Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2187 - Defeated with One Palm

Chapter 2187 – Defeated with One Palm

Although Fire Dance had executed her punch smoothly, without making a sound, her punch seeming as natural as a passing breeze, when the various experts present saw her attacking Wang Zongquan, varying degrees of shock appeared on their faces.

“Is this girl insane!?” Chen Tianhe blurted out when he saw Fire Dance’s actions.

Wang Zongquan had trained his internal force to the apex. Every one of his movements was accompanied by internal force. He was different from experts that had just grasped internal force, who only used it as a trump card during critical moments.

Not to mention, a sudden attack like the one Fire Dance executed would hardly be effective against a master like Wang Zongquan. If she was not careful in dealing with Wang Zongquan’s inevitable counterattack, she would undoubtedly lose her life.

Sure enough, Wang Zongquan did not grow flustered at all at Fire Dance’s sudden attack. He calmly took half a step back, accurately moving out of her attack range. In the end, her fist did not even manage to graze his clothes. Immediately after, he counterpunched twice at Fire Dance, first at her face and then at her abdomen.

Although both his punches looked identical, the one aimed at Fire Dance’s abdomen was actually a little faster than the one aimed at her face.

“It’s over!” Zhang Tianya’s complexion darkened when he saw this scene play out from a short distance away.

Originally, he had been planning to save Fire Dance. However, he never thought that Fire Dance would be so crazy as to attack Wang Zongquan without hesitation. To make matters worse, even after seeing her attack fail, she didn’t pull back immediately. Now that Wang Zongquan had counterattacked, her life was as good as gone.

Although Wang Zongquan’s two punches might look very simple to the eyes of ordinary people, they were actually extremely ruthless.

A person being attacked in the face would instinctively move to defend their face. In such a situation, attacks directed to other parts of their body would be easily overlooked. Meanwhile, as an apex internal force expert, Wang Zongquan had an extremely precise grasp on timing and distance. Even well-trained internal force experts would get caught by this move of his if they were not careful, let alone a newbie without any special training like Fire Dance.

Just as everyone thought that this fight was already over, however, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Fire Dance actually ignored the punch aimed at her face. Instead, she suddenly sidestepped and promptly rotated her body. In the torque of her body, she then sent a lightning-fast chop straight at his neck.

The sudden development in the battle caught Wang Zongquan slightly off guard. Originally, he thought that his opponent was merely an inexperienced little girl. He never expected this little girl to easily evade his attack, much less launch a counterattack of her own.

However, Wang Zongquan was a hitman with many years of experience. He was fully capable of reacting to abrupt changes immediately. Although he wouldn’t be able to defend against Fire Dance’s attack in time, he could still dodge it. He hastily bent his body forward and leaped backward, narrowly avoiding Fire Dance’s chop.

Upon seeing Wang Zongquan retreating, the spectating crowd could not help gasping in shock.

“Is this for real? Wang Zongquan actually got repelled!”

“Who is this young lady?”

Everyone present was aware of just how powerful Wang Zongquan was. Even experts of the same rank would have difficulty forcing him to retreat. After all, taking the initiative to retreat in a duel meant that one was at a disadvantage. Now, however, a young lady like Fire Dance had actually made Wang Zongquan fall back. This was simply unbelievable.

Meanwhile, when Fire Dance saw Wang Zongquan taking the initiative to retreat, she did not give chase and exploit her advantage. Instead, she simply stood in place and quietly observed him. Mter a short moment, she stated calmly,”汗 you’re only at this standard, I advise you to give up on challenging our hall master.”

When Fire Dance said these words, the spectating crowd could not help but nod in agreement. After all, if Wang Zongquan had already fallen into a disadvantage in his fight with Fire Dance, what qualifications did he have to challenge Heaven’s Rumble’s hall master?


Wang Zongquan’s rage shot through the roof, the intense killing intent his body radiated making everyone in the hall shudder involuntarily.

