Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2194 - Spiritualization Realm

Chapter 2194 – Spiritualization Realm

Although Burning Sea was a Tier 2 Berserker, his attacks were faster than even that of Tier 2 Assassins. As if they had a life of their own, the 12 sword lights locked down Shi Feng, leaving him no room to dodge at all.

How merciless. Frozen Gem was surprised by Burning Sea’s attack. She had never thought that he would be even more ruthless than herself.

The combat technique Burning Sea was using was an Advanced Combat Technique called Wolfpack and was his trademark move. When he combined it with the Tier 2 Skill Chaotic Flash, even Domain Realm experts would have an extremely difficult time coping with this move. After all, this was not a move that could be seen through and blocked easily.

If Shi Feng wished to retreat unscathed in this cramped space, he would have to use a Lifesaving Skill. Otherwise, if even one of the sword lights hit, Burning Sea would be able to capitalize on the situation and follow up with a series of moves, giving Shi Feng no room to breathe at all. Against such an assault, even Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights would fall quickly.

However, contrary to Frozen Gem’s and Burning Sea’s expectations, Shi Feng did not activate a Lifesaving Skill despite the imminent arrival of the 12 sword lights. Instead, he brandished his two swords and met the 12 sword lights in battle.

Sword’s Orbit!

The Sword’s Orbit that Shi Feng was executing was markedly different from before. Now, the technique looked much plainer and simpler. He also executed only a handful of slashes. Even so, these few slashes created a seemingly airtight defense around him, as all 12 sword lights had their attack trajectories twisted by an invisible force in the next moment. Like a pack of hungry wolves that stumbled across a mighty lion, the 12 sword lights took the initiative to detour around the Swordsman.

“Spiritualization! His technique usage has already reached such a standard?” Frozen Gem exclaimed when she saw Shi Feng smoothly and effortlessly neutralizing Burning Sea’s attacks.

Meanwhile, when Burning Sea saw this scene, he promptly halted his offensive and quietly eyed Shi Feng as if he had just found some kind of treasure.

“Amazing! I never thought that you’d already be in the Spiritualization Realm! No wonder Scars wants to give her last slot to you!” Burning Sea raved in excitement.

While Burning Sea was talking, Aqua Rose had completed the incantation for her Spell and was about to attack Burning Sea. However, Shi Feng stopped her midway, then calmly asked, “May I know what you two are doing here? Also, what is this Spiritualization Realm you mentioned?”

Shi Feng was aware that Burning Sea’s attack was some sort of test for him. This was obvious from how Burning Sea had stopped attacking as soon as Shi Feng neutralized the Berserker’s first move.

As for the Spiritualization Realm the two spoke of, this was Shi Feng’s first time to hear about such a thing.

“Sorry, sorry! We are inviting you to help us with a very important mission. We cannot afford any carelessness on this mission, so we needed to test you. Still, I never thought you would be this powerful. As expected of the person Scars views favorably,” Burning Sea apologized sincerely. “As for the Spiritualization Realm, it is a realm referring to the usage standard of combat techniques, which we discovered in God’s Domain. Of course, this is only a name we coined ourselves. As for what it is actually called, we aren’t very sure, either.”

“I see.” Realization immediately dawned upon Shi Feng when he heard Burning Sea’s words. “May I know what Scars is asking me to do?”

The only realm he could think of that could be found in God’s Domain was the Realms of Truth. Apparently, Burning Sea’s group had yet to come into contact with NPCs knowledgeable about the Realms of Truth or find any related information; hence, they were referring to the Realms of Truth using a name of their own.

It was also no wonder Shi Feng felt that Burning Sea’s Wolfpack was special. The Berserker’s execution of Wolfpack was completely different from the average combat technique; he had obviously applied the principles of the Realms of Truth.

However, when Shi Feng thought about how other people had also come into contact with the Realms of Truth and had even achieved a certain amount of success in them, he was still surprised. Burning Sea, in particular, had clearly entered the Truth Realm already.

This definitely wasn’t good news to Shi Feng.

Now that other people were exploring the Realms of Truth, Zero Wing’s advantages would undoubtedly decrease considerably. The only thing worth celebrating now was that Zero Wing had a systematic training system for the Realms of Truth, whereas other people would have to slowly explore and master the Realms of Truth on their own.

