Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2205 - Flying Mount

Chapter 2205 – Flying Mount

The Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute looked just like any ordinary flute, made of wood, with dark-purple runes carved into it.

“How is this possible?”

“Am I seeing things?”

“I thought Flying Mounts only dropped from Level 100-plus maps?”

When Burning Sea and the others saw the summoning flute, they audibly gulped; they couldn’t believe their eyes.

As Domain Realm experts, they had seen countless top-tier treasures. Each of them even carried several Epic Weapons and Equipment pieces, but they couldn’t help their surprise and excitement when they saw a flying mount.

Although almost all Level 50-plus players had their own Mounts by now, not a single player in God’s Domain had their own Flying Mount. Nobody even knew where to find one.

Players, especially expert players, now knew the benefits of owning a Mount.

Due to players’ limited Stamina, they could only afford to operate within a limited area. With how large God’s Domain was, trying to explore the game’s maps by relying on Stamina would be impossible. Naturally, Mounts allowed players to increase their range of activity.

Furthermore, after Level 50, not many maps had teleportation points, and players would find even fewer as they explored higher-level maps. As a result, players would have to explore and find these maps on their own power, which made Mounts even more important.

Countless experts currently contested over Mysterious-Iron Mounts, while Secret-Silver Mounts were easily as valuable as Epic items.

Even if experts of Burning Sea’s caliber had multiple pieces of Epic Equipment on them, they typically only had Secret- Silver or Fine-Gold ranked Mounts. Even so, these Mounts were a large part of the reason that their leveling speed was so much faster than ordinary experts’.

However, a Flying Mount was in a different league than Land Mounts. A Flying Mount could ignore the terrain and travel to a destination in a straight line. A Flying Mount would be several times faster than Land Mounts!

God’s Domain was a virtual reality game that fully immersed its players’ consciousness into the game, unlike past virtual reality games, which only allowed partial immersion. Because of this, God’s domain felt frighteningly real. In addition, it had NPCs with incredible intelligence, which players could befriend.

If not for the ever-present system interface and in-game aspects, such as levels and Basic Attributes, players would’ve likely treated God’s Domain as a second real world.

And countless people dreamed of flying through the sky.

Based on the information they had collected thus far, Flying Mounts were intensely difficult to obtain in God’s Domain. Unlike Land Mounts, players couldn’t use their Coins to purchase Flying Mounts from NPCs.

Even Shi Feng was shocked to see the Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute, not to mention Burning Sea and his companions.

He remembered the Thunder Eagle Flying Mount from his past and knew that it could drop in the Thunder God’s Secret Land. However, he only recalled that the Thunder Eagle dropped in the secret land’s deeper regions. To be precise, I should_ve only dropped within the Level 100 Dungeon, Thunder God’s Mountain, and with an ab^ rate, at that. Even after 10 years in God’s Domain, less than ten players had owned one.

And yet, their team had obtained a Thunder Eagle after slaying the Naga General. It was unbelievable.

This was why he had gasped while appraising Volenka’s loot. He had never expected the Dungeon’s first Boss to drop such amazing items.

Even a Common Flying Mount was as valuable as three pieces of Level 100-plus Epic Equipment Moreover, that had been the common exchange rate after Flying Mounts had become more common. When Flying Mounts had first appeared in the past, a Common Flying Mount could’ve easily gone for five pieces of Level 100-plus Epic Equipment.

However, the Thunder Eagle wasn’t just a Common Flying Mount; it was an Extraordinary Flying Mount.

Flying Mounts didn’t follow the same ranks as Land Mounts. They were split into Common, Extraordinary, and Legendary ranks. There had been rumors in Shi Feng’s previous life of a Mythic ranked Flying Mount, as well, but no one had ever seen it.

Meanwhile, these ranks represented the Growth Potential of Flying Mounts.

Flying Mounts were similar to Guild Mounts in that players could continue to nurture their growth. It was even possible to nurture a Flying Mount into a Tier 6 God. However, nurturing Flying Mounts was far more difficult than nurturing a Guild Mount.

[Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute]

Summon an Extraordinary ranked Thunder Eagle as a companion to fly and fight in the air. If the Thunder Eagle dies, it will need 15 natural days to resurrect. (The Thunder Eagle has been blessed by the Thunder God and as such, can be used inside the Thunder God’s Secret Land.)

“According to our previous agreement, I have priority to choose one of the dropped items in this Dungeon. I choose the Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute,” Shi Feng declared.

The Naga General had dropped plenty of top-tier items, including Epic Equipment. However, these items were all worthless compared to an Extraordinary Flying Mount.

Although the Thunder Eagle was the second-lowest rank of the four, 90% of the Flying Mounts players had used in Shi Feng’s previous life had been Common Rank.

Most Common Flying Mounts reached their limit after growing to Tier 3 Peak-rank and getting them that far would cost an astronomical amount of resources. They only had a 3% chance at breaking through to Tier 4. Extraordinary Flying Mounts, however, could easily reach Tier 3 Peak-rank and had a 30% chance of climbing to Tier 4.

In addition, the two ranks started at different tiers. Common Flying Mounts started as Tier 2, while Extraordinary Flying Mounts started as Tier 3.

Moreover, the Thunder Eagle wasn’t your average Extraordinary Flying Mount. Aside from the four major ranks, Flying Mounts fell into three minor ranks: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. However, one had to summon their Mount before they would learn which minor rank it belonged to. The Thunder Eagle, Shi Feng remembered, was an Intermediate Extraordinary Flying Mount.

Although Shi Feng had been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild, he had only gotten his hands on an Advanced Common Flying Mount. He had invested an astronomical amount of resources to nurture his Mount to Tier 3 Peak- rank, and it had just barely been able to contend with ordinary Tier 4 experts.

If he had acquired an Intermediate Extraordinary Flying Mount, even ordinary Tier 4 experts would’ve had to move out of his way.

None of Shi Feng’s teammates expressed any arguments to Shi Feng’s declaration. They merely looked on in envy. Even Endless Scars was a little reluctant to give up the Thunder Eagle, but they had given their word. Furthermore, they wouldn’t have had a prayer of slaying Volenka without him.

After Shi Feng took the Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute, Samsara and the others split the rest of the loot.

By the time the items had been distributed, Endless Scars had obtained the full Thunderbolt Set, while Samsara had claimed the Epic ranked belt. The rest of the team members had claimed the remaining Dark-Gold and Fine-Gold Equipment. After they took a moment to replace their old items, everyone watched their Basic Attributes rise slightly.

The team continued to grind Naga Guards and Guard Captains for another two days, allowing Samsara and the others that had died during the Boss fight to rise to Level 81. Meanwhile, Samsara and Endless Scars had received news that multiple superpowers had shown up to the Thunder Temple. They had encountered the Flower of Seven Sins, and there seemed to be some friction.

“It’s about time we got out of here!” Shi Feng said, smiling when he heard the news.