Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2200 - Bloodline Creature

Chapter 2200 – Bloodline Creature

As Shi Feng and the others disappeared into the side temple, silence reigned outside of the Thunder Temple.

“Damn it! They actually managed to escape!” Diverging Phoenix cursed.

They had gone to great lengths to set up this ambush; not even a Super Guild’s Guild Leader should be able to slip through their grasp. However, due to Shi Feng, their preparation had gone down the drain.

If news of this failure spread, the Flower’s other members would likely ridicule them.

“Escape? They’re not out of the water yet!” Supreme Sky said, a chilling glint flashing in his eyes. He then commanded, “Call in a group of Blood Guards from the main headquarters, immediately. Phoenix, you and Sand will guard the side temple. This is the Thunder God’s Secret Land; even if Samsara’s party dies, they’re stuck here. They’ll only be able to leave through those teleportation arrays. Let’s make sure that side temple becomes their new home!”

Without someone to resurrect them, players that died inside a Dungeon would automatically resurrect outside of the Dungeon after some time, and in the Thunder God’s Secret Land, players couldn’t use any tools, including Return Scrolls. As long as they guarded the Dungeon’s entrance, Samsara’s team wouldn’t escape.

Having entered the Thunder Temple’s side temple, Supreme Sky knew that it was no place for current players.

Not only was it a Level 90 Team Dungeon, but it was also a special Dungeon that didn’t provide difficult options. In other words, this Team Dungeon only had one difficulty rank. Based on his experience, Supreme Sky deemed that it was the equivalent of a Level 90,100-man, Hell Mode Team Dungeon.

Entering this Team Dungeon before Level 90 and without top-tier Level 90 equipment was suicidal. Samsara’s party only consisted of 10 players, so their chances of survival were abysmal.

“Understood!” Diverging Phoenix and Sand Bone nodded.

Meanwhile, after passing through the side temple’s entrance, Shi Feng and the others felt as if they had arrived in another world.

The hall, in which they stood, was full of 40-meter-tall divine statues. Although these statues were dilapidated after the ravages of time, they still emitted a faint trace of Divine Might.

The hall contained 22 divine statues, each located beside a gigantic pathway. None of them knew where the pathways led, and the team began to wonder if they stood in an underground maze.

“Is this really a 100-man Team Dungeon?” Burning Sea began to grow afraid as he looked around the colossal temple.

He had felt the threat of death loom over him the moment he had arrived, and when he saw the 22 pathways, he felt as if he were looking down the maws of massive beasts.

He knew players of their levels shouldn’t be in this Dungeon yet, and he couldn’t help the powerless feeling he had once inside it.

Just the idea of taking on the fully-armed Naga guarding the pathways was enough of a reason to despair, not to mention exploring the pathways.

[Naga Guard (Thunder God’s Kin)] (Bloodline Creature, Lord)

Level 87

HP 45,000,000/45,000,000

[Naga Guard Captain (Thunder God’s Kin)] (Bloodline Creature, Great Lord) Level 88

HP 96,000,000/96,000,000

Twenty of these monsters stood by each pathway’s entrance.

With their team’s equipment and combat standards, dealing with one Level 87 Lord wouldn’t be a problem, but taking on a group of them was a fool’s dream. Furthermore, these Lords were led by a Level 88 Great Lord.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

More importantly, all of these monsters were Bloodline Creatures and the Thunder God’s Kin.

Ordinary experts might not understand these title’s implications, but peak experts like Burning Sea, who had a deep understanding of God’s Domain’s mechanics and history, were very familiar with the power Bloodline Creatures wielded.

A Bloodline Creature had inherited strength from a more powerful being, bom with superior Bloodlines, as the name suggested. Although their Bloodlines weren’t on the level of Archaic Species, they weren’t far from it. Meanwhile, being the Thunder God’s Kin meant these Nagas had inherited certain special abilities from the Thunder God. With these two factors combined, these Nagas would command extraordinary strength.

Outside of the Thunder God’s Secret Land, their team would, more or less, be able to cope with these Nagas, but here, they were Tier 0 players. Even if they worked together, they might not be a match for a single Naga Guard…

“These monsters are too strong for us right now. Our only option is to wait,” Happy Art reasoned with a bitter smile.

Although they had escaped the Flower of Seven Sins’ ambush, they weren’t anywhere close to being in a safer position. The only thing worth celebrating was the fact that as long as they didn’t move, these monsters wouldn’t attack.

