Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2189 - Shocking the Audience

Chapter 2189 – Shocking the Audience

Everyone present inside the hall gazed at Shi Feng in astonishment.

Wang Zongquan was no minor character. Although he had lost to Fire Dance, there was still no doubt that he was an apex internal force expert. Even the masters of top-ranking training centers and dojos had to treat him with respect.

Not to mention, Wang Zongquan had been working as a hitman for the past decade. Even if he couldn’t openly cause problems for a training center or dojo, he was more than capable of doing so in secret.

“Is this guy tired of living? He actually dares to come out now? Does he really think Wang Zongquan won’t dare to challenge him again?”

“What bold words! Does he actually believe he can produce an internal force expert?”

The many experts present looked at Shi Feng with disdain when he appeared in the hall. They all felt that Shi Feng was getting too full of himself. Fire Dance had just fought a dangerous battle in order to pull the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center out of a crisis. All Shi Feng needed to do was lie low and wait for Wang Zongquan to leave. He simply had to be tired of living, to reveal himself now.

“Old Xiao, is this the young man you were talking about?” Chen Tianhe shook his head as he looked at Shi Feng. “He’s far too immature and arrogant. Although he has the support of an aristocratic family’s disciple, he still shouldn’t have provoked Wang Zongquan like this.”

Although Wang Zongquan could not afford to run afoul of ancient aristocratic families, he would have no problems killing the other members of the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center. He could also make it so that the deed couldn’t be traced back to him.

Even though Shi Feng had already grasped internal force, it wouldn’t change his fate. After all, according to the rumors Chen Tianhe had heard, more than ten internal force experts had fallen at Wang Zongquan’s hands, including apex internal force experts.

So, he is Shi Feng? Zhang Tianya could not help but reveal some envy as he eyed Shi Feng.

An aristocratic family’s disciple!

The status of every one of these disciples was not the slightest bit inferior to that of an heir of a major corporation. They were existences that even someone like Wang Zongquan had to show respect to.

Yet, despite having ordinary looks and an average family background, Shi Feng actually managed to gain Fire Dance’s favor and even her support. How could Zhang Tianya not envy him?

In fact, Zhang Tianya believed there was an 80% chance that Shi Feng’s success in becoming an internal force expert was due to Fire Dance’s help. After all, the legacies and resources that ancient aristocratic families possessed were far superior to those of top-ranking training centers and dojos. So long as one possessed even the slightest amount of talent, they would have no problem becoming an internal force expert.

If Zhang Tianya had obtained these resources, he would’ve most likely become an expert on Wang Zongquan’s level by now.

Meanwhile, during the time the spectating crowd was quietly discussing Shi Feng, Shi Feng had arrived at the center of the hall. Fire Dance promptly took the initiative to stand behind him as if she really was just a member of the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center.

This scene immediately provoked the envy of many of the spectating experts.

“Crap! What kind of luck does that kid possess to earn the favor of that goddess!?”

“What a lucky bastard! With an aristocratic family backing him, even Wang Zongquan can’t do anything against him on the surface.”

“That’s right! If we could sponge off such a goddess as well, even setting up a top-ranking training center wouldn’t be a problem!”

Many of the men present derided Shi Feng, and as if they were afraid Shi Feng could not hear them, their voices grew steadily louder as they spoke.

To most of the experts present, being able to grasp internal force was already a matter worth rejoicing. As for setting up their own training center in a first-tier city and developing it into a top-ranking training center, that was something that they didn’t even dream of.

However, if they had the help of an aristocratic family’s disciple, then such a feat would be a piece of cake.

Now that Shi Feng had Fire Dance’s support, his becoming one of Fenglin City’s powerhouses was almost guaranteed. Fenglin City’s fighting industry might even have to adhere to his wishes in the future. Other top-ranking training centers and dojos also wouldn’t dare to act against him rashly.

Meanwhile, seated in a comer of the hall was Zhuo Linqiu, who was quietly observing the event.

