Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2202 - Rewards of the Thunder God's Trial

Chapter 2202 – Rewards of the Thunder God’s Trial

The team had only realized that they had completed the Thunder God’s Trial after they received the notification.

They had been so focused on eliminating the Naga Guards and Guard Captains, excited by the prospect of collecting Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragments, that they had pushed the trial to the back of their minds. After all, the Thunderbolt Gemstones were wonderfully effective •

Now, aside from Samsara and Happy Art, the two MTs, each team member had three Thunderbolt Gemstones equipped, their Basic Attributes rising by a total of 25%. Moreover, they had regained the physique of a Tier 1 player. Since they had also reached Level 80, slaying these Naga Guards and Guard Captains had become much easier.

In fact, Samsara and Happy Art could now tank a Naga Guard Captain all on their own.

However, doing so placed a huge burden on the team’s two healers, so they continued to use their earlier strategy to kite the Nagas. That way, the two healers didn’t have to concentrate on casting Healing Spells and could launch their own attacks from time to time, increasing their grinding speed.

We’re finally done. When Shi Feng saw the system notification, he could not help but feel that this quest had been a true challenge. If not for their special circumstances, they wouldn’t have bothered to attempt it. It was just too time- consuming.

System: You have completed the Thunder God’s Trial. Rewarding Thunder God’s Pearl.

[Thunder God’s Pearl] (Dark-Gold Rank)

This pearl contains the Thunder God’s power. Can be used inside the Thunder God’s Secret Land to activate the Thunderbolt Barrier. The more Thunder God’s Pearls that are used to activate the Thunderbolt Barrier, the stronger the barrier will become. Up to a maximum of six Thunder God’s Pearls can be used at the same time.

Duration: 20 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

The Thunderbolt Barrier? When Shi Feng saw the Thunder God’s Pearl, an ecstatic expression lit up his face. He had never expected the Thunder God’s Trial to provide the very key to conquering the Thunder God’s Secret Land.

Players couldn’t use powerful tools, such as magic arrays or Summoning Scrolls, in the Thunder God’s Secret Land. On top of the fact that players’ tiers were reduced to zero, exploring the secret land was a daunting task.

This was especially true when players faced the Bosses in the Thunder Temple’s side temple.

Normally, when Tier 0 players couldn’t rely on external items, they’d reach their limit when fighting Great Lord ranked monsters, but the weakest Boss in the side temple was a Grand Lord. Moreover, they were not ordinary Grand Lords.

All of the Grand Lord Bosses in the side temple possessed special Bloodlines, which made them far stronger than ordinary Grand Lords and a nightmare to raid.

The various superpowers had only truly started to raid the Thunder God’s Secret Land after they had acquired Fragmented Legendary items during Shi Feng’s previous life.

Had those superpowers had the Thunder God’s Pearls, their teams would’ve been at least 50% more efficient in the raids. Fragmented Legendary items had still been extraordinarily rare at the time, and just obtaining one re^ massive investment of blood and sweat.

Following which, Shi Feng activated the Thunder God’s Pearl and created a Thunderbolt Barrier that enveloped a 200- yard radius. Pitch-black lightning arced around the barrier’s edges. The moment the barrier manifested, all Naga Guards and Guard Captains suffered a significant Basic Attribute reduction. The Naga Guards’ Basic Attributes dropped by 30%, and the Naga Guard Captains lost 25% of their Attributes. In addition, the barrier reduced the Nagas’ reaction speed by 20%.

Now, the team faced nearly half as much pressure when fighting the Naga patrol squads.

“Amazing! I can probably solo a Naga Guard now!” Burning Sea exclaimed as he watched the Guards’ sluggish movements.

Experts like them preferred to deal with strong monsters, rather than fast monsters. Fast monsters had a higher chance of blocking their attacks, which would reduce their total DPS and prolong the fight. Depending o circumstances, winning the fight might even be impossible for the players.

Sure enough, this really is the key to conquering the Thunder God’s Secret Land. Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement when he saw the weakened Nagas.

Moreover, this was only the effect of one Thunder God’s Pearl. If he activated the Thunderbolt Barrier with six pearls, it would even suppress a Grand Lord ranked Boss.

Previously, he had only been 30% confident of his team slaying the Dungeon’s first Boss, Naga General, Volenka. After all, their team didn’t have enough players. Even if every member of the team commanded extraordinary combat standards and had three Thunderbolt Gemstones equipped, making up for the missing numbers would be very difficult.

However, now that they had the Thunder God’s Pearl, he felt that they had at least a 50% chance of defeating the first Boss.

With the Thunder God’s Pearl now in hand, the team slew Nagas far faster than before. After less than half a day of grinding, they had collected the remaining 11 fragments, and both Samsara and Happy Art could equip three Thunderbolt Gemstones.

“Amazing! With these Attributes and physique, I’ll have no problems tanking a Grand Lord!” Samsara could not help his rueful sighs as he experienced the Thunderbolt Gemstones’ effects. He felt as if he had activated a mini Berserk Skill.

It was no exaggeration to claim that these Thunderbolt Gemstones were his greatest harvest from the Thunder God’s Secret Land thus far.

Three Thunderbolt Gemstones were easily worth more than one Epic item. Epic items might have a wide level range, but they still had a level limit. Take the Epic Weapons and Equipment he currently used, for example. He could use most of them until he reached Level 100, but the Thunderbolt Gemstones, on the other hand, would even be useful after that.

In fact, these gemstones might even be useful after he reached Tier 4.

Once Samsara and Happy Art had gained their sets of Thunderbolt Gemstones, the team grew restless and suggested that they challenge the side temple’s first Boss.

Naturally, Shi Feng didn’t object. He, too, had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Although he had explored the Thunder God’s Secret Land in the past, by the time he had first visited it, the various superpowers had raided the side temple several times. Furthermore, he had tagged along with other Guilds’ experts, and the expedition had been led by first-rate Guilds’ peak experts.

Naturally, the leading first-rate Guilds had claimed all the good loot. Experts from lesser Guilds, like himself, who had come across a few entry passes to the Thunder God’s Secret Land, had only been able to claim the scraps the first-rate Guilds didn’t want.

Even so, he had obtained more than enough treasure to celebrate.

An Ancient God’s secret land was far higher-quality than other secret lands. Even after some other team had claimed the side temple’s First Clear, and the quantity and quality of the drops had fallen, the Dungeon’s loot had still been considered top-tier.

Now that he had an opportunity to join the first team of players to raid the Thunder Temple’s side temple in this life, why wouldn’t he be eager to get started?

Later, after Shi Feng and the team had rested for an hour or so, he led them straight toward the Guardian Hall, where the Naga General waited.

The team had long since annihilated the Nagas outside the Guardian Hall. Now, only the Naga General and two of its bodyguards remained within.

However, when the team entered the hall and saw the Boss they intended to raid, they couldn’t help but gasp.

[Naga General, Volenka] (Bloodline Creature, Archaic Species, Grand Lord)

Level 89

HP 320,000,000/320,000,000