Even Samsara and Endless Scars were at a loss for words when they saw the monsters.

Moving forward would mean their deaths, and the Flower of Seven Sins definitely waited for them outside the Dungeon, but doing nothing wasn’t a solution, either.

“No! We’re not out of options!” Shi Feng said as he watched the Nagas guarding the pathways. “We’ll just have to take a huge risk.”

“Any option is better than sitting here and doing nothing. Besides, it’s not like we expected such a high-difficulty Dungeon to not have risks.” Samsara said.

“In that case, I have some things to settle first. I have fulfilled my end of our agreement. I want first pick of one item among the Dungeon’s loot, and I want command over the team throughout the raid,” Shi Feng told Samsara.

In their previous deal, Shi Feng had agreed to help Samsara’s team until they reached the Thunder Temple. Since his mission was complete, he had no obligation to help Samsara or his people.

“That won’t be a problem,” Samsara said, nodding as he set Shi Feng as the new team leader.

No one else on the team voiced any objections to the arrangement. Most of them were under Samsara’s employ, and since Shi Feng had fulfilled his prior obligations, he had every right to negotiate new terms.

Moreover, they had only avoided annihilation at the Flower of Seven Sins’ hands thanks to Shi Feng.

Once Shi Feng became the team leader, he assigned each member their tasks.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with the Thunder Temple’s side temple in the least. The Thunder Temple itself had been quite famous throughout God’s Domain in the past.

During his previous life, many superpowers’ main forces had suffered tremendously in the Thunder Temple’s side temple. Even after reaching Level 90, those main forces had been helpless against the Dungeon’s Nagas.

Not only were these Nagas stronger and faster than monsters of the same rank and level, but they also had extremely high Lightning Resistance as the Thunder God’s Kin. Moreover, they could command their own lightning abilities, imbuing their physical attacks with lightning-type magic damage and a certain chance of inflicting a paralysis debuff.

Melee players had a particularly miserable time in this Dungeon, especially MTs. Even if an MT successfully blocked the Nagas’ attacks, there was a chance that they’d be paralyzed for one or two seconds.

To make matters worse, this Dungeon’s Nagas had high combat standards. One or two seconds was more than enough for them to land two or three more hits.

Fortunately, the various superpowers had discovered these Nagas’ weakness after repeated attempts to raid the Dungeon.

This weakness was the Nagas’ slow turn-rate!

Although the Nagas had very high Movement and reaction speeds, they couldn’t immediately follow a player in a sudden turn that was greater than 100 degrees. The Nagas often overshot, missing their fleeing prey and forced to make a U-turn.

Although Nagas could make the U-turn in one or two seconds, that was more than enough time for peak experts to distance themselves from the monsters. If peak experts used this moment appropriately and had an accurate grasp of timing and distance, they could easily kite the Nagas. They wouldn’t have to face these monsters head-on.

Of course, a single mistake would send any player to their grave. This tactic didn’t change the fact that Nagas were far faster than players.

Hence, Shi Feng had Maple Locust and Formless Arrow replace their current equipment with items that focused on Agility and Movement Speed. As those Attributes were his focus already, Shi Feng didn’t need to readjust his equipment at all. Even with his tier suppressed, his Movement Speed was still far higher than ordinary Great Lords.

Later, Shi Feng took the lead, luring a lone Naga Guard that wandered the hall, with Formless Arrow and Maple Locust moving alongside the Lord. The three of them then took turns aggroing the Naga, and when the monster moved wdthin 20 yards of a player, someone else would attack and draw its aggro. With Shi Feng’s high damage and Formless Arrow’s Provoke Skill, the team’s other ranged players could attack the Naga Guard with impunity.

Since the hall was so spacious, Shi Feng and his companions had plenty of room to kite around the monster. Their low DPS was the only problem they faced. Even with Endless Scars and the others attacking the Naga Guard with everything they had, its HP fell at a snail’s crawl.

Yet, the team persisted. A moment ago, they had been stuck with no options. They were fortunate to have the opportunity to kill these Nagas.

Time passed quickly as they fought.

Finally, after fighting for more than 20 minutes, one of Endless Scars’ Spells took down the first Level 87 Naga Guard. Everyone’s experience bars immediately grew by a small chunk, and as they did, the crisp sound of a system notification reached their ears.