Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2208 - Overwhelming the Blood Guards

Chapter 2208 – Overwhelming the Blood Guards

“How are her attacks so powerful?”

Shock colored both Diverging Phoenix’s and Sand Bone’s faces as they watched a single attack repel the Blood Guards. After their transformation, those players wielded Strength that could rival Great Lords of the same level within the Thunder God’s Secret Land. Even Diverging Phoenix and Sand Bone would have to rely on Advanced Combat Techniques to stand against the Blood Guards.

Diverging Phoenix had fought Endless Scars personally, so she knew how powerful those magic blades were, and they definitely weren’t a match for a Great Lord’s attacks. At best, Endless Scars’ standard was roughly on par with Diverging Phoenix’s.

However, after emerging from the side temple, Endless Scars’ magic blades were powerful enough to rival the Blood Guards’ attacks. Moreover, she could now merge 40 of her black blades to send the 20 Blood Guards flying.

Endless Scars’ current Basic Attributes and combat standards were on an entirely different level than before she had entered the side temple.

Even the various superpowers’ experts gaped in shock after seeing the incredible attack.

“Who is she?” Ruthless Sky muttered as he tried to recall the formidable caster, but no matter how hard he searched for her in his memory, he couldn’t find a trace of Endless Scars.

Endless Scars had repelled the 20 Blood Guards in one move!

The Blood Guards had even suppressed the superpowers’ peak experts, yet Endless Scars had single-handedly thrown the players…

Moreover, Ruthless Sky had recognized the technique she had employed, Strength Combination.

Ruthless Sky knew the technique and just how challenging it was to execute. With his combat standards, controlling four or five combination attacks was his limit, yet Endless Scars had controlled 20 combination attacks. She was a monster!

So, this is her true strength? Shi Feng also could not help his astonishment as he watched Endless Scars manipulate the magic blades.

Although the Thunderbolt Set had restored Endless Scars to Tier 1, a Tier 1 player’s physique wasn’t sufficient to allow a peak expert to control 20 combination attacks. Not even Shi Feng could accomplish the feat.

But when Shi Feng thought back to how Endless Scars had held the number-one position on the God’s Domain Experts List in the past and been responsible for numerous miracles, such as defeating Tier 6 God-ranked players as a Tier 5 player, he found the current situation quite reasonable.

Only, Endless Scars’ performance had further excited Diverging Phoenix and Sand Bone. The fact that Samsara and the others had leveled so quickly in the side temple was astonishing, but they had never thought that players could increase their overall strength so quickly in the Dungeon, as well.

This only fanned the flames of their desire to obtain the Thunder God’s Secret Key.

“Kill them! We need to kill them’ no matter the cost!” Diverging Phoenix shouted as she focused on Samsara.

The woman then began to cast the strongest Spell in her arsenal. Sand Bone, on the other hand, charged toward Samsara.

With Diverging Phoenix’s command to go all-out, the 20 Blood Guards revealed maddened expressions as the dark fog around them grew more intense, and their auras grew stronger. These players’ figures blurred as they rushed at Shi Feng and his teammates.

Suddenly, the Blood Guards were at least 30% faster, and their reaction speeds had improved drastically. The Blood Guards could now deflect Endless Scars’ attacks, and some of them even had the leeway to dodge.

“How has their Movement Speed and reaction speed risen so much?”

Endless Scars could feel that these Blood Guards’ had suddenly become much stronger, especially regarding their physiques.

“Crap! These Blood Guards weren’t this strong when we fought them earlier!”

The various superpowers’ experts, who had moved to reinforced Shi Feng’s team, revealed grim expressions as the Blood Guards became even more of a challenge.




The majority of them were Flowing Water Realm experts, and a few were even Void Realm experts. Even the various superpowers would have to be cautious around them in the outside world, and yet, these Blood Guards had only been toying with them during the previous fight…

In a split second, the Blood Guards had reached Samsara and his melee comrades.