In the next moment, Wang Zongquan took a step forward, the marble floor under his feet cracking. His body then transformed into a blur as he dashed at Fire Dance like a ferocious tiger.

The instant Wang Zongquan appeared before Fire Dance, he canted his body slightly to ram his side into her.

Mountain Slam!

Although this ramming attack looked incredibly plain and simple, none of the experts present would dare to face this attack directly.

After all, a ramming attack carried out by an ordinary internal expert could already topple a big tree.

Wang Zongquan’s ramming attack could most likely send even a small car flying back. If a person were to receive this attack, all the bones in their body would shatter.

Moreover, Wang Zongquan’s ramming attack was incredibly fast, so fast that many of the experts present didn’t even react to it.

“Why must this little girl put herself in such a difficult position?” Chen Tianhe sighed at this scene.

Chen Tianhe had been very shocked by Fire Dance’s previous performance, where she managed to not only maintain her cool, despite going up against such a powerful opponent, but even turn a dangerous situation into an opportunity to attack. She was definitely a gifted fighter. He was even tempted to take her in as a disciple.

Meanwhile, had Fire Dance not provoked Wang Zongquan further, Chen Tianhe could have forced Wang Zongquan to leave the premises by making an appearance. After all, the fact that Wang Zongquan had taken the initiative to retreat in a fight against a little girl, who was probably only half his age, was already humiliating enough. Insisting on continuing the fight would only further damage his reputation.

However, now that Wang Zongquan had blown his top, he wouldn’t care even if he was called out for bullying the weak. Nobody could stop him now.

To everyone’s surprise, however, Fire Dance actually did not try to dodge Wang Zongquan’s ramming attack. On the contrary, she even took the initiative to meet him in battle.

“Is she crazy?”

Her decision shocked everyone. No one expected Fire Dance to respond so boldly.

Wang Zongquan surpassed even national-level athletes in terms of physical fitness. Only a few people in the entire country was superior to him. Trying to use brute force against him was akin to smashing an egg against a rock.

Arrogant brat! When Wang Zongquan saw Fire Dance moving to greet him in battle, a ruthless sneer appeared on his face as he further accelerated his body.

A moment later, Wang Zongquan’s body crashed into Fire Dance’s. However, just as everyone thought that she would go flying over ten meters, a shocking scene occurred.

Wang Zongquan actually passed through Fire Dance!

An afterimage? Zhang Tianya gaped in shock involuntarily when he saw Fire Dance’s figure fading out of existence.

A visual residue! Chen Tianhe immediately realized what had happened.

An afterimage could be created so long as a person was moving fast enough. However, creating a visual residue did not require a person to be moving quickly, only sufficiently rapid reactions.

The human mind took time to process the images the eyes saw. If one’s reaction speed was sufficiently fast, they could misperception that they were still in their original position when, in reality, they had already moved elsewhere. However, accomplishing such an action was extraordinarily difficult.

This feat required one to transition from being static to dynamic motion at an extreme speed. In addition, not only did one’s body have to keep up with this rapid transition, but their neural response time needed to be able to keep up as well. However, it was incredibly difficult to improve one’s neural response time and impossible to do so through ordinary training. Moreover, regardless of how powerful a person became, they could improve their neural response time by only an extremely limited amount.

Meanwhile, by the time Wang Zongquan reacted to the situation, Fire Dance had already moved aside and turned to face him. She then sent a palm strike at his chest, her attack looking as gentle as a falling leaf.


However, the moment Fire Dance’s palm collided with Wang Zongquan’s body, he felt as if a hammer had just struck his chest. His face instantly turned beet red as he stumbled a few steps back before dropping down to one knee.

“Internal force!”

“She’s an internal force expert!”

Upon seeing Wang Zongquan’s kneeling figure, the spectating crowd could not help but turn to stare at the completely unharmed Fire Dance in shock.