Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2193 - Life Potion's Effects

Chapter 2193 – Life Potion’s Effects

The instant Shi Feng consumed the Life Potion, a cool sensation spread across his entire body. Shortly after, his body started heating up as if all its cells had just gained new life.

Amazing. My injured muscles recovered significantly as soon as I drank it. With this, I’ll be completely healed in less than half an hour. Shi Feng was shocked to feel his injuries healing at a rapid pace.

The injuries he sustained from overexerting his muscles had been severe and would have taken at least two or three days to fully recover even with the help of the most advanced medical facilities in the world. Now, however, he would need only half an hour to make a full recovery. The Life Potion’s effects were truly divine.

Moreover, aside from it healing his injuries, Shi Feng could also sense it starting to invigorate and strengthen his body’s cells. By the time his body completely absorbed the Life Potion, his physical fitness would’ve definitely improved by quite a significant margin.

It’s no wonder Life Potions sold for such ridiculous prices in the past. With my current condition, if I use this longterm, I’ll gain the physical fitness of an actual grandmaster within two months, Shi Feng thought to himself, a passionate flame burning in his eyes as he gazed at the five remaining bottles of Life Potion on the table.

Recently, his physical fitness had hit a bottleneck. Despite a greater training load, his gains were negligible. He would have to train for a very long time to see any noticeable improvements.

If he wished to improve his strength quickly, the only way to do so was by becoming a neutralizing grandmaster.

Neutralizing grandmasters were known as such because their control over their bodies had already reached the acme of perfection. This was especially true for their control over their brains, which allowed grandmasters to accelerate their hormone production and metabolism, thereby further improving the body’s performance.

Meanwhile, the Life Potion would help him break through this bottleneck and further improve his physical fitness by a significant margin.

However, each bottle of Life Potion was effective for only six days. Even if he used all six bottles himself, they would last him only 36 days. He would need a few more bottles to reach the grandmaster standard. So long as his physical fitness was at the grandmaster standard, even if his control was still wanting, he would be able to exchange moves with a true neutralizing grandmaster.

An hour later, seeing as it was close to six in the evening already—which meant that daytime was approaching in God’s Domain—Shi Feng decided to make his way back to Zero Wing’s headquarters and further strengthen the headquarters’ security.

Indeed, just like Zhuo Linqiu had said, it was very likely that Lu Xingluo had sent Wang Zongquan just to probe the situation on Zero Wing’s side. Once Lu Xingluo and the ones behind him were done with their investigation, they would most likely start taking action in secret. Hence, he needed to strengthen Zero Wing’s security measures and its core members.

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to let Fire Dance and the others use the Life Potion as well. However, on second thought, he decided against it.

Although the Life Potion was useful to everyone, using it on ordinary people and basic internal force experts was too much of a waste because the physical fitness of these people was still far from hitting a bottleneck. They had many other means to improve themselves rapidly.

Moreover, through the experiment Shi Feng had conducted using Wang Zongquan, he had confirmed that one could improve one’s strength in the real world by reaching the Refinement Realm and Truth Realm in God’s Domain. By combining the principles of these two realms with his guidance and training, Fire Dance and the others could contend against internal force experts, even if they had yet to grasp internal force. If one possessed such combat standards in the real world, they could cope with many troublesome matters in the real world.

Once he trained Zero Wing’s core members to an adequate level, all they needed to do was participate in various fighting competitions and achieve stunning results. Once that happened, the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s status and influence in Fenglin City would increase drastically, and the training center would become the true leader of the city’s fighting industry. At that time, even if Lu Xingluo wanted to, he would have great difficulty hindering Zero Wing’s operations in the city.

Meanwhile, to achieve this goal of his, Shi Feng intended to prepare the Lost Town to receive more of Zero Wing’s members immediately instead of limiting access to just the Guild’s main force. Having more members reach the Truth Realm would greatly bolster Zero Wing’s strength and increase its ability to cope with the various superpowers of God’s Domain. After all, now that Stone Forest City was achieving such enormous success, the superpowers definitely wouldn’t just sit still and let it be.

After Shi Feng finished updating the security measures in Zero Wing’s headquarters, he logged back into God’s Domain.

When Shi Feng appeared back inside his special forging room in the Candlelight Trading Firm, he suddenly felt his mind was more unrestrained than before as if it had more scope for processing things now.

