Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2188 - – Do You Have an Opinion?

Chapter 2188 – Do You Have an Opinion?

Everyone was stunned to see Wang Zongquan down on one knee.

Wang Zongquan’s physique completely surpassed an ordinary person’s. Even the professional fighters of Fenglin City would have an extremely difficult time inflicting any external damage on him, much less internal damage.

Yet, he actually sustained considerably severe internal injuries from Fire Dance’s gentle palm strike. Based on his current complexion, he would most likely need half a month to recover from his injuries. This outcome was simply unbelievable.

The only explanation anyone could come up with for this situation was that Fire Dance had utilized internal force.

“She not only grasped internal force at such a young age but also managed to injure Wang Zongquan? Could she be the disciple of some ancient aristocratic family?” Chen Tianhe also could not help his astonishment as he looked at Fire Dance.

Even with the help of modern technology, internal force experts were still incredibly rare. One would already be considered very talented to grasp internal force by the age of 30. Every one of such experts would become celebrities in the fighting industry. Even a top-ranking dojo like the White Tiger Dojo would treat such an expert as an honored guest.

Nevertheless, Fire Dance had successfully grasped internal force at such a young age and even managed to heavily injure Wang Zongquan in one move. This was incredible.

The only possibility Chen Tianhe could think of to explain this situation was that Fire Dance was the disciple of an ancient aristocratic family since such disciples practically started training in their mothers’ wombs. These disciples enjoyed the best resources, legacies, and teachers. As a result, they generally grasped internal force in their teens. By the time they entered their 20s, they were already strong enough to rank within the top 20 in international fighting competitions should they choose to participate.

However, ancient aristocratic families generally kept a low profile and never fought for fame. Hence, the general populace did not know about these ancient aristocratic families. All the same, the influence these ancient aristocratic families held in the world was not the slightest bit weaker than that of major corporations.

“She’s an ancient aristocratic family’s disciple?” Xiao Yu revealed an excited expression when he heard Chen Tianhe’s words.

Xiao Yu had heard a little regarding ancient aristocratic families, so he had an idea just how frightening they were. They were not existences ordinary people like himself could come into contact with. Only well-established martial arts masters like Chen Tianhe had the opportunity to do so.

If Fire Dance really was an ancient aristocratic family’s disciple, then the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center would truly become powerful. Even the Starline Corporation would probably be helpless against it.

Meanwhile, at this moment, the upper echelons of the various training centers and dojos present in the hall had lost their complacent attitude altogether. Now, only shock and fear filled their minds.

If even Wang Zongquan was defeated, then who in Fenglin City could possibly be a match for Fire Dance?

Moreover, Fire Dance was still so young. She would definitely continue growing stronger. One could even describe her future as limitless. With such a talent present, who would dare provoke the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center?

After a brief round of exclamations from the spectating crowd, Wang Zongquan managed to recover slightly and slowly stand back up. Now, his eyes held only fear when he gazed at Fire Dance.

“I never thought that I would actually lose to a little girl like you. May I know which aristocratic family’s disciple you are?” Wang Zongquan asked politely, his previous arrogant attitude gone. Now, he was treating Fire Dance as his equal.

Wang Zongquan was far more knowledgeable than Chen Tianhe, so he knew just how powerful the disciples of aristocratic families were.

The moment Fire Dance sent him stumbling back, he concluded that she was a disciple of an ancient aristocratic family. After all, everyone from the younger generation capable of surpassing him was an expert famous throughout the country. They definitely wouldn’t be an unknown existence like Fire Dance.

Fortunately, Fire Dance’s strength and physical fitness were greatly inferior to his own. Had that previous strike been executed by an expert of equal standards, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to stand back up.

Fire Dance’s victory was due entirely to her calm mind and frightening reaction speed. Her grasp of distance was also frighteningly accurate.

Had he known that Fire Dance possessed such abilities early on, he definitely wouldn’t have used such aggressive maneuvers. Instead, he would’ve opted for a more secure fighting style. Then, he wouldn’t have been defeated so decisively.

However, Fire Dance was still very young. Her physical fitness could continue improving in the future. The same was true for her technical standards. Wang Zongquan did not feel ashamed of being defeated by such a prodigy.

“An aristocratic family’s disciple?” The heartstrings of Zhang Tianya, who was standing a short distance away, quivered when he looked at Fire Dance.

Both Fire Dance’s appearance and body were extraordinary. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she was Zhao Yueru’s equal. Moreover, Fire Dance’s martial artist’s temperament lent her an additional elegance that Zhao Yueru did not have. If it was indeed true that Fire Dance had the backing of an ancient aristocratic family, then she would definitely be of great help to him in the future—if he could obtain her.

“Aristocratic family’s disciple?” Fire Dance, however, was confused by Wang Zongquan’s words. She then explained, “I am not a disciple of some aristocratic family. I am only a member of the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center.”

As soon as Fire Dance was done speaking, the entire hall fell silent momentarily.

“Impossible! You grasped internal force at such a young age! You also have that frightening reaction speed and a talent for combat! How can you simply be a member of a small training center?!” Wang Zongquan was enraged by Fire Dance’s response. “If you don’t want to tell me which aristocratic family you’re from, just say so! Is there a need to humiliate me this way?!”

While he could accept being defeated by Fire Dance, as a martial arts master, he definitely would not accept being humiliated.

Moreover, what he was truly adept at was not fighting but assassination. Outside official settings, he would have plenty of means to kill Fire Dance without anybody tracing the deed back to him.

Everyone present also nodded in agreement with Wang Zongquan’s words.

A member of a training center? What a joke.

Even the top-ranking training centers and dojos in the country did not have the ability to produce an expert like Fire Dance.

“I’m telling the truth. I am not a disciple of some aristocratic family. I am only a member that has been training under our hall master all this time. I can’t do anything about it even if you don’t believe me,” Fire Dance said, shaking her head. She gave no further explanation after that.

“I heard that your hall master is just in his early 20s. If you insist on trying to raise your hall master’s reputation, then I have nothing else to say. However, I will firmly engrave today’s matter in my heart!” Wang Zongquan was now thoroughly enraged. However, with his defeat at Fire Dance’s hands, he no longer had any qualifications to challenge Heaven’s Rumble’s Hall Master. Even so, he still had many ways to destroy both the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center and Fire Dance.

“Was there a need for this little lady to humiliate him like so?” Chen Tianhe could already see that Wang Zongquan bore killing intent toward the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center and Fire Dance. The man definitely wouldn’t let this matter rest.

Even a fool wouldn’t believe that a youth in his early 20s could nurture Fire Dance, who was of roughly similar age, into her current state. Let alone Wang Zongquan, even Chen Tianhe would become very angry if he were in Wang Zongquan’s shoes.

However, just as Wang Zongquan was about to turn around and leave, a crisp voice echoed throughout the entire hall.

“I am her instructor. Do you have any opinions about it?”

Immediately, everyone automatically turned their heads toward the origin of the voice, and what they saw was a young man currently descending the staircase from the second floor. This young man in black was none other than Shi Feng, who had just completed his daily training.