Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2206 - Commotion Outside the Temple

Chapter 2206 – Commotion Outside the Temple

Hundreds of players had gathered before the Thunder Temple’s main entrance.

If ordinary players saw this gathering, they’d be alarmed. The lowest-level player here was Level 77 and could easily rank among the top three on any kingdom’s Ranking List and within the top 20 in an empire.

And yet, hundreds of such players had come to the same place, standing in multiple teams. One particular team of 100 players, however, prevented anyone from entering the Thunder Temple.

If God’s Domain’s expert players saw this, their jaws would drop.

Every one of these teams consisted of well-known experts from the various superpowers, and a significant number were peak experts. However, none of them could get past the team guarding the Thunder Temple’s main entrance.

“Diverging Phoenix! We have played along with your whims for long enough! You and your people have hogged the main temple to yourselves! Now that five superpowers’ teams have arrived, don’t you think you’re going a little too far?” Melody, one of the Sacred Temple’s Vice Temple Masters, coldly challenged Diverging Phoenix.

“The Flower of Seven Sins is conducting an important mission right now. Once our mission is complete, we’ll move out of the way. But you’re more than welcome to try forcing your way through us,” Diverging Phoenix impassively replied, glancing at Melody.

As Diverging Phoenix spoke, the 20 players around her stepped forward. Every one of them wore a blood-red emblem, and a thick layer of black fog surrounded their bodies. Every player in the area felt a sense of dread as these players’ frightening aura touched them.

The moment these 20 players stepped forward, the waiting experts’ expressions darkened.

The Blood Guards? Melody frowned at the experts on the elevated platform, noting their blood-red emblems.

The Thunder Temple had more than just a Dungeon inside; it was also a place that offered quests and items for exchange.

At first, the Sacred Temple had only sent a little over 20 players to the Thunder Temple, and as a result, they hadn’t been able to do anything about the Flower of Seven Sins’ blockade, but now that four more superpowers had arrived, they had just as many players as the Flower’s team.

However, the Blood Guards altered the situation. The Flower of Seven Sins’ Blood Guards were even famous among the various superpowers.

The Blood Guards had risen to fame after their participation in a war on the western continent. A newly-promoted superpower had fought with the Super Guild, Rashomon, over a key town. Knowing that it was no match for Rashomon, the new superpower had paid a high price to hire the Flower of Seven Sins’ help in the battle.

Rashomon was no weaker than Battle Wolves, considered an above-average Super Guild. However, once the Flower of Seven Sins’ Blood Guards had joined the battle, Rashomon had lost its commanding Vice Guild Leader and peak experts.

The Vice Guild Leader had been protected by 5,000 of Rashomon’s experts, including four Domain Realm experts and over a dozen peak experts, but with a 100-man team, the Blood Guards had slain the Vice Guild Leader…

After that, the Blood Guards’ fame had spread through the various superpowers, and everyone had learned to fear the Flower of Seven Sins even more than before.

Although only 20 Blood Guards stood before them, Melody wasn’t confident that the five superpowers’ 100-plus experts were enough to take them on.

Vice Temple Master, these Blood Guards are quite powerful, but I believe that we still have a chance of victory. As we wait, more superpowers will start to enter the Thunder God’s Secret Land. If that happens, we’ll lose our advantage,” Ruthless Sky, the Gale Sword Meister, said.

The Blood Guard was quite famous, but more than a month had passed since their battle with Rashomon. At this point, the various superpowers had obtained more Epic items, combat techniques, and Legacies, growing far stronger than they had been.

Furthermore, these superpowers, excluding the Sacred Temple, had each sent a Domain Realm expert to accompany their teams. Even if their five teams were no match for the Blood Guards, they should be able to distract these players while Melody and the other superpowers’ upper echelons made it into the main temple to investigate the situation.

“Alright, tell everyone to get ready to move!” Melody commanded. She understood that the longer they let this continue, the less of an advantage the Sacred Temple would have.

“Leave it to me!” Ruthless Sky said, laughing.

The Secret Pavilion had titled him one of the Eight Sword Meisters, and since then, he had improved himself considerably. He had even mastered a Bronze Combat Technique and was confident of contending with the Sword Freak, Miracle Dragon, who had recently reached the Domain Realm. He should have no problems against these 20 Blood Guards, who mainly consisted of Flowing Water Realm experts.

