Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2197 - Reckless

Chapter 2197 – Reckless

The instant the blood-red magic array formed around the Thunder Temple, Samsara’s team lost 20% of their Basic Attributes.

A Blood Magic Seal! Samsara’s expression darkened further when he saw the blood-red magic array that had manifested above the Thunder Temple.

The Blood Magic Seal wasn’t a magic tool, but a special Spell that players could learn. The Flower of Seven Sins had acquired its Skill Book in an ancient demonic ruin.

Unlike normal Spells players could learn, the Blood Magic Seal didn’t have a tier requirement. To cast, it required a minimum of six players, and the moment they cast the Spell, they’d sacrifice themselves to the Demon God to create the sealing magic array.

The strength of the sealing array was relative to the number of sacrifices made. The more players that sacrificed themselves, the stronger the magic array would become. With the minimum six players, the magic array would be powerful enough to trap a Great Lord.

Since the Flower of Seven Sins’ team had sacrificed more than 20 players to cast the Spell, not even a Mythic monster could break out.

“Why should we fear them, Leader? They may outnumber us, but we’re no pushovers!” Happy Art said.

Every member of their team was even stronger than God’s Domain’s peak experts. Even the various superpowers would fear them. Now, without the sacrificial Assassins, the enemy team only had a little over 30 players. Even under the magic array’s suppression and facing the Flower of Seven Sins’ experts, their team shouldn’t have any issue killing these people. They didn’t need to flee.

“Art, the situation is not as simple as you assume. These people are the Flower of Seven Sins’ cadre. Even the weakest of them can rival peak experts,” Frozen Gem explained as she stared down their enemies. “Moreover, their leader is Supreme Sky, one of the Flowers’ seven commanders!”

She wouldn’t have paid their opponent any mind if they were facing another superpower’s expert team, even a 100- man team, but these weren’t some random nobodies. Every one of them was just as strong as she was.

“One of the Flower of Seven Sins’s commanders?” Happy Art felt a chill crawl down her spine, and her expression changed.

She was not some ignorant player. In fact, she had far more access to information than superpowers’ peak experts. She was, after all, one of the top prodigies the Super Guild, Thirteen Thrones had nurtured.

Thirteen Thrones was even stronger than Battle Wolves, and it had far more information than most superpowers.

The Flower of Seven Sins, however, was a transcendental assassin organization. Countless experts worked for the organization, and its inner structure was a mystery. Even until now, the various Super Guilds knew very little about the Flower of Seven Sins. They didn’t even know how many cadres worked for the organization.

Information about the Flowers of Seven Sins’ seven commanders, who held the most power within the organization, was scarce. Most players only knew the identities of three commanders, all of which possessed unfathomable strength. Even the various Super Guilds’ old monsters feared them. With Happy Art’s current strength, she would be fortunate if she could last two or three moves against one of these commanders.

Happy Art had never realized that Supreme Sky was one of these seven commanders…

“I already told you that you can’t get away from me, Samsara. Now, are you going to hand the key over willingly, or must I take it from you?” Supreme Sky asked.

“What’s the point of wasting your words on them, Brother Sky? Let’s just kill them and take everything they have,” a Level 74 male Berserker beside Supreme Sky said, licking his lips greedily as he watched Samsara’s group. The Berserker wore a set of white-bone armor and carried two dark-blue greatswords across his back.

“That’s right. They’re merely a bunch of reckless fools. Since they have designs on what belongs to the Flower of Seven Sins, we need to teach them a lesson,” a Level 74 female Elementalist wielding an icy-blue staff commented indifferently.

The pressure Samsara and his team felt doubled when these two players had spoken, and their expressions had darkened even further.

Both players were members of the Flower’s senior cadre.

The man was called Sand Bones, and he was both extremely strong and talented. Recently, he had single-handedly killed a heavily guarded upper echelon from a Super Guild, as well as two Domain Realm experts.

The woman was Diverging Phoenix. Although she rarely took action, she had once killed a superpower’s 100-man team. Moreover, the team’s leader had been a Domain Realm expert. Although the superpower in question tried to avenge their fallen members, dispatching multiple 1,000-man teams to hunt this woman down, it had only suffered, never accomplishing anything. In the end, the superpower had been forced to give up its pursuit.

Both players were deadly when they operated alone, but if they cooperated, they’d be an absolute nightmare.

“I’ll give you the Thunder God’s Secret Key, but you have to promise to let these people leave. They have nothing to do with this,” Samsara said. As he gazed at the 30-plus experts behind Supreme Sky, he knew that he would not escape them today. He wasn’t optimistic about their chances if they stood their ground and fought Supreme Sky’s team, either.

Furthermore, the Thunder God’s Secret Key had a 20% to 30% chance of dropping if he died, and with the Flower of Seven Sins’ capabilities, they could likely increase that drop-rate. Rather than risk losing everything, he should cut their losses.

“Leader?” Burning Sea gave Samsara an anxious look.

Burning Sea knew just how much time and resources Samsara had invested into obtaining the Thunder God’s Secret Key, which had the potential of leading them to an Ancient God’s Legacy and treasures. However, Samsara was willing to give all of that up to someone else.

“Since you’re willing to hand over the key, I can let them off the hook, but each of them must offer two Epic items, first,” Supreme Sky agreed as he eyed Burning Sea and the others, his voice clearly hinting that there was no room for negotiation.

Hearing this, Samsara and his teammates frowned.

Even the various superpowers valued Epic items, and handing over two such items was akin to halving their combat power.

“This is daylight robbery, Supreme Sun! Even if we die, we’ll, at most, lose one Epic Equipment! We might as well fight if you’re demanding such a high price! You won’t get off so easily, either! I am one of Thirteen Throne’s internal core members, and the Guild won’t let this matter rest!” Happy Art denounced.

Although the Flower of Seven Sins had a numerical advantage, she and her teammates were no weaklings. If they were going to suffer so grievously regardless of what choice they made, they might as well take some of these players down with them. Furthermore, if they died, they’d only lose one piece of Epic Equipment each. They might only lose a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment if they were lucky.

The moment Happy Art finished speaking, Endless Scars and the others, who were familiar with the Flower of Seven Sins, inwardly shook their heads and frowned.

At the end of the day, Happy Art was still too young. She had been protected by her Super Guild, so she wasn’t aware of the Flower of Seven Sins’ true power. Trapped within this seal, the Flower of Seven Sins’ members likely had a way to resurrect them. If they truly fought these players, they’d likely at least die twice. Moreover, each death would incur a more severe penalty than normal.

“Is that so? Then, why don’t we put your conviction to the test?!” Supreme Sky said, laughing at Happy Art.