Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2211 - Sacred Land

Chapter 2211 – Sacred Land

Walking into the Thunder Temple’s main temple was like entering a bustling shopping mall. Rare items and top-tier equipment had been put on display. Even Bronze Mounts, which were a rare sight anywhere else, were available for purchase. The spectacular view mesmerized these players as they entered the temple.

“So, this is the main temple? It’s amazing! There’s even Level 80 to Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment here!” Happy Art exclaimed when she saw the equipment displayed on one of the numerous counters.

Samsara and the others were similarly thrilled.

Experts like them wanted Level 80 Dark-Gold Equipment now more than anything, but raiding Level 80,100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons was the only reliable way to acquire such equipment right now. Needless to say, Level 80 Dark- Gold Set Equipment would be even harder to collect.

And yet, the Thunder Temple’s main temple actually had such high-level Dark-Gold Set Equipment for a fixed price.

One could purchase the complete Phantom Thunder Set, a six-piece, Level 80 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, for 300 Thunder Source Crystals. Aside from the incredible Basic Attributes bonuses the set provided, the Phantom Thunder Set’s set effects were astounding. The six-piece set effect even increased the wearer’s physique and Stamina by 30%.

Both physique and Stamina were incredibly important when players explored high-level maps, even more so than Basic Attributes. Unfortunately, equipment that improved these two Attributes was scarce on the market.

However, the Thunder Temple sold such items…

The various superpowers’ experts drooled over the Phantom Thunder Set even more than Samsara’s group. They gazed upon the set equipment with bloodshot eyes, and some even considered stealing the set.

“If we can get our hands on a few dozen of these sets, Vice Temple Master, we’ll have no problems capturing one of the fortresses in the Gravity Mountain Range,” Ruthless Sky reasoned as he gave the Phantom Thunder Set an adoring look.

Epic Equipment did provide significant boosts to players’ combat power, but it was just too rare. Moreover, most Epic Equipment didn’t improve Stamina and physique, merely providing higher bonuses to players’ Basic Attributes. When exploring new maps, players would perform far better with the Phantom Thunder Set than with six pieces of Epic Equipment.

As for the Gravity Mountain Range, the various superpowers had recently discovered the deadly forbidden land. It wouldn’t have caused such a stir if the area had only offered abundant resources, but the superpowers had also discovered that the map had a unique aspect.

The map was unusually free in that no kingdom or empire had jurisdiction over it. Players could take control of the map as their own territory.

The various superpowers had gone crazy over the discovery.

Normally, utilizing the territory around a city was enough for a first-rate Guild to become immensely wealthy. Even superpowers would be tempted to claim such an area, but now, players had discovered that it was possible to take control of an entire map. Moreover, the map in question was particularly resource-rich. The potential profits one could earn from the Gravity Mountain Range was unimaginable.

Laying claim to the Gravity Mountain Range would the equivalent of obtaining a super-miniature kingdom. The area was also surrounded by Level 100 maps, which was extremely important to the various superpowers’ development.

This discovery was also the reason that many of the superpowers hadn’t bothered Zero Wing, despite the fact that it maintained ownership of Stone Forest City. After all, this forbidden land was far more important than a God Mode Regional Dungeon.

However, the Gravity Mountain Range was still a forbidden land; Regional Dungeons and secret lands simply couldn’t compare. Not only was players’ Stamina consumption amplified in the mountain range, but the Mana there was also quite thin. Despite the fact that monsters in the Bottomless Abyss were far stronger than those in the Gravity Mountain Range, the various superpowers’ teams had a much harder time fighting the mountain range’s monsters. Naturally, capturing the ancient fortresses in the Gravity Mountain Range and transforming them into fortified bases would be even more of a challenge.

“I agree, but what is a Thunder Source Crystal?” Melody understood what Ruthless Sky was trying to say. In fact, this was one of the main reasons that the Sacred Temple had visited the Thunder God’s Secret Land in the first place.

The Sacred Temple hadn’t made any progress in exploring the Gravity Mountain Range, so the Guild had shifted its focus to strengthening its exploration teams. The Thunder God’s Secret Land was the perfect place to do just that. This was an Ancient God’s secret land, and it would have plenty of valuable items available.

