Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2210 - Ancient God's Document Fragment

Chapter 2210 – Ancient God’s Document Fragment

Chaos tore at the Flower of Seven Sins’ members when Diverging Phoenix had died. Furthermore, the Heroic Warriors hadn’t disappeared when she had died, but without the woman to control them, they had gained their freedom and no longer cooperated. As a result, their combat power plummeted drastically, and the Thunder Eagle had a much easier time taking them out.

Realizing that the Heroic Warriors couldn’t even keep the Thunder Eagle distracted anymore, the Flower’s members began to panic further. The mindless charged toward the Thunder Temple’s main temple.

Getting into that main temple was their only hope for survival. The main temple was guarded by Tier 3 Temple Guards, who didn’t allow combat between players.

This was also why Supreme Sky had been so adamant about blocking the main temple’s entrance. He wouldn’t have been able to touch Samsara’s team if they had made it into the main temple.

Shi Feng didn’t bother to chase down the fleeing Flower of Seven Sins’ members, pausing to collect the two items Diverging Phoenix had dropped, instead.

Although he had no interest in the Level 75 Dark-Gold Equipment piece, it was top-tier equipment for other experts. Most current peak experts might not have a single piece of Level 75 Dark-Gold Equipment on them; only monster-level experts like Diverging Phoenix were strong enough to acquire such top-tier items.

Current peak experts were only around Level 77, and acquiring Level 75 Dark-Gold Equipment was still a major challenge for the various superpowers.

Shi Feng was far more interested in the parchment the Elementalist had dropped than the cloth gloves.

Any item that could summon Heroic Spirits within the Thunder God’s Secret Land was definitely an extraordinary item. At the very least, Shi Feng couldn’t think of an item that could do such a thing.

The Thunder God’s Secret Land followed the world rules the Thunder God himself had created. Not even Fragmented Legendary items could break those rules without the Thunder God’s permission, yet this mysterious parchment had successfully done so.

Pursuing the remaining Flower of Seven Sins’ members wasn’t worth the risk of losing this mysterious parchment.

This is…an Ancient God’s Literature Fragment! When Shi Feng inspected the mysterious parchment and learned its name, he was taken aback.

’Ancient Gods, referred to the earliest Gods to manifest. There were rumors that these Ancient Gods had been responsible for creating the continent of God’s Domain, but due to war, they had vanished, never to appear again.

Any item that was related to an Ancient God was a precious treasure.

The most famous of the Ancient God’s many items had to be the Ancient God’s Literature Fragment. Many Guild wars had erupted across entire kingdoms and empires over these Literature Fragments in Shi Feng’s previous life.

Every Ancient God’s Literature Fragment possessed unbelievable power. It was rumored that if one could collect a complete volume, they’d gain devastating power, even enough to fight the Gods.

This rumor didn’t refer to Tier 6 God-ranked players, but true Tier 6 Gods.

It was also said that some kingdoms and empires had only appeared after the Great Ancient War, created and ruled by those with an Ancient God’s Literature Fragment. Claiming territory from the world’s various races would’ve been impossible for a human without such power.

Shi Feng finally realized how Diverging Phoenix had summoned so many Heroic Spirits in the Thunder God’s Secret Land, ignoring the Thunder God’s rules. Accomplishing such a feat wouldn’t have been possible with an Ancient God’s Literature Fragment. The Ancient Gods were far more powerful than the Gods that had been born on the continent of God’s Domain, after all. The Thunder God’s world rules simply couldn’t contend with a Literature Fragment an Ancient God had created.

Shi Feng took a moment to inspect the Ancient God’s Literature Fragment carefully.

[Ancient God’s Literature Fragment – Page V] (Epic Rank Item)

An ancient parchment that has undergone the baptism of time. Its divine runes remain intact and contain unbelievable power.

Skill 1-

Summon Heroic Spirit: Sacrifice a portion of the user’s soul to summon 12 ancient Heroic Warriors to do battle. The summoned Heroic Warriors will be one tier higher than the user up to Tier 3.

Duration: 12 hours

Cooldown: 5 natural days

(A Weakened Soul cannot conduct the summoning.)