So, that’s the case. It’s no wonder Zero Wing is confident of establishing itself in Fenglin City, Zhuo Linqiu thought to himself as he observed Fire Dance, disregarding Shi Feng entirely. With this, Zero Wing indeed merits the young master’s attention.

As the butler of the Five States Corporation’s heir and an apex internal force expert himself, Zhuo Linqiu knew a lot more regarding ancient aristocratic families than Chen Tianhe and Wang Zongquan did, so he understood just how valuable the support of an aristocratic family’s disciple was.

During the time everyone was discussing Shi Feng, Wang Zongquan had also arrived before him, his gaze filled with disdain and anger as he glared at the young man.

“And here I thought you wouldn’t have the courage to show yourself,” Wang Zongquan sneered. “Since you’re here, do you dare exchange a few moves with me? I want to see whether you truly are capable of instructing such an excellent member or not, Hall Master Shi.”

Originally, Wang Zongquan thought that he would not have a chance to reclaim the reputation he had lost due to Fire Dance today. However, since Shi Feng had taken the initiative to appear before him, this was the perfect opportunity for him to do so and fulfill his agreement with Lu Xingluo to wreck the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s reputation, killing two birds with one stone. He naturally couldn’t miss this opportunity.

That won’t be a problem. Only, Master Wang, you were just injured. Do you need a few days to recover? It won’t be too late to spar at that time,” Shi Feng said.

“No need! It is only a minor injury! I wish to experience Hall Master Shi’s brilliant moves now!” Wang Zongquan said. He launched an attack at Shi Feng without hesitation, not giving him any more time to speak.

In Wang Zongquan’s opinion, Shi Feng was simply trying to find an excuse to buy time and eventually let the matter be forgotten. He naturally couldn’t let Shi Feng have his way. Meanwhile, the best method to get Shi Feng to take action was to leave the man with no choice but to take action.

The spectating crowd shook their heads and sneered at Shi Feng.

“That guy is so dumb. Did he really think Wang Zongquan would let such a great opportunity slip by?”

“Hahaha! He’s going to make a fool of himself now!”

“He’s just a brat who has just learned internal force. Does he actually think an apex internal force expert like Wang Zongquan will be afraid of him because of a little injury?”

“How foolish! Does he believe he can run rampant just because he has the backing of an aristocratic family’s disciple?”

Everyone understood that Shi Feng was planning to get Wang Zongquan to give up on today’s match with the excuse that Wang Zongquan was injured. Unfortunately, how could someone of Wang Zongquan’s caliber not see through his ploy?

Moreover, the spectating experts could also see very clearly that, although Fire Dance had defeated Wang Zongquan, she should have grasped internal force only recently. Her physique was also far inferior to his. Although she had indeed managed to injure Wang Zongquan, he should still be able to exhibit 80% of his normal standard—which would be sufficient for him to beat up a basic internal force expert.

In the next moment, however, Wang Zongquan’s fast and powerful fist suddenly came to an abrupt halt before Shi Feng’s face, unable to move forward by even the slightest.

How is this possible?! Wang Zongquan stared at his wrist, which Shi Feng was gripping tightly, in extreme confusion.

Wang Zongquan had given his all in that punch. Despite his injury, his full-powered punch still wasn’t something a basic internal force expert could block directly. In his opinion, Shi Feng should’ve chosen to dodge or deflect his attack. However, Shi Feng had actually used one of the most impossible-to-execute methods to stop his attack—grabbing his wrist.

Before Wang Zongquan could shake off Shi Feng’s hold, Shi Feng suddenly tightened his grip and swung Wang Zongquan’s arm as if he was swinging a sword. Immediately, Wang Zongquan felt himself getting yanked off his feet, then propelled through the air. For a moment, the surrounding crowd even felt a strong wind blowing past their faces.

Soon after, a loud boom entered everyone’s ears as the floor beneath them shook slightly.

By the time everyone realized what was going on, Wang Zongquan was already lying unconscious on the floor some distance away from Shi Feng, the marble beneath him cracked.