Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2212 - Shocking Appearance of a Flying Mount

Chapter 2212 – Shocking Appearance of a Flying Mount

‘Your Guild Leader?”

Shi Feng could not help his surprise to hear that the Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader wanted to meet him.

Thirteen Thrones was a Super Guild. Many superpowers had begun to emerge in God’s Domain at this stage of the game, but most of them could only rival veteran super-first-rate Guilds. Some couldn’t even manage that. One could count the number of superpowers that rivaled Super Guilds on one hand.

Even among Super Guilds, Thirteen Thrones was stronger than average. Although the Super Guild had been stuck in a corner of the God’s Domain continent, far from the continent’s richest locations, during Shi Feng’s previous life, it had nearly been as strong as the Five Great Super Guilds at its peak. At the time, it had controlled three empires and almost ten kingdoms.

“That’s right. Our Guild Leader wishes to meet with you,” Happy Art said, nodding. She, too, found the situation surprising. “He told me that he has something that might interest you.”

She had only reported about what had happened in the side temple and the party’s encounter with the Flower of Seven Sins. She hadn’t expected her Guild Leader to request a meeting with Shi Feng.

Thirteen Thrones was a veteran Super Guild that maintained its rank among the top 10 Super Guilds. It employed countless experts, and the Guild Leader was always busy with endless responsibilities. Other superpowers’ Guild Leaders would have a hard time arranging a meeting with Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader, not to mention core upper echelons or old monsters.

And yet, her Guild Leader had sent this Swordsman an invitation.

“Something that might interest me?” After giving the matter some thought and ensuring that he didn’t have any urgent matters to attend to, Shi Feng agreed, “Alright, let’s go.”

It wasn’t easy to meet with a Super Guild’s Guild Leader. Generally, these people operated behind the scenes, issuing a single word to mobilize hundreds of thousands of experts.

Moreover, Shi Feng was curious about what this Guild Leader wanted to discuss.

He accompanied Happy Art as they teleported out of the Thunder God’s Secret Land, instantly arriving on an island in the Sea of Death. Several hundred teams, mostly consisting of Level 73 and 74 players, were busy grinding the island’s monsters. To ordinary players, these people were definitely experts.

Shi Feng and Happy Art’s sudden arrival instantly attracted many of the teams’ attention.

“Where did those two suddenly come from?”

“They teleported here?”

“They dared to come here with just the two of them? Are they tired of living?”

The island’s players chatted as they wondered about Shi Feng and Happy Art. This was no ordinary island, and its monsters were quite powerful. The weakest monster here was a Level 75 Chieftain, while most were Lords and Grand Lords, and they all typically worked in groups of 100 or more. To make matters worse, the island was astoundingly cold, and without more than 70 Ice Resistance, players wouldn’t survive on the island. Even a 20-man team of expert players would quickly die.

Why wouldn’t these teams be surprised to see a 2-man team suddenly appear?

While the several hundred nearby experts watched Shi Feng and Happy Art, who had hidden their identities and levels, out of curiosity, the two experts in question ignored them and inspected a map to identify their location.

This is Frosthell Island. My Guild Leader is currently on Dragonheart Island. If we take a Bronze Speedboat, we should arrive in eight or so hours,” Happy Art said, breathing a sigh of relief when she recognized their location.

Due to a lack of teleportation points, travel at sea wasn’t as convenient as travel on land. Players could spend 10 hours just to get from one place to another. Fortunately, Frosthell Island was in the Sea of Death’s inner region, very close to Dragonheart Island.

It was too bad she only had a Bronze Speedboat. A Mysterious-Iron Speedboat would get them to their destination a lot sooner, but such speedboats were painfully rare, even in a Super Guild like Thirteen Thrones. Normally, they would be assigned to peak experts that focused on naval prowess. Experts like her, who shifted between land and sea, were only given Bronze Speedboats.

“We’re heading to Dragonheart Island?” Shaking his head, Shi Feng said, “A boat will take too long, and we’ll have to deal with plenty of sea monsters. Let’s just fly there.”

After saying so, Shi Feng retrieved the Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute and activated it.

In the next moment, the ten-meter-tall Thunder Eagle descended from the sky. It looked like a medium-sized passenger aircraft with its massive wingspan, stretching across several dozen meters. The eagle’s impressive aura even dwarfed that of the island’s Great Lords.

As the Thunder Eagle landed, its wings stirred the air into a small storm that engulfed nearby players. At the same time, these players felt an immense pressure press down on them.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng said as he hopped onto the Thunder Eagle’s back.

In God’s Domain, most Land Mounts could only carry two to seven people, depending on their strength. The weakest Flying Mount, however, could carry up to ten people.

An Extraordinary Flying Mount like the Thunder Eagle was capable of carrying up to 20 people at one time.

Hearing Shi Feng’s invitation, Happy Art nodded and eagerly jumped onto the Thunder Eagle’s back.

With a flap of its wings, the Thunder Eagle blurred as it left its position. By the time the watching players spotted it again, the Mount was several dozen meters above the ground. With its lightning speed, the Thunder Eagle vanished after several seconds.

The experts on Frosthell Island only snapped out of their daze after the Thunder Eagle was gone. Shocked, they stared at the horizon, where Shi Feng and his companion had vanished.

“Crap! That was…a Flying Mount! It’s the rumored Flying Mount!”

“I must be seeing things! How can those two have a Flying Mount when the various superpowers haven’t even found one? Were they NPCs?”

“Nonsense! I used an Advanced Identification Skill on them before they left! I couldn’t see any of their information, but I did see player markers above their heads! They are definitely players!”

“So, that was a Flying Mount! Amazing! Truly amazing! Our Land Mounts are no more than turtles compared to that eagle!”

“That eagle looked so cool! I’ll have to get 汪 Flying Mount for myself someday!”

The expert players on Frosthell Island quickly published the situation on the Sea of Death’s official forums, starting a heated discussion about the two players’ identities. Since the forum post had included pictures and video of the Flying Mount, it quickly became a hot topic.

Most ordinary experts were still searching for a Bronze Mount of their own. They could only dream of riding a Mysterious-Iron or Secret-Silver Mount. Only large Guilds’ upper echelons might own such a high-quality Mount, and not even first-rate Guilds were guaranteed to have a Fine-Gold Mount.

Yet, they had just witnessed a Flying Mount!

With the ability to ignore terrain, Flying Mounts were even faster than Epic Land Mounts.

Moreover, they had all seen the Thunder Eagle’s speed. With such a fast Mount, traveling across God’s Domain wouldn’t be a problem.

When the various superpowers received news of the Thunder Eagle, the matter became a sensation. They frantically began to search for the identities of the Thunder Mount’s riders.