Skill 2-

Soul Absorption: Absorbs the souls of half-dead creatures for a chance to generate a drop of Soul Essence.

Cooldown: 6 hours

(Stronger targeted creatures increase the chances of generating Soul Essence.)

Skill 3-

Soul Strengthening: Consume Soul Essence to strengthen a creature’s soul.

Cooldown: 1 natural day

(Stronger targeted creatures require more Soul Essence for Soul Strengthening.)

This item is bound to the owner’s soul and cannot be traded or stored in a warehouse. This Fragment also has a chance of dropping on death. (Drops on death if in a Weakened Soul state.)

Amazing! Truly amazing! Indescribable shock and excitement filled Shi Feng as he finished reading the Ancient God’s Literature Fragment’s Attribute Panel. It’s no wonder why those powers contested over these Literature Fragments so desperately! If a single fragment can exhibit such power, how much power does a complete volume offer?

Summon Heroic Spirit was a godly Skill against current expert players. The Combat power 12 Tier 3 NPCs wielded would be no trivial matter. If not for the Level 100 threshold, the Thunder Eagle would never have been a match for the 12 Heroic Warriors.

However, Shi Feng valued the Soul Strengthening Skill far more than the Summon Heroic Spirit Skill.

Current players might not truly understand the importance and meaning of their souls, but as they continued to level up and encountered far more NPCs and monsters, they would figure it out. Without a powerful soul, players had no hope of reaching Tier 5, much less Tier 6.

Moreover, the Soul Strengthening Skill clearly stated that it could be used on ‘creatures.’ In other words, the Skill wasn’t limited to players, affecting NPCs, as well.

In NPCs, their souls represented their potential.

The stronger an NPCs soul was, the more Growth Potential it would have. Higher Growth Potential also meant that NPCs would have an easier time reaching higher tiers.

At this stage of the game, Personal Guards were a common sight. However, there were very few Personal Guards with high Growth Potential. Even first-rate Guilds would celebrate if they obtained another Secret-Silver Guard.

First, Secret-Silver Guards wielded incredible combat power. If they had level and equipment advantages, they could easily suppress current peak experts.

Second, Secret-Silver ranked Personal Guards wouldn’t reach a bottleneck when reaching for Tier 3. Once they rose to Level 100, they’d have no problem advancing to the next tier. Moreover, they had a chance of reaching Tier 4. At Tier 4, not only would Personal Guards be a massive help when defending Guild Towns or Cities, but they’d also be meat grinders in large-scale combat.

However, obtaining a Secret-Silver Personal Guard was extraordinarily difficult. Even Zero Wing only had 22 Secret- Silver Guards, and that was largely thanks to Shi Feng’s past knowledge of these guards. Otherwise, Zero Wing wouldn’t even have 10 Secret-Silver Guards right now.

However, obtaining NPCs with high Growth Potential wouldn’t be a problem now that he had the Soul Strengthening Skill. Secret-Silver Guards might be difficult to find, but Mysterious-Iron Guards were abundantly available.

Once he collected enough Soul Essence, he could nurture a powerful NPC army, reinforcing Zero Wing until it could easily stand up against superpowers.

While Shi Feng pondered on the potential of a Personal Guard army, the battle with the Flower of Seven Sins had come to a close.

Over half of the Flower of Seven Sins’ players had died in the battle, and every one of them had been a cadre member in the organization. Furthermore, 15 of the 20 Blood Guards had died. It was a tremendous loss to the Flower of Seven Sins. The organization would most likely need a long time to recover. Meanwhile, the various superpowers would’ve long since stabilized their positions in the Thunder God’s Secret Land.

“Big Brother Black Flame, the Blood Magic Seal has lifted, and the superpowers’ people have entered the temple. We should hurry in, as well,” Happy Art ecstatically reported as the barrier around them faded.

The Thunder Temple’s main temple was the most important location within the Thunder God’s Secret Land. It was also their team’s true goal. If the side temple had so many awesome items to offer, she couldn’t even imagine what waited in the main temple.

“Alright, let’s move out, then,” Shi Feng said, nodding.