Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2191 - Fame Spreads in Fenglin City

Chapter 2191 – Fame Spreads in Fenglin City

When Wang Zongquan saw the faint smile on Shi Feng’s face, a chill suddenly swept through him, his body shuddering involuntarily.

“No! No need to continue! I admit defeat!” Wang Zongquan said hurriedly, afraid that he would be executed if he delayed his answer by even the slightest bit. Although he had clashed with Shi Feng for only a very brief moment, he understood more clearly than anybody else present just how frightening Shi Feng was.

It was no exaggeration to say that, if Shi Feng had wanted to, he definitely could have consigned Wang Zongquan to eternal rest with that previous move.

Now, when Wang Zongquan looked at Shi Feng, he felt that he was seeing a humanoid demon. Aside from this conclusion, he could not think of any other possibility. After all, despite having wandered the entire world, he had never heard of anyone becoming a neutralizing grandmaster in their early 20s.

Moreover, unlike other people, Wang Zongquan had personally clashed with neutralizing grandmasters before, so he knew full well just how frightening an existence they were. Neutralizing grandmasters could no longer be considered human; they were superhuman. Even ordinary firearms were useless against neutralizing grandmasters, as grandmasters could preemptively take evasive maneuvers by relying on their extraordinary senses.

Meanwhile, before a neutralizing grandmaster, apex internal force experts like Wang Zongquan were akin to little children. Their life and death were no longer within their control.

At this moment, Wang Zongquan started to feel animosity for Lu Xingluo. Had he known that Shi Feng was a neutralizing grandmaster, with even ten times his courage, he still wouldn’t have dared to kick up a ruckus at the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center.

“Since we have solved your concerns, then we can discuss the matter of you coming here to cause a commotion, Master Wang,” Shi Feng said.

As soon as Shi Feng was done speaking, Wang Zongquan’s complexion turned ashen. Even top-ranking training centers and dojos could not bear the wrath of a neutralizing grandmaster; the fate of a lone apex internal force expert like himself went without saying. Not to mention, he was currently right in front of Shi Feng. He couldn’t run away even if he wanted to now.

“Hall Master Shi, just state however much compensation you want. I’ll pay it so long as I have it,” Wang Zongquan said with great anxiety. “Right, I just received six bottles of the Green God Company’s Life Potion. Let’s add them to the compensation as well.”

Neutralizing grandmasters were different from the average person. The amount of nutrients their bodies required daily far exceeded the average person’s. Moreover, if they wanted to improve their physical fitness further, consuming ordinary food and Nutrient Fluids would no longer suffice. At the very least, they needed S-rank Nutrient Fluids. Meanwhile, the Life Potion was something even more valuable than S-rank Nutrient Fluids.

In fact, these six Life Potions were the reason why Wang Zongquan had agreed to undertake Lu Xingluo’s request.

After all, Life Potions were extremely difficult to come by. Even neutralizing grandmasters could get their hands on only a small amount.

“Six Life Potions?” Shi Feng could not help but be moved. He had never expected Wang Zongquan to possess Life Potions, the Green God Company’s latest creation.

Shi Feng naturally understood what was going through Wang Zongquan’s mind right now. After all, Shi Feng had had the fortune to meet a neutralizing grandmaster in his previous life, so he knew that these grandmasters were truly superhuman. He also knew that their nutritional requirements were different from the ordinary person’s.

Only, Shi Feng wasn’t actually a neutralizing grandmaster yet. He had merely touched upon the realm after combining the principles of the Truth Realm and Refinement Realm.

In God’s Domain, every player’s body had long since reached an extraordinary level; hence, players could exhibit the principles of the Realms of Truth and Realms of Refinement to their greatest limits. The human body in the real world was very weak in comparison, making it impossible for people to fully exhibit the strength of these two realms in the real world.

This was akin to running state-of-the-art software on an ancient computer. The hardware simply couldn’t support the software at all, and the computer would crash when trying to run the application.

The reason why Shi Feng was able to apply the principles of the Truth Realm and Refinement Realm in the real world was mainly his having reached the Ascension Realm and Domain Realm in God’s Domain. Even so, he had already sustained some minor internal injuries from executing that one move. He still needed to improve his physical fitness further before he could reliably display the principles of the Truth Realm and Refinement Realm in the real world.

Meanwhile, the Life Potion was something Shi Feng had only heard of during his previous life. He had never actually seen one before, much less consumed one. The Life Potion was not sold to the public. It was many times more valuable than even S-rank Nutrient Fluids.