With the Sacred Temple leading the charge, the four other superpowers’ teams followed Ruthless Sky.

“You’re overestimating yourselves!” Diverging Phoenix snarled disdainfully as she watched the 100-plus experts charge toward her. Calmly, she commanded, “Blood Guards, get rid of them!”

As Diverging Phoenix issued the order, a flash of madness appeared in the Blood Guards’ eyes as the dark fog around them began to expand. Their bodies began to grow slightly, and pitch-black scales and spikes burst through their skin. A crimson gem manifested in the center of their foreheads, as well. None of these players looked human at this point, and their frightening auras made the feel like Demonic Creatures that had crawled up from the Dark Abyss.

“What’s going on?”

These Blood Guards’ transformation confused the various superpowers’ experts.

Players couldn’t use Berserk Skills in the Thunder God’s Secret Land, but based on the intensity of the Blood Guards’ auras, they had done something to increase their Basic Attributes.

Before the various superpowers’ experts could react, the 20 Blood Guards left afterimages in their wake as they appeared before Ruthless Sky and the others. A Level 77 Blood Guard Berserker swung his greatsword straight at Ruthless Sky, simple and swift. The attack didn’t contain the slightest hint of excess movement as if the player were a natural killing machine.

“Don’t even think you can stop me that easily!”

In response, Ruthless Sky executed Twisting Space, the Bronze Combat Technique he had recently learned.

Ruthless Sky sent three sword lights at the Blood Guard, which merged to form a devastating attack just before they hit the opposing greatsword.


The sound of colliding metal echoed throughout the secret land.

The Blood Guard stumbled back two steps, staring at Ruthless Sky in astonishment. The latter also slid a half-step backward.

Impossible! Ruthless Sky was stunned as he stared back at the Blood Guard.

The Bronze Combat Technique, Twisting Space, allowed him to combine three attacks into one. Although he hadn’t been able to combine the power of all three attacks perfectly during his past experiments, he could still exhibit 240% of his Strength in the one attack.

However, even after more than doubling his Strength, the Blood Guard’s Strength was only slightly less than his own. Had he not used Twisting Space, he would’ve been at a disadvantage in that clash.

Executing a Bronze Combat Technique cost a lot of Stamina and Concentration, and Ruthless Sky could only afford to use Twisting Space six or seven times before collapsing.

The other superpowers’ experts were just as shocked by the Blood Guards’ Strength. Thus far, the Blood Guards had killed a few of the superpowers’ Flowing Water Realm experts before the healers had a chance to cast their Healing Spells.

“Did you really think a numerical advantage was enough to deal with the Blood Guards? How foolish!” Diverging Phoenix ridiculed as she watched Ruthless Sky and his companions.

Even Domain Realm experts would have to expend a lot of effort to defeat the Blood Guards in a one-on-one fight outside of the Thunder God’s Secret Land. Within this secret land, even Diverging Phoenix found the idea of facing a Blood Guard daunting. How could these peak experts possibly be a match for the Flower’s Blood Guards?

However, as these Blood Guards pushed back the various superpowers’ experts, 10 figures appeared before the Thunder Temple’s side temple. These players’ abrupt arrival immediately caught everyone’s attention.

“Why are other players still here?”

“Who are those people? Why did they just come out from the side temple?”

While the various superpowers’ experts wondered about this small group, Sand Bone, who stood beside Diverging Phoenix, excitedly shouted, “So, you finally accepted your deaths?

“Activate the magic array! We cannot let them escape back into the Dungeon!”

Immediately, a group of Assassins revealed themselves from their hiding spot near the side temple and activated the Blood Magic Seal.

A crimson magic array then appeared above the secret land, enveloping Samsara’s group, as well as the various superpowers’ experts. However, unlike the Blood Magic Seal the Flower of Seven Sins had used previously, this one completely separated Shi Feng’s team from the side temple. The small team couldn’t escape back into the Dungeon unless they destroyed the magic barrier.

“I’ll make sure to take my time with you this time!” Once the magic array had locked down the area, he returned his gaze to Samsara and his companions, but just before he could comment further, he noticed his prey’s levels. He couldn’t help but gasp in shock. “Level 81?! You all… How can you be…”