Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2201 - Flying Levels

Chapter 2201 – Flying Levels

System: You have killed a Naga for the first time. Activating the Thunder God’s Trial. Kill 1,000 Nagas. Current kill count -1.

System: This trial is a reward quest for entering the Dungeon for the first time. You will automatically fail the quest if you die or leave the Dungeon. Quest rewards unknown. You will not suffer penalties for failing the quest.

A kill counter, displaying the number of slain Nagas, then appeared in the corner of everyone’s system interface.

“Kill 1,000 Nagas? Isn’t this a little too demanding?” Happy Art frowned as he read the system notification.

They had spent more than 20 minutes just to kill one Naga Guard, the weakest monster in this Dungeon. They would need an absurd amount of time to slay 1,000 Nagas.

Moreover, this was only a Dungeon Quest. They could complete multiple quests elsewhere with how much time it would take to complete the Dungeon Quest.

Yes, it will be time-consuming, but these Nagas provide a lot of EXP. Our leveling speed here will be at least 50% faster than grinding outside of the Dungeon,” Burning Sea said in astonishment as he examined his experience bar.

Their leveling speed in the Thunder God’s Secret Land was already impressive, but leveling in this Dungeon was 50% faster than grinding outside of it. This Dungeon was an amazing leveling spot.

Of course, a large part of the reason that they earned so much EXP was the fact that they were severely under-leveled, and their team only had 10 players. If a Level 90,100-man Team grinded in this Dungeon, their leveling speed would be subpar, at best.

“In any case, we’re stuck here for the moment. Let’s just grind and consider the quest an additional bonus,” Samsara said.

“That’s right. Our leveling speed in here is awesome. If the Flower of Seven Sins’ members knew that we were having such a great time leveling up, they’d likely die with anger,” Frozen Gem said, laughing. “They forced us into a comer, thinking that we’d cave in sooner or later, but we’ll see who outlasts who!”

Frozen Gem could easily guess what was happening outside the Dungeon right now. Supreme Sky had likely stationed a large amount of his manpower to guard the Dungeon’s entrance. Once their team left the Dungeon, the Flower’s members would pounce and make them suffer.

Previously, she had been feeling anxious about their situation as they were not able to do anything inside the Dungeon while people in the outside world were continuously improving themselves. Now that they could level up far faster than players elsewhere, she didn’t mind completing an unexpected quest while the Flower of Seven Sins wasted their time.

The Thunder God’s Trial?

When Shi Feng saw the name of the quest, he seemed to recall such a quest from his past. However, no one had bothered to complete it back then.

The reason for this was very simple. In an era when every second mattered, no one wanted to waste so much time on a Dungeon Quest. Even a Level 90,100-man team would need five or six days of grinding to slay 1,000 Nagas, and rather than wasting that time, players could focus on leveling up and improving their equipment through other quests.

Moreover, the true treasure lay in the Thunder Temple’s main temple. The side temple was only a transition for players who wanted to explore the main temple. Who would possibly be willing to waste so much time in the side temple?

However, since their team couldn’t leave the Dungeon right now, completing the Dungeon Quest was better than doing nothing.

Unfortunately, most of the Naga Guard’s loot consisted of low-value items. The Lord hadn’t even dropped a Common Weapon or Equipment piece. The only items worth mentioning, aside from one Magic Crystal, were the Amethyst Coins, a currency unique to the Thunder God’s Secret Land. With these Amethyst Coins, players could purchase some of the specialty products sold in the Thunder Temple. They could also trade these coins for Gold for a one-to-one ratio.

The underwhelming loot didn’t surprise any of the team members. The Naga Guard was the weakest monster in the Dungeon, and although it was a powerful foe to them, that was simply due to their low levels and inferior equipment. Seeing a random mob in a Dungeon drop top-tier equipment would be strange.

Following which, the team continued to grind the hall’s Nagas.

Although the method they used to slay these monsters was tedious, every time one fell, they watched their experience bars grow and rejoiced.

As they finished off their sixth Naga Guard, the Lord dropped a blood-red stone fragment that immediately attracted Shi Feng’s attention.

A Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragment!

Although it was only a gemstone fragment, not a piece of top-tier equipment, it had been incredibly famous in God’s Domain during Shi Feng’s previous life.

One could synthesize 10 Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragments into a Thunderbolt Gemstone, an item the Thunder God had personally created to arm his soldiers.

On its own, the Thunderbolt Gemstone only increased players’ Basic Attributes by 2% when equipped, and each player could equip a total of three Thunderbolt Gemstones. Most experts would sneer at such a minimal boost. Even with three Thunderbolt Gemstones, they’d only gain a 6% boost to their Basic Attributes, which certainly couldn’t compare to the boots other high-tiered gemstones offered.

However, when players equipped three Thunderbolt Gemstones, they triggered the hidden effect, Thunder God’s Protection, which increased players’ Basic Attributes by 9% and physique by 20%.

In other words, players could equip three Thunderbolt Gemstones and gain a 15% boost to their Basic Attributes and a 20% boost to their physique. The Thunderbolt Gemstones had even been useful after players had reached Tier 3.

Moreover, the Thunderbolt Gemstones provided an additional 10% boost to players Basic Attributes while inside the Thunder God’s Secret Land. It was a perfect addition for those who wanted to explore the area.

A fragment dropped after only the sixth kill? The situation surprised Shi Feng a little. Could this be an additional reward for players entering the Dungeon for the first time?

As far as Shi Feng could remember, the Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragments had a less than 1% chance of dropping, but this fragment had dropped after slaying their sixth Naga Guard. The only explanation he could think of was that they had gotten extremely lucky, or the drop-rate had increased.

When Shi Feng and his team had slain their 17th Naga Guard, another Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragment had dropped.

Sure enough, it has to be a benefit of entering the Dungeon for the first time! Shi Feng’s excitement grew when he saw the second fragment.

Initially, he had only planned to kill some monsters and grind levels in the Dungeon. He had only planned to look for a way out of the Flower of Seven Sins’ trap after everyone had reached a high enough level. He hadn’t actually considered raiding the Dungeon completely, but if they could collect enough Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragments, his plans would have to change.

Samsara and his teammates’ Basic Attributes were still far from meeting the Dungeon’s minimum requirements, but if they could all equip three Thunderbolt Gemstones, they could significantly shorten that gap. Considering their combat standards, raiding the Thunder Temple’s side temple was entirely possible.

After all was said and done, the Thunder Temple’s side temple was a Dungeon within an Ancient God’s secret land. The potential loot’s quality could easily surpass that of a super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

Shi Feng then informed the rest of the team about the Thunderbolt Gemstones, which instantly motivated them to grind more Naga Guards. Their goal in visiting the Thunder God’s Secret Land was to improve themselves, and they had given up on that hope earlier. Now that another opportunity had presented itself, they couldn’t miss this chance.

As everyone’s fighting spirits lifted, they fervently hunted the Dungeon’s Nagas. Once they recovered their Stamina, they bounced back to continue the grind. Moreover, as everyone’s levels continued to increase, their grinding speed also increased.

These Nagas awarded a lot of EXP, and after grinding for almost nine days, each member of the team had risen to Level 80. Since their Epic Equipment had leveled with them, they had also received a major increase to their Basic Attributes, as well. As for Shi Feng, he had reached Level 84. Their leveling speed was astonishing.

After collecting 28 Thunderbolt Gemstone Fragments, only 11 away from their goal, the sharp sound of a system notification reached their ears once more.

System: Congratulations! You have killed 1,000 Nagas and completed the Thunder God’s Trial.