However, players needed Thunder Source Crystals to purchase any of the items for sale in the main temple.

While the various superpowers’ experts wondered what the Thunder Source Crystals were, Samsara and his team found the name familiar.

“Didn’t that Boss drop a Thunder Source Crystal?” Burning Sea whispered.

“I see. So, these items won’t be so easy to acquire,” Samsara commented as he nodded to Burning Sea. Somewhat disappointed, he continued, “It seems we’ll have to start with the guidance quest.”

The Thunder Source Crystal was one of the items the Naga General, Volenka, had dropped. To be precise, it had come from an item called the Crystal Box. One Crystal Box only contained a dozen or so Thunder Source Crystals, but Volenka had only dropped two boxes. After dividing the loot, there hadn’t even been enough to give each team member three Thunder Source Crystals. To purchase the Phantom Thunder Set, they’d have to kill all of the side temple’s Bosses several dozen times.

Unfortunately, the Dungeon only reset once every three days, and current players were helpless against the side temple’s Bosses. In other words, current players could only gaze longingly at the main temple’s top-tier equipment.

Of course, Shi Feng had long since gotten used to that.

The Thunder Temple within the core of the Thunder God’s Secret Land was a treasure trove. Even Tier 5 players would find tempting items, not to mention Tier 2 players. However, it would take more than a few days of hard work to afford these items.

After browsing the items inside the main temple for a little while longer, Samsara led Endless Scars, Burning Sea, and Frozen Gem to turn in their Epic Guidance Quest on the main temple’s second floor. As for Shi Feng and the others, they had only been hired to escort the three players and were free to leave and do their own thing.

Fortunately, leaving the Thunder God’s Secret Land was quite simple. One just had to use the teleportation array within the main temple.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I really have to thank you for your help. If not for you, the Flower of Seven Sins would’ve annihilated us, and we never would’ve reached the main temple,” Samsara expressed his gratitude and admiration. “For your remuneration, I am willing to offer an extra 10 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids. I hope that you can accept them.”

“You’re being too courteous, Brother Samsara. I was only fulfilling my part of the contract.” Shi Feng was at a loss when Samsara offered 10 more bottles.

Although Zero Wing didn’t lack funds, obtaining a single bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid was excruciatingly difficult, yet Samsara casually handed them out…

“Guild Leader Black Flame, please don’t be polite. With your strength, I’d like to trouble you more in the future. Consider the extra bottles as a deposit,” Samsara said, shaking his head.

Burning Sea and Frozen Gem nodded in agreement with their leader.

To experts like them, Shi Feng was far more valuable than the various superpowers.

They hadn’t realized Shi Feng’s strength when he had first shown up, but after witnessing his heaven-defying performance, not taking the chance to befriend him would be a huge waste.

Since Samsara’s intentions to form a relationship were genuine, Shi Feng didn’t reject his offer again. Even a Super Guild would be fortunate to befriend such powerful experts. Even if recruiting these experts were impossible, Shi Feng could hire them to help in the future. God’s Domain wasn’t a single-player game, and many aspects would require powerful experts.

Moreover, it was not very often that Shi Feng met someone as generous and wealthy as Samsara. His ability to hand out dozens of S-rank Nutrient Fluids was just frightening.

Shi Feng, Samsara, and the rest of the party then added each other as friends, promising to reach out if any of them needed help.

Once the team disbanded, Shi Feng planned to return to Zero Wing. He had spent quite a bit of time in the Thunder God’s Secret Land, and he still had responsibilities in the Guild. Although he hadn’t obtained the Guild Alchemy Workshop Design, he had acquired an Ancient God’s Literature Fragment, so his trip hadn’t been a complete waste. In fact, he considered it to have been a profitable journey.

Just as Shi Feng turned toward the Teleportation Hall in the main temple, Happy Art approached him.

“Big Brother Black Flame, do you have anything urgent to take care of right now?” Happy Art asked.

“Not in particular,” Shi Feng replied, shaking his head.

“In that case, would you mind joining me to meet with someone?” Happy Art mysteriously asked.

“Meet with someone? Who is it?” Shi Feng responded, curious about Happy Art’s serious expression.

“Our Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader!” Happy Art answered.