Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2207 - Repelled in One Move "Level 81?!"

Chapter 2207 – Repelled in One Move “Level 81?!”

“How are their levels so high?!”

When the rest of the players in the secret land noticed Samsara and his teammates’ levels, they stared with wide, disbelieving eyes, but when they used their Identification Skills, the system confirmed that every member of Samsara’s team had reached Level 81.

Who are these people? Melody, who commanded the Sacred Temple’s members, could not help but glance at Samsara’s group in surprise. She very quickly noticed a familiar figure among the group. Black Flame!

Unlike the last time she had run into Shi Feng, he now wore a suit of red-black armor and carried two exquisite longswords-one blue and one white-at his waist. His aura felt as vast as the great ocean, boundless and unfathomable. In comparison, Shi Feng’s aura in the past had felt like a sheathed blade. He felt like a completely different person.

In the past, Melody had, more or less, seen the depths of this Swordsman’s strength, but now, she couldn’t see anything.

Moreover, the fact that Shi Feng was Level 81 left Melody speechless.

Every level after Level 70 required an astonishing amount of EXP to reach. Despite grinding continuously and completing one high-ranked quest after another, she had only reached Level 78 thus far. Even so, she was one of the highest-leveled players in the Sacred Temple. She’d be amazed to find a player even one level higher than her, yet Shi Feng was three levels higher. She had no idea how he had gotten so far.

Moreover, Level 80 was a minor threshold. Depending on one’s equipment, a Level 80 player could have far higher Basic Attributes than a Level 79 player.

She wouldn’t have been so surprised if Shi Feng had been the only player to reach such a high level. After all, he was responsible for plenty of miracles in God’s Domain already. It was certainly possible that he would attain a higher level than she, but the problem was that he wasn’t the only player to reach Level 81. The nine players alongside him were the same Level. Just what had they done?

Most importantly, Melody didn’t recognize any of the nine players…

Although levels couldn’t reflect a player’s true strength in God’s Domain, they offered a rough estimate of a player’s standards.

The fact that Samsara and the others had reached Level 81 meant that they should, at the very least, be peak experts.

Just how many secrets does Zero Wing have? As she watched the small group of players, Melody could tell that their relationship with Shi Feng was a relatively close one. Moreover, they vaguely seemed to treat Shi Feng like their leader.

These were peak experts they were talking about!

Peak experts were treated like upper echelons even in a Super Guild like the Sacred Temple. In a budding superpower, such experts would be absolute mainstays. Budding superpowers would pay astronomical sums just to recruit a peak expert. Unfortunately, doing so was extremely difficult.

Experts of such caliber were incredibly rare, with every one of them looming like a dragon among men.

They also didn’t lack money, which was why it was so difficult to recruit them with offers of wealth.

On top of that, peak experts tended to have different goals in mind.

Since she had discovered that Shi Feng was close with nine unknown peak experts, the Secret Temple would have to re-evaluate its opinion of Zero Wing.

Although Zero Wing had held onto Stone Forest city and gained access to an abundance of resources, the Guild still didn’t have a background. The number of experts in the Guild was pitifully low compared to superpowers, and experts were essential for any developing Guild.

To make matters worse, Zero Wing had made plenty of powerful enemies. Its feud with Starlink, in particular, had reached a point of no return.

Starlink might not be able to touch Zero Wing right now, but that wouldn’t last. The advantages Stone Forest City provided were only temporary. Once players reached higher levels, Stone Forest City wouldn’t be as useful in the Bottomless Abyss. Moreover, unlike Zero Wing, Starlink’s background was sturdy. The Guild was not as simple as it seemed. Taking care of Zero Wing wouldn’t be a challenge to Starlink.

Hence, none of the various superpowers were optimistic about Zero Wing’s future and refused to partner with the Guild. By allying themselves with Zero Wing, they’d gain Starlink as an enemy, which wasn’t a worthwhile trade.

However, if Zero Wing gained an additional ten or so peak experts, its circumstances would change.

At the very least, Zero Wing would be just as capable of raiding Team Dungeons as the various superpowers. Including the massive benefits from Stone Forest City, Zero Wing would be a lot closer to becoming a true superpower.

However, Sand Bone and Diverging Phoenix were even more shocked than Melody.

“How did they level up so quickly?” Diverging Phoenix stared at Samsara and his teammates, confused.

She had clearly seen their levels before they had fled into the side temple.

She had also experienced the Thunder Temple’s side temple personally. Current players shouldn’t have a shred of hope of surviving in there, and Samsara’s team only had 10 players!.

They should’ve been lucky to survive, let alone level up in the Dungeon.

Not only had Samsara and his people leveled up, but they had also done so multiple times, reaching Level 81. How could she possibly believe this wasn’t some kind of illusion?

