Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2192 - Seizing Fenglin City

Chapter 2192 – Seizing Fenglin City

After Wang Zongquan’s departure, many of the training center and dojo members present were tempted to join the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center. The various fighting enthusiasts present, on the other hand, immediately started applying to join Heaven’s Rumble.

Previously, everyone thought that the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center was a sham. However, after seeing Shi Feng, Heaven’s Rumble’s Hall Master, defeat Wang Zongquan easily and overhearing the comments of the various internal force experts present stating that Shi Feng was a grandmaster martial artist, they realized that Heaven’s Rumble possessed genuine ability that was far superior to that of the other training centers and dojos in Fenglin City.

Moreover, Heaven’s Rumble was equipped with state-of-the-art training and medical facilities. Just these points alone already held a great temptation for the various fighting enthusiasts.

After just a few hours, the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center had gained more than 5,000 members already. As for becoming a disciple[l] of Heaven’s Rumble, not everyone could do so since Shi Feng had set certain requirements.

The Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s main purpose wasn’t to generate profits. It would serve as a talent pool for Zero Wing to recruit from. Hence, ordinary people couldn’t become disciples of the training center. Moreover, the disciples of training centers and dojos generally enjoyed much better treatment than ordinary members. They would be taught things that were not shared with the public. The recruitment requirements for disciples naturally had to be strict.

Even so, after half a day of testing, Heaven’s Rumble still managed to recruit more than 200 disciples.

This situation excited Xiao Yu greatly.

Despite having managed the Big Dipper Training Center for many years now, he had never seen so many people joining a training center on the day of its grand opening. Moreover, this was only the beginning. As Heaven’s Rumble’s name spread, even more people would join. Afterward, so long as Heaven’s Rumble managed to nurture some disciples that achieved high rankings in Fenglin City’s annual fighting competition, the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center could easily become the head of Fenglin City’s fighting industry.

As the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center bustled with activity, Zhuo Linqiu suddenly approached Shi Feng.

Zhuo Linqiu’s appearance had been completely silent. Most of the people inside the hall had overlooked his existence. Only a small number of internal force experts had managed to notice him.

What a powerful person! His strength is most likely on par with Wang Zongquan’s, Chen Tianhe exclaimed in his heart when he saw Zhuo Linqiu approaching Shi Feng.

Wang Zongquan had an overbearing and explicit aura. On the other hand, Zhuo Linqiu gave off a sense of emptiness and restraint. The two of them were polar opposites of each other. If an ordinary person were to compare the two of them, they would definitely judge Wang Zongquan to be stronger.

However, those who had trained to Chen Tianhe’s standards no longer judged people’s strength based on aura alone. Moreover, concealing one’s aura was much more difficult than simply letting it run wild. This was also a technique Chen Tianhe had been studying for quite some time now. Unfortunately, he had just barely scratched the surface of the technique thus far and was definitely inferior to Zhuo Linqiu.

One could say that, in terms of technique and spirit, Zhuo Linqiu was above Wang Zongquan.

Zhuo Linqiu! Why is he here!? Zhang Tianya was stunned when he saw Zhuo Linqiu.

Unlike Chen Tianhe, Zhang Tianya was not only an internal force expert but also the heir of one of Fenglin City’s top five financial groups. Zhuo Linqiu had once visited Fenglin City. Back then, the various financial groups of Fenglin City had promptly gathered to welcome him to the city. Moreover, the leaders of every financial group—including the Zhang Clan Group—had been present during this gathering. These leaders all treated Zhuo Linqiu with great respect. As for Zhang Tianya, as he was part of the younger generation, he could only watch the gathering of VIPs from the sidelines.

Zhuo Linqiu was someone who was only half a step away from becoming a neutralizing grandmaster. Unfortunately, due to his advanced age, his physique could no longer keep up with his mind. As a result, he could never cross the final threshold and remained stuck at the apex of the internal force realm.

Whether it was in terms of status or strength, Zhuo Linqiu was an existence that Zhang Tianya could only look at in awe.

Now, however, Zhuo Linqiu was actually taking the initiative to greet Shi Feng.

During the time Chen Tianhe and Zhang Tianya were wondering about Zhuo Linqiu’s purpose here, Zhuo Linqiu arrived before Shi Feng.

“Hall Master Shi, are you free for a private chat?” Zhuo Linqiu asked in a low tone.

At this moment, Zhuo Linqiu no longer viewed Shi Feng with contempt. On the contrary, he now looked at the youth with a trace of fear and respect.

Neutralizing grandmasters were existences beyond the circle of ordinary internal force experts. However, as the butler of the Five States Corporation’s heir, Zhuo Linqiu was quite familiar with the existence of neutralizing grandmasters, so he knew intimately how powerful they were. Even major corporations would not dare slight neutralizing grandmasters.

