Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2185 - Experts Gather

Chapter 2185 – Experts Gather

Fenglin City, Redstone Restaurant:

A thin, middle-aged man respectfully entered one of the restaurant’s top-floor VIP rooms. Once inside, he approached an indifferent youth who currently meditated.

Although the young man sat there quietly, he felt like the room’s overlord. Any enemy of his would become everyone’s enemy in the room.

“Why are you in such a hurry, old Zhuo?” Han Yifeng asked as he opened his eyes, glancing up at the middle-aged man.

“I’ve just received news that Zero Wing is opening a training center in Fenglin City. Moreover, it purchased one of the city’s well-known training centers to do so, the butler, Zhuo Lingqiu, reported.

“Interesting. It seems Zero Wing is quite capable, after all. I had thought that the organization would run to me for help once it faced a financial crisis. I hadn’t expected it to earn a fortune through leasing Stone Forest City’s private houses. And now, it’s even opening its own training center,” Han Yifeng calmly mused.

“Young master, although Zero Wing can afford to open a training center, how can setting one up in Fenglin City be so easy?” Zhuo Linqiu commented disdainfully. “According to our information, Lu Xingluo has prepared for this and hired a particularly skilled expert. By the sounds of it, he wants his expert to cause a ruckus in the training center, preventing it from taking root in the city.”

It was true that one needed enough capital to open a training center, but money wasn’t enough to keep one alive. One also needed sufficient strength to defend it, especially in a city as competitive as Fenglin.

“In that case, I want you to visit Zero Wing’s new training center. At the end of the day, we can still use the organization to slow Starlink down,” Han Yifeng said as he sent a glance at Zhuo Linqiu.

“Understood.” With a bow, Zhuo Linqiu turned and left the room.

Meanwhile, news of Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s grand opening shook Fenglin City’s fighting industry. With the Starline Corporation’s Lu Xingluo targeting Zero Wing, no one dared to ally with the organization for fear of attracting the corporation’s ire. Now that Zero Wing had opened its own training center, even a fool knew that Lu Xingluo would make his move. At least it would be interesting to watch.

Moreover, the various training centers and dojos throughout the city viewed the fact that this company, which focused its business within virtual reality games, was trying to make a name for itself in Fenglin City’s fighting industry as both foolish and a blatant insult. Even on the off chance that Lu Xingluo left Zero Wing’s training center alone, they wouldn’t let the organization get away with this transgression. Otherwise, they’d become laughingstocks in the industry.

While the various training centers and dojos discussed Zero Wing’s new facility, Xiao Yu had been methodically planning the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s grand opening.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Not only had Xiao Yu purchased the latest training and medical equipment available over the last three days, but he had also invited many of Fenglin City’s VIPs to attend the grand opening. Fortunately, he had far more connections than a young man like Shi Feng.

On the day in question, luxury cars stopped by the building’s entrance in droves, and many passersby grew interested in visiting the training center as a result.

However, most of the people that visited Heaven’s Rumble Training Center that day were young, passionate fighters. They had all seen the advertisements boasting Heaven’s Rumble’s state-of-the-art facilities, and they were curious to inspect the training center themselves.

The world’s technology constantly improved, and with the help of proper data analysis, one could build the best training routine possible, improving far faster than training under a famous instructor.

The instant these combat enthusiasts entered Heaven’s Rumble Training Center, they were flabbergasted.

People wearing the uniforms of Fenglin City’s various training centers and dojos filled the main hall. Some of them were even well-known experts in the city, and a few of the upper echelons from the city’s training centers and dojos had even made an appearance.

“Crap! What’s going on? Why are so many of Fenglin City’s experts here?”

“Isn’t that Luo Qianxing, who won third place in Fenglin City’s annual fighting competition last year?”

“Quick, look! It’s Master Yang from the Extreme Light Dojo! I’ve heard rumors that he’s stopped participating in public events to prepare for the international fighting competition”.

“Am I seeing things? Isn’t that Chen Tianhe, the Martial Heart Dojo’s master? I thought he already retired from the public scene. Why is he here?”

“What kind of power does this training center have behind it?”