“You’ve reached Level 81? No wonder why you finally dared to emerge,” Sand Bone said after snapping out of his daze, but rather than feel intimidated, his excitement grew as he looked at the small party. “It seems that Brother Sky was right. The Thunder God’s Secret Key is crucial for conquering the Thunder God’s Secret Land. Once we obtain that key, we’ll pull ahead of the various Super Guilds’ experts.”

Even the Flower of Seven Sins had been helpless within the side temple, but Samsara and his comrades had leveled with flying speeds in the Dungeon. Sand Bone could only think of one reason for this situation.

The Thunder God’s Secret Key!

Originally, Sand Bone had only considered the Thunder God’s Secret Land as a good place to find treasure, but after seeing this, he realized that this secret land was a heavenly leveling spot, as well.

“To think that the Thunder God’s Secret Key has such an ability, as well. We have to get our hands on it!” Diverging Phoenix’s eyes also glowed with excitement when she considered the possibility. “Blood Guards, ignore the Guilds, and help me get rid of those players first!”

The 20 Blood Guards promptly broke away from their opponents and charged toward Samsara’s party.

“Should we help them, Vice Temple Master?” Ruthless Sky asked Melody as the Blood Guards changed targets.

“Help them. The magic barrier affects us, too. The Blood Guards will likely return their attention to us once they eliminate Black Flame’s team. If we want to enter the main temple, we’ll have to work with Black Flame,” Melody said.

Ruthless Sky nodded in response. He agreed that the Flower of Seven Sins wasn’t likely to let them go after killing Shi Feng and his companions.

Moreover, with how powerful Shi Feng’s team was, they’d have a better chance against the Blood Guards if they cooperated.

Ruthless Sky immediately led a small detachment to help Shi Feng’s team. Melody then led the rest of the Sacred Temple’s team to distract the Flower of Seven Sins’ ranged members.

However, the Blood Guards were clearly a fraction faster than Ruthless Sky’s team, and the gap between them grew. After a short moment, the Blood Guards stood within 30 yards of Shi Feng’s team, spreading out to surround the players.

“I want to see how you plan to escape us this time!” Diverging Phoenix snarled. Glaring at Shi Feng, she commanded, “Prioritize the healers! And be careful of Black Flame! His Strength is very high!”


Hearing Diverging Phoenix’s command, the Blood Guards turned their focus to Samsara’s healers.

Seeing the Blood Guards in position, Ruthless Sky shouted, “Be careful! Those Blood Guards’ Strengths are absurd! If they get close to you, you’re finished!”

After fighting the Blood Guards himself, he knew how powerful they were. Even he would’ve been at a disadvantage in a one-on-one fight without the help of his Bronze Combat Technique.

And yet, Shi Feng and his comrades showed no intention of moving even as the Blood Guards moved within 20 yards of the team’s healers. It made Ruthless Sky nervous. He felt that Shi Feng and the others were being overconfident and careless.

You’re not going to flee? Do you think you can stand against us just because you’re Level 81?” Diverging Phoenix sneered at Shi Feng as his team prepared to face the Blood Guards head-on.

The Blood Guards’ Basic Attributes were even higher than the Flower of Seven Sins’ cadre members, especially their Strength Attribute. Not even Sand Bone was a match for their Strength. Trying to face the Blood Guards head-on in the Thunder God’s Secret Land was the epitome of foolishness.

By the time the Blood Guards were within 10 yards of the small party, Endless Scars had finished casting her Spell from behind Shi Feng. Immediately, over 100 magic blades shot toward the approaching Blood Guards.

What a powerful offensive Spell! At such a close distance, it would normally be quite effective, but against the Blood Guards…

Ruthless Sky felt his scalp tingle when he saw the 100-plus magic bladed under Endless Scars’ control. The closer a target was, the easier they’d be to hit with a Spell, but when attacking expert players with superb Strength and Speed, such a powerful Spell would backfire on the caster. Expert players could use the Spell to propel themselves forward and instantly shorten the gap between them and the caster.

And sure enough, the Blood Guards showed no intentions of dodging the incoming magic blades, raising their weapons to receive the magical projectiles.

The instant the magic blades crashed into the Blood Guards’ weapons, however…


A series of explosions shook the battlefield, immediately halting the Blood Guards’ advance. The outcome stunned these strangely demonic players. They certainly hadn’t expected the magic blades to be so powerful, and before the Blood Guards could react, the remaining magic blades split into pairs and merged, attacking once more. These Blood Guards were no weaklings, though, and they readied their weapons to defend themselves against the new wave of attacks.

As if they had been hit by a truck, the 20 Blood Guards were thrown through the air, landing over eight yards away with damages in the hundreds appearing above their heads. The weapons in their grips trembled violently.

Surprised by the outcome, the battlefield fell silent.