Although the Life Potion couldn’t resurrect the dead, it could cure all internal injuries and strengthen the user’s physique. It was even rumored that long-term consumption of the Life Potion could rejuvenate the user.

Moreover, these were still not the most important point about the Life Potion.

The truly amazing aspect of the Life Potion was its ability to invigorate a person’s brain cells, making cerebral development easier.

Due to these reasons, after God’s Domain had spread its influence throughout the entire world, the Life Potion became something all powers fervently competed over. Those powers that managed to secure themselves a stable supply of Life Potions had been able to nurture a batch of peak experts and apex experts quickly.

Shi Feng found Wang Zongquan’s possession of six Life Potions simply unbelievable.

However, Wang Zongquan misconstrued Shi Feng’s comment as a complaint that this amount was too little. He hurriedly explained, “Hall Master Shi, this is really all that I have. However, I heard that Nine States City is about to hold an internal auction and that Life Potions will be sold there. Here is the invitation card I received. Aside from this, I really don’t have any more Life Potions.”

Shi Feng could tell that Wang Zongquan was not lying. He also understood that it was already plenty amazing for someone like Wang Zongquan to obtain six Life Potions. After all, ordinary martial arts masters couldn’t get their hands on even one bottle, let alone six.

“Fine. We’ll forget about monetary compensation, but I need you to help me with a matter,” Shi Feng said, nodding as he accepted the invitation.

Wang Zongquan inwardly breathed out a sigh of relief at Shi Feng’s words. He then said confidently, “Hall Master Shi, please speak freely. As long as it is something I can accomplish, I’ll definitely do it.”

“It’s very simple. I want you to go teach Lu Xingluo a lesson,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he patted Wang Zongquan’s shoulder.

Since Lu Xingluo had already taken the initiative to make trouble for him, Shi Feng naturally had to respond in kind. Although Shi Feng was currently slightly stronger than Wang Zongquan, he was quite inferior to the professional hitman when it came to dealing with people outside of an official competition. If he tried to take action against Lu Xingluo, his actions would no doubt get exposed very quickly. Not to mention, Shi Feng didn’t have that much free time to take part in such matters; he had his hands full dealing with Zero Wing.

“This…” Wang Zongquan could not help being shocked by Shi Feng’s request. “Hall Master Shi, Lu Xingluo is the Starline Corporation’s heir. If I do so…”

“Since that is the case, let’s continue discussing the commotion you’ve caused!” Shi Feng said, his voice taking on a chill.

If not for Shi Feng having improved sufficiently quickly and displaying absolute strength against Wang Zongquan,

Wang Zongquan would’ve definitely continued trying to make trouble for the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center even after suffering defeat at Fire Dance’s hands. Hence, Shi Feng naturally couldn’t let him off the hook too easily.

Shi Feng did not doubt Wang Zongquan’s ability to meet his demand in the slightest. As for the consequences for Wang Zongquan after carrying out this feat, this was not something Shi Feng cared about.

“I’ll do it! I’ll make sure Hall Master Shi won’t be disappointed!” Wang Zongquan assured hurriedly while nodding after sensing a trace of killing intent from Shi Feng.

Wang Zongquan had an instinctive fear of neutralizing grandmasters stemming from his understanding of their power. So long Shi Feng wanted to, unless Wang Zongquan fled to the ends of the world, he wouldn’t be able to escape Shi Feng. Compared to earning Shi Feng’s ire, provoking a major corporation’s heir held much lighter consequences. Not to mention, Shi Feng had only told him to teach Lu Xingluo a lesson, not to kill the man. If Wang Zongquan limited his actions, the Starline Corporation wouldn’t go all-out in dealing with him. In fact, the corporation would avoid making a huge fuss about this. After all, if news of this matter were to leak to the public, the Starline Corporation would become a laughing stock for its rivals.

Moreover, Wang Zongquan was originally already furious at Lu Xingluo for sending him to pick a fight with a neutralizing grandmaster. He could use this opportunity to get some payback as well.

Upon seeing Wang Zongquan leave the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center dejectedly, the upper echelons of the various training centers and dojos present promptly went to Shi Feng and Xiao Yu to congratulate them. They even sent the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center huge gifts. These training centers and dojos no longer entertained any thoughts of causing trouble for Heaven’s Rumble. In fact, they even showed signs of submitting themselves to Heaven’s Rumble—a scene that stupefied the fighting enthusiasts in the hall, who all wondered what kind of background the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center possessed.

News of this matter quickly spread throughout Fenglin City.