With so many of Fenglin City’s experts gathered, the young men and women who visited the training center out of curiosity grew excited. They even wondered if they had stumbled upon Fenglin City’s annual fighting competition, rather than a new training center’s grand opening. Why else would so many well-known experts be here?

While the young fighting enthusiasts were shocked over finding so many of the city’s VIPs in one place, a group consisting of two young women and a young man entered the hall, immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

The reaction was mostly due to the two young women. One wore an elegant, white dress, which highlighted her long, flowing hair and exquisite appearance. She had the body of a goddess, and many of the women in the crowd became self-conscious.

A second exceptional beauty in a bright, red dress stood next to her. When the two women entered the hall, they instantly became the center of attention.

Even the young man that accompanied these women was exceptionally handsome, and many of the ladies in the hall swooned.

The handsome young man was the previous year’s champion of Fenglin City’s annual fighting competition, known for possessing a talent that only emerged once a decade in the city. He had also qualified to participate in the international fighting competition, and his status as the heir to the Zhang Clan Group, one of the city’s top-five financial groups, was just icing on the cake.

“Qingxue, most of these experts don’t seem to be here with honest intentions. I’m afraid that this friend of yours will have a very difficult time maintaining a training center in Fenglin City,” Zhang Wuya told Bai Qingxue[l] as he glanced over the crowd. “If your friend can’t handle the pressure, I’m willing to step up for him. I suspect that most of these training centers and dojos will take a step back out of respect.”

“Shi Feng is an internal force expert as well, Big Brother Zhang. Shouldn’t he be able to handle the situation?” Zhao Yueru asked.

“An internal force expert might be impressive in second- and third-tier cities, but this is Fenglin City. Every well- known training center and dojo in the city has its own internal force expert. Moreover, they are experienced veterans. Their accomplishments with internal force are far more impressive than a youngster who has just mastered the techniques,” Zhang Wuya explained.

Bai Qingxue and Zhao Yueru’s expressions darkened slightly after listening to their companion. They had never thought that opening a training center would be so difficult.

While Bai Qingxue’s group chatted amongst themselves, another commotion rattled the crowd in the main hall.

An imposing, bear of a man entered the room. Two knife scars decorated his face, and his arrival shocked many of the training centers and dojo’s upper echelons. The instant this man appeared, many of the training center and dojo upper echelons present could not help but reveal shocked expressions.

“Why is he here?” When Zhang Wuya saw the new arrival, fear flashed in his eyes.

“Is he someone powerful?” Zhao Yueru asked when she noticed Zhang Wuya’s trepidation.

“Powerful?” Zhang Wuya shook his head. “That word is no longer sufficient. He’s practically a devil. He has earned the nickname ‘T-Rex’ for how heavy-handed he is in combat. No fewer than twenty internal force experts have suffered defeat at his hands. Some of them are still lying in their hospital beds. He was banned from the fighting world for that very reason. Most of that happened more than a decade ago, but according to recent rumors, it seems he has defeated another internal force expert overseas. I don’t even think I can stop him if he tries to make a move.”

While everyone made a fuss, Wang ‘T-Rex’ Zhongquan stepped into the center of the hall.

“I’ve heard that Heaven’s Rumble has set up shop here! Who’s in charge? I, Wang Zhongquan, want to spar! I want to see whether or not Heaven’s Rumble qualifies to do business in Fenglin City!” Wang Zhongquan shouted, his voice echoing throughout the hall. Most people immediately took a step back.

“Heaven’s Rumble is doomed. I doubt anyone in Fenglin city can save it now that this demon has shown up.”

“The Starline Corporation is certainly powerful. It’s even hired this monster to cause trouble.”

“Zero Wing should’ve just stayed in its virtual reality game instead of meddling in the fighting industry.”

As the various training centers and dojo’s experts watched Wang Zhongquan, they knew that Heaven’s Rumble Training Center would soon go out of business. It would also be the first training center to close on the same day it opened.

Suddenly, however, a crisp voice rang out over the crowd’s muttering.

“I don’t know who you are, but I’m afraid that you don’t qualify to challenge our Hall Master!”

Instinctively, the crowd turned toward the voice’s origin. The speaker was a graceful, mesmerizing woman, and none other than Fire Dance’s player.