However, Samsara and his team were no weaklings. Now that they had reached Level 81, their Epic Equipment had improved, as well. Including the Thunderbolt Gemstones they wore, their Basic Attributes were only slightly lower than the Blood Guards’, and with their combat standards, they had no issues facing the Blood Guards in one-on-one combat. They could even take on two at once, albeit barely.

Naturally, Shi Feng had an overwhelming advantage against these Blood Guards. He was Level 85, two minor thresholds above the Level 77 Blood Guards, and he currently had multiple Fragmented Legendary items on him. Even though his tier had been reduced to zero, his Basic Attributes were leaps and bounds higher than the Blood Guards’.

As a result, Shi Feng practically sent a Blood Guard flying with every swing of his blade. Shi Feng didn’t even take damage when six Blood Guards had ganged up on him. On the contrary, the six Blood Guards continuously lost HP as they clashed with Shi Feng. If the Flower of Seven Sins’ healers hadn’t frantically cast their Healing Spells, the six Blood Guards would’ve fallen after exchanging a few moves.

Even so, Shi Feng still found an opportunity to activate Flame Burst and kill two of the Blood Guards instantly. His display was even fiercer than Endless Scars’, and the remaining Blood Guards felt an immense pressure weigh on them after witnessing his performance.

“Is Black Flame even stronger than the rumors made him out?”

“It looks like they can kill these Blood Guards even without our help.”

The various superpowers’ experts were at a loss for words as they watched Shi Feng and his team overwhelmed the Blood Guards. They finally realized why Zero Wing openly dared to provoke multiple superpowers. With such a powerful team, Zero Wing certainly qualified to do so.

Meanwhile, when Ruthless Sky and the various superpowers’ other experts eventually joined the fray, the Blood Guards steadily lost their advantage.

“Phoenix, at this rate, it’ll be our lives on the line! The Blood Guards’ Stamina won’t last much longer!” Sand Bone, who pinned down Burning Sea, shouted to Diverging Phoenix.

The Blood Guards’ transformation was already a heavy burden on their Stamina. Now that they had improved their physiques further, their Stamina consumption rate had reached frightening levels. This was why these Blood Guards avoided casually using this move.

“I know!” Diverging Phoenix growled back. She couldn’t help but grind her teeth in fury as she glared at Shi Feng. “Black Flame! I’ll admit that you’re quite impressive to push us this far, but this ends here!”

Diverging Phoenix pulled a piece of parchment from her bag space. It looked like a relic, but the moment she revealed this parchment, its energy pulled everyone’s attention to it.

The parchment radiated horrific Divine Might that made everyone’s bodies feel heavier.

Moreover, the parchment transformed its surrounding space into its own territory, and the Thunder God’s Secret Land’s rules no longer applied within the affected area.

Diverging Phoenix began to chant an incantation, and skeletal warriors in exquisite armor, wielding all sorts of weapons, began to emerge from the void. The skeletal warriors’ equipment had been engraved with magic runes, and every piece shared a similar pattern. Based on the equipment’s glow, it was obvious that these undead creatures wore Epic Set Equipment, far better than many of the peak experts present.

After three short seconds, a total of 12 skeletal warriors had surrounded Diverging Phoenix.

[Heroic Warrior] (Undead, Tier 3 Berserker King)

Level 88

HP 28,000,000/28,000,000 “How is this possible?”

Everyone gasped when they saw the Heroic Warriors. The Thunder God’s Secret Land did not permit players to use tools, yet Diverging Phoenix had done just that. Moreover, she hadn’t just summoned ordinary monsters. These creatures rivaled NPCs and Tier 3 NPCs, at that…

“Black Flame, I really hadn’t expected you to force me to use this trump card, but no matter how much stronger you’ve grown in the side temple, it means nothing before the Flower of Seven Sins!” Diverging Phoenix hissed as she glared daggers at Shi Feng. The tool she had just used wasn’t an easy one. Once she activated the parchment, she would be cursed, and her soul would enter a Weakened state for a long time, preventing her from improving herself.

After her comment, Diverging Phoenix ordered her Heroic Warriors to slay Shi Feng and his comrades.

“Is that so?”

Glancing at the 12 Heroic Warriors, Shi Feng retrieved the Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute and blew in it.