“Sure, let’s head upstairs,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

He had long since known about Zhuo Linqiu’s arrival in the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center as well as the man’s purpose for visiting. He also knew about Han Yifeng’s determination to invest in God’s Domain. Meanwhile, with how successful Zero Wing currently was in God’s Domain, the temptation it held for Han Yifeng went without saying. Given these two things, it was obvious that Han Yifeng was waiting for an opportune moment to make Zero Wing an offer it could not refuse.

Only, Zero Wing’s strength surpassed Han Yifeng’s expectations. Now, even Starlink could not make short work of Zero Wing and could only pursue a war of attrition.

After today’s performance, it would be very normal for Han Yifeng to grow impatient and take action immediately.

Shi Feng led Zhuo Linqiu to the top-floor reception room, leaving the training center’s matters to Xiao Yu, Fire Dance, and Bai Qingxue to manage.

How is this possible?! Zhang Tianya gaped in shock at the respectful attitude Zhuo Linqiu showed Shi Feng.

Zhang Tianya could tell that Bai Qingxue and Shi Feng’s relationship was not simple at all. Otherwise, Bai Qingxue wouldn’t have invited him to help the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center.

Previously, although Zhang Tianya felt that Shi Feng’s strength as a neutralizing grandmaster was indeed amazing, he did not consider himself inferior to Shi Feng. After all, he was still young. He was also one of Fenglin City’s top fighting prodigies. He still had plenty of room for improvement and a chance to become a neutralizing grandmaster himself in the future. Moreover, he also had the Zhang Clan Group behind him.

Even though Shi Feng currently had his identity as a neutralizing grandmaster, he would still need at least a decade to develop the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center to a level that rivaled the Zhang Clan Group.

Now, however, even Zhang Tianya’s sole redeeming feature appeared laughable.

The only person capable of commanding Zhuo Linqiu to pay someone a personal visit was Han Yifeng, the heir of the Five States Corporation. This meant that Han Yifeng was trying to make contact with Shi Feng.

If Shi Feng had Han Yifeng’s backing, then getting the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center to surpass the Zhang Clan Group would truly be a piece of cake.

Inside the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s top-floor reception room…

“Mister Zhuo, may I know what business you have with me?” Shi Feng asked as he sat down.

“I am here to relay a message from my young master, Hall Master Shi. Starlink is not as simple as you think it is. Lu Xingluo is receiving guidance from someone higher. Sending Wang Zongquan to Heaven’s Rumble this time was merely a test. Once Lu Xingluo has a clear idea of the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center, I’m afraid he and the person behind him will take serious action. My young master advises you to be extra careful against Lu Xingluo,” Zhuo Linqiu said gravely.

The strength Shi Feng displayed this time was indeed frightening. Even an existence like the Starline Corporation would not wish to provoke a neutralizing grandmaster casually. However, with Zero Wing standing in Starlink’s way and forming quite an enmity with Starlink, it did not matter even if the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center had the backing of a neutralizing grandmaster. The Starline Corporation still had plenty of ways to destroy the training center in secret.

Moreover, even if the Starline Corporation couldn’t touch Shi Feng himself, it could still deal with the other members of Zero Wing.

“Please give my thanks to Young Master Han for his reminder. I’ll make sure to be more careful from now on. If Young Master Han needs any help in God’s Domain, please feel free to seek out Zero Wing,” Shi Feng said. He understood that Han Yifeng was trying to sell him a favor this time. Moreover, Han Yifeng was also finally treating him as a potential partner rather than another pawn or subordinate.

“I will relay this to my young master. If there are no other matters, I will take my leave now,” Zhuo Linqiu said as he stood up, showing no intention of staying even a moment longer.

After Zhuo Linqiu left, Shi Feng sank into deep thought.

Although his strength had already improved by a significant margin and many of the dangers he would normally have to worry about were no longer a concern, just like Han Yifeng said, the various major corporations were not as simple as they made themselves out to be. The Starline Corporation would have no difficulty dealing with both the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center and Zero Wing from the shadows.

It seems I have to improve my strength quickly, nurture more experts, and develop my power in Fenglin City.

Shi Feng understood that even though the Starline Corporation seemed helpless against the current Zero Wing, if it took covert action, Zero Wing would be helpless to do anything about it. The only way to avoid such an outcome was to increase Zero Wing’s status and influence in the real world.

Afterward, Shi Feng took out one of the Life Potions, which Wang Zongquan had someone secretly deliver to him. He admired the icy-blue liquid contained inside the glass bottle, then popped the cap and drank the liquid. He needed to improve his own physique first, above all else.