“We discovered a mysterious secret land in the Sea of Death, and we wish to raid it. Only, that place is very special: tools cannot be used there, and everyone is suppressed to Tier 0. We can use only the most basic Skills and Spells. Moreover, entering and leaving the secret land are extremely difficult. Contact with the outside world is also impossible. We have gone through great lengths to obtain the entry slots for this secret land, so we need the help of experts like yourself to secure the treasures there,” Frozen Gem explained.

In a situation where tools could not be used and Skills and Spells were heavily suppressed, players could rely only on their own combat standards to fight inside the secret land.

A mysterious secret land in the Sea of Death? Shi Feng concealed his surprise at Frozen Gem’s words. Could they be talking about one of the Thunder God’s Secret Lands?

The Sea of Death was considered a forbidden land for players because the Sea of Death was where the Thunder God had perished.

The Thunder God had set up plenty of secret lands in the Sea of Death, every one of which contained a considerable number of treasures. There were even Fragmented Legendary items and Peak Legacies in some of these secret lands.

In the past, players had gradually discovered the Thunder God’s Secret Lands after Level 80. The various powers then frantically explored these secret lands. Since these secret lands were one of the first few places where players started encountering Fragmented Legendary items, the intensity of the competition over these secret lands was obvious.

However, the Thunder God’s Secret Lands were located in another space, making them impossible to enter and leave through normal means. There were several ways to enter these secret lands, and one of the most reliable ways was by obtaining special quest items that were dropped only by Level 70-plus sea monsters in the Sea of Death and then completing the quest these items provided.

Another method was by obtaining the entry pass through killing special sea monsters. However, these special sea monsters did not appear in specific locations. Even if a first-rate Guild went all-out in search of these special sea monsters, they might not necessarily find one.

The last method was by obtaining the guidance of the Thunder God’s Legacy and then completing a series of quests, which would then allow one to enter the Thunder God’s Secret Lands.

Shi Feng had never imagined that Endless Scars would be lucky enough to be able to enter one of the Thunder God’s Secret Lands now.

“Alright, but I want priority selection over one of the dropped items,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought. He naturally couldn’t provide his help for free.

There were far too many excellent items inside the Thunder God’s Secret Lands. Every item in these secret lands was a treasure that could help improve a player’s strength significantly.

However, these were not the things Shi Feng was aiming for.

Currently, the various superpowers were keeping a close eye on Zero Wing. So long as these superpowers spotted an opportunity, they would surely strike at the Guild. Moreover, even with the advantages Stone Forest City provided,

Zero Wing was only capable of keeping itself alive but not contending against these superpowers.

If Zero Wing wished to face the various superpowers in a frontal confrontation, the Guild itself needed to grow stronger.

Now that Zero Wing had a stable supply of internal members, it was only a matter of time before the Guild gained a new batch of experts. The only problem now was that these new experts would be very underleveled and would not be able to exhibit their full strength.

Although the veteran experts of the Guild normally helped the Guild’s low-leveled experts level up, these low-leveled experts would still take a long time to catch up to the frontline experts.

Meanwhile, there was one item available inside the Thunder God’s Secret Lands that could help players level up quickly. It was also something that countless powers had sought to obtain in the past.

The Guild Alchemy Workshop Design!

The Guild Alchemy Workshop was an Advanced Construction that allowed the production of potions exclusive to Guilds, such as the Experience Potion. Guild members could purchase up to two Experience Potions from the workshop every day. Moreover, only players that were at least five levels lower than the average level of frontline players could purchase and use this potion.

This potion was a miracle drug that enabled new players to catch up to frontline players quickly.

However, the Guild Alchemy Workshop Design was extremely rare. It dropped in only a select few secret lands and special Team Dungeons—including the Thunder God’s Secret Lands.

“This…” Hesitating, Burning Sea said, “We’ll have to discuss this with our team leader. After all, this is something that concerns the entire team. The two of us don’t have the power to decide on this.”

“That won’t be a problem.” Shi Feng nodded in understanding.

Burning Sea and Frozen Gem then went offline. By the looks of it, they were going to contact their team leader through the real world.

After a short delay, Burning Sea and Frozen Gem came back online.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I’m afraid we cannot agree to your request,” Frozen Gem said resolutely.