So, this is the effect of the Life Potion? Shi Feng could not help but be surprised.

With his current state, he felt that he could learn even a Silver Combat Technique.

Previously, although he had obtained a Silver Legacy Stone Tablet, he had yet to use it even now because he already difficulty learning Bronze Combat Techniques, let alone Silver Combat Techniques. Even Domain Realm experts would have a very low likelihood of mastering one.

The reason why this was the case wasn’t a deficiency in combat standards but two other issues.

The first issue was an inadequate physique. Executing a Silver Combat Technique required a physique at the Tier 3 standard at minimum.

The second issue was an insufficient brain capacity. Silver Combat Techniques were extremely complex. If one’s brain was not sufficiently active, it would not be able to process the complex actions required to execute the technique. Of course, this problem could be solved so long as one continuously improved their physique in God’s Domain. However, a Tier 2 physique was still far from the point where it could lower the mental difficulty of learning a Silver Combat Technique.

During the time Shi Feng was researching the benefits of the Life Potion, Aqua Rose suddenly called him.

“Guild Leader, I have two people here who say they want to meet you,” Aqua Rose said. “Both of them are here on someone else’s behalf. They say it’s related to an agreement you have with the Midnight Tea Party’s vice commander, Endless Scars.”

“Endless Scars?” Nodding, Shi Feng said, “Alright, I’ll head over right away.”

Endless Scars had previously sought his help with a matter, and he had agreed to help her out in his personal capacity. However, there had been no word from her after that, so he had gotten the impression that the woman had already forgotten about their agreement. He never thought that she would contact him now.

However, an agreement was an agreement. Since Endless Scars had sent someone to contact him, he naturally had to go meet with these representatives.

He took out a Guild Transfer Scroll and teleported back to the White River City Guild Residence.

Inside the top-floor reception room of Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City…

Aside from Aqua Rose, there were currently two other people—a man and a woman—in the reception room. Both looked to be around 30 years old. Although the man had a gaunt frame, he gave the impression of a wild wolf; the aura he radiated was sharp and unruly in nature. As for the woman, her appearance was not the slightest bit inferior to Aqua Rose’s, only more mature. She also radiated the aura of a predator.

“Burning, what do you think is going through Scars’s mind? She’s actually wasting a slot on Black Flame,” the other woman in the room asked the man sitting beside her, her eyes filled with confusion. “Although Black Flame has indeed reached the Domain Realm, our task isn’t something that can be accomplished with just superior combat standards. In my opinion, Black Flame isn’t comparable even to Lie Jia.”

“I don’t know, but the slot belongs to Scars. How she decides to use it is beyond my control. If we find out that Black Flame really isn’t good enough, it won’t be too late to replace him with someone else,” the man named Burning Sea replied, smiling as he shook his head.

While the two were conversing in private, Shi Feng had entered the room. The instant Shi Feng entered, the pair started scrutinizing him. Similarly, Shi Feng studied the duo.

Who are these two people? Shi Feng was surprised when he inspected the duo using Omniscient Eyes.

The man was a Level 72 Berserker named Burning Sea, and he had five pieces of Epic Equipment on him. As for the woman, she was a Level 72 Cleric named Frozen Gem. Although she sported only three pieces of Epic Equipment, the quality of her staff was indiscernible even with Omniscient Eyes.

The equipment standards of these two players were undoubtedly among the best available in God’s Domain right now. Ordinary peak experts definitely were no match for them.

Moreover, both players actually radiated an aura that was much more intense than that of a Great Lord. They also gave Shi Feng a strong sense of danger. However, Shi Feng couldn’t pinpoint the source of that danger.

“You’re Black Flame?” Burning Sea asked in a questioning tone.

“That’s right,” Shi Feng answered, nodding. “May I know what business Scars has sent you two over for?”

“Good! In that case, let me see whether you are qualified or not!”

Upon receiving a positive answer from Shi Feng, Burning Sea immediately unsheathed the greatsword slung on his back and sent a sword light slashing at him. In the next moment, the sword light split into 12 copies of itself, each copy seemingly having a life of its own as they cut at Shi Feng from 12 different directions. Moreover, each sword light carried Strength rivaling that of a Great Lord of the same level. All 12 sword lights attacked together like 12 Great Lord ranked wolves pouncing on him simultaneously. Even Domain Realm experts might not be able to replicate Burning Sea’s proficiency in combining a combat technique and a Skill.