the young man felt like the most important thing in the room.

Amazing! So, this is Melancholy, Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader? Shi Feng inwardly exclaimed as he watched the youth before him.

Although he could not see Melancholy’s level or equipment, the man felt dangerous. Shi Feng also spotted something familiar on Melancholy’s body.

That weapon was the reason that Melancholy had risen to fame in God’s Domain-the Sacred Dragon’s Blade.

The sword was a bona fide Fragmented Legendary Weapon and one of God’s Domain’s Twelve Holy Swords. It was leagues stronger than Fire Dance’s Thousand Transformations.

Someone else stood in the room, as well, and Shi Feng was very familiar with this player.

Starlink’s Guild Leader, Lu Xingluo!