Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2204 - Naga General's Loot

Chapter 2204 – Naga General’s Loot

As Valenka cried out in agony and collapsed to the ground, the Naga Bodyguards split up and scattered. A short moment later, only five players and a small pile of loot remained in the hall.

“We did it!”

Frozen Gem could not help but cheer. Even Endless Scars and Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

The Naga General had been a little too powerful for them when it had gone berserk. Had the battle continued for another five seconds, they would’ve been annihilated.

Meanwhile, Valenka’s death granted the survivors an astronomical amount of EXP. Even Shi Feng, who had already reached Level 84, watched as his experience bar filled.

79%… 85%… 90%…

The Naga General’s death awarded them even more EXP than any of the Guard Captains they had slain earlier. After five seconds, a golden glow surrounded Shi Feng, and he rose to Level 85. Endless Scars and the others also rose from Level 80 to 81.

The frightening amount of EXP awarded stunned everyone for a moment.

After Level 80, players had to grind for four or five days elsewhere to reach the next level, but after killing one Naga General, they had gained enough EXP to do just that…

“This Boss gave us so much EXP. If we can kill a few more of these Bosses, we’ll be able to take those people from the Flower of Seven Sins by storm when we get out of here,” Formless Arrow excitedly stated.

Right now, they stood at the very peak of God’s Domain with their levels. Although they had not left the side temple, they had received reports regarding the outside world. Even the highest-leveled expert among the various superpowers was only Level 79, and most peak experts were only Level 77. On the other hand, their team had reached Level 81. Everyone would be shocked when this came to light.

In God’s Domain, players’ levels were extremely important, after all, especially for peak experts. Once they reached a certain level, they could explore new maps and secure better items and benefits. Furthermore, they would have less competition when exploring these higher-level maps.

Moreover, level suppression had always been a factor in this game. Although level suppression wasn’t incredibly effective, it would be significant with a gap of five or more levels.

“That’s right. They’ve likely never expected us to level up so quickly,” Frozen Gem said, smiling. “If we can survive in here for a while longer and increase the level gap to five, we’ll have a chance of turning the tables. Furthermore, the various superpowers have begun to show up in the Thunder God’s Secret Land.”

Endless Scars also nodded in response to Formless Arrow and Flower Gem’s sentiments.

Ordinary powers might have a difficult time entering the Thunder God’s Secret Land right now, but the various superpowers had already discovered it. This was also why their team had been in such a hurry to enter the Thunder Temple. Now that so many days had passed since they had entered the Dungeon, the various superpowers had already sent in expedition teams.

Once the various superpowers entered the Thunder God’s Secret Land, the Flowers of Seven Sins would find the place harder to hold within its iron fist. In turn, this would increase their team’s chances of escaping.

“Alright, we need to resurrect everyone quickly. We’ll be in trouble if they resurrect automatically,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Valenka was the easiest Boss in the Thunder Temple’s side temple, and the only one they had the strength to kill right now. Even with the six Thunder God’s Pearls, they’d need a 100-man team to raid the rest of the Dungeon’s Bosses.

“Oh!” Frozen Gem only remembered that she needed to resurrect her fallen comrades after Shi Feng’s statement. She then got to work.

Samsara and the others returned to life a moment later. They couldn’t help their elated grins when they saw Valenka’s corpse. They hadn’t actually expected the raid to succeed, and they couldn’t help but look upon Shi Feng with admiration.

They had just taken down a Level 90 Team Dungeon’s Boss!

Moreover, this was a Team Dungeon inside the Thunder God’s Secret Land. Normally, raiding such Bosses without a Level 90,100-man team should be impossible, but they had accomplished the feat with a team often Level 80 players. Shi Feng’s leadership and combat power were among the best they had ever seen.

After their moment of excitement, the team members turned their gazes to the loot beside Valenka’s corpse.

Although Valenka was only a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species, it had dropped an astonishingly high number of items. There were easily more than 20 items in the pile, and every one radiated a dazzling glow. It was easy to tell that these were all top-tier items.

As the team watched, Shi Feng began to appraise the loot.

Valenka was the side temple’s first Boss. Shi Feng had expected it to drop average loot at best, but he couldn’t help but gasp as he appraised the items.

The Naga General had dropped a total of 23 items. There were 3 pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment that could be used from Level 80 to 100, a plate armor helmet, a pair of cloth bracers, and a leather belt.

All three pieces of equipment could definitely be considered top-tier at this stage of the game. Even Samsara, who had seen his fair share of top-tier equipment, audibly gulped.

Normally, equipment that dropped in Dungeons had a fixed level, but all three pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment Valenka had dropped could level with their users.

Valenka had also dropped 6 pieces of Level 80 to 90 Fine-Gold Equipment. Four of the 6 pieces were parts of the Thunderbolt Set, a set equipment players could only obtain from the Thunder God’s Secret Land!

Although the Thunderbolt Set was only a four-piece, Fine-Gold Set Equipment, it had been incredibly famous among those who grinded in the Thunder God’s Secret Land in the past. Once a player collected all four pieces, the set would provide Basic Attribute buffs that could rival Dark-Gold Equipment. The two-piece set effect also increased Spell effectiveness by 30%, while the four-piece set effect increased players’ Basic Attributes by 10% and weakened the Thunder God’s Secret Land’s suppression. If players equipped the complete Thunderbolt Set, their tier would only fall to Tier 1.

The Thunderbolt Set’s effects might be a joke in the outside world, but within the Thunder God’s Secret Land, they worked wonders.

When players had first discovered the Thunderbolt Set in the past, it had instantly become a treasure that countless magical class players had sought.

And now, Valenka had dropped the entire set. It was a miracle!

When the rest of the team saw the Thunderbolt Set’s effects, their eyes glowed.

They knew how bitter it felt being reduced to a Tier 0 player in the Thunder God’s Secret Land, so they recognized how astounding it would be if they could fight as Tier 1 players in this secret land.

It was no exaggeration to claim that the Thunderbolt Set was even more valuable than an eight-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment in the Thunder God’s Secret Land.

While everyone cooed over the Thunderbolt Set, Shi Feng shared the next item’s Attributes in the team chat. When the team saw this item, they all gasped, including Samsara and Endless Scars.

The Thunder Eagle’s Summoning Flute!