Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2184 - Opening a Training Center

Chapter 2184 – Opening a Training Center

The sun shone brilliantly that morning, and a cool breeze brushed by.

As soon as Shi Feng left his virtual gaming cabin, he contacted Liang Jing and took her with him to the center of Fenglin City to purchase a training center.

Due to the current trends, professional fighters were far more famous than actors or singers, so tons of people aspired to become one. Naturally, plenty of people wanted to capitalize on that aspiration and open their own training centers and dojos.

However, this was also why the competition between training centers and dojos in big cities was so intense, even cruel.

Aside from the costs of upgrading training and medical facilities, training centers and dojos had to pay significant fees to research and produce nutritious meals. Only then would their members be able to train efficiently. Individuals would see twice the results with half the training as long as they maintained proper nutrition.

Overall, running a training center or dojo was a very expensive business. If one failed to manage their business properly or lacked sufficient capital, they might not even last a few years, especially in a first-tier city like Fenglin City. Plenty of training centers or dojos from smaller cities tried to establish themselves in Fenglin City every year, but most never succeeded.

Aside from forging Crystal Light Sets and Advanced Mana Armor Kits in God’s Domain, Shi Feng had a team grind Bosses on the Bottomless Abyss’s first-floor over the past few days. During the day, he spent most of his time surveying potential buildings for his training center.

After several days of searching, he finally decided to buy the Century Training Center, which was only a short distance away from the city’s fighting arena.

Although the Century Training Center’s facilities were somewhat outdated, it had an excellent location. Most importantly, it was large enough for Shi Feng’s purposes. The training center occupied a 51-story skyscraper. It had only been open for a little over a year, so the building was still quite new. Although it wasn’t quite as large as Zero Wing’s main headquarters, it shouldn’t have any issues accommodating nearly 10,000 people, more than enough for Zero Wing’s current internal members.

Moreover, the Century Training Center’s previous owners were selling the building for relatively cheap, only 8.9 billion Credits. Shi Feng wouldn’t need to redesign the building’s interior, either. He only needed to purchase the latest training and medical equipment, and the training center would be ready for business.

Shi Feng spent nearly half a day signing the necessary documents. Once he completed the purchase, he called Xiao Yu.

“Chairman Xiao, I’ve settled the matter regarding the training center. Would you like to come see it??” Shi Feng asked, smiling.

“It’s done already?” Xiao Yu was stunned.

In Xiao Yu’s opinion, Shi Feng should’ve needed two or three months to secure a training center. Gathering the necessary funding would be a major problem, and Shi Feng’s hope of purchasing a skyscraper in the heart of Fenglin City was a fool’s dream. Moreover, in his opinion, the fact that Shi Feng was trying to buy a skyscraper in the heart of Fenglin City was a fool’s dream, to begin with.

Not even the White Clan Group would be able to afford such a massive expenditure unless it sold some of its assets, and the Big Dipper Group’s investment wouldn’t change anything for Zero Wing.

Yet, only a few days since their last meeting, Shi Feng called to say he had bought a skyscraper.

“That’s right. Now, I just need to purchase equipment and upgrade its facilities,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“Alright! I’m on my way!” Xiao Yu said. Shi Feng’s earnest expression did nothing to quell the old man’s skepticism, so he had to verify the information himself.

A few hours later, Xiao Yu arrived at the address Shi Feng had given him. He was dazed when he saw the skyscraper.

The Century Training Center? How can this be? Xiao Yu stared up at the towering building in utter shock.

As the Big Dipper Group’s chairman and someone who dreamed of opening a training center in a first-tier city, Xiao Yu knew a little about Fenglin City’s training centers and dojos. He recognized the Century Training Center the moment he arrived. Since it had failed to produce any skilled fighters in the national fighting competition, it had lost business. Because of that, the Century Training Center had been trying to sell its branch in Fenglin City to recoup some of its losses and fortify is position in second-tier cities.

One would need nearly 10 billion Credits to purchase Fenglin City’s Century Training Center.

Ten billion!

Not even the Big Dipper Group could afford one-third of this building.

“Chairman Xiao, will a training center of this size be sufficient?” Shi Feng asked politely.

“Sufficient? Of course, it’s sufficient! As long as we promote the training center and upgrade its facilities, we’ll have no issues recruiting new members!” Xiao Yu exclaimed, already considering multiple plans for the future.

“Wonderful. Then, I’ll have to trouble Chairman Xiao to see to the remaining issues. I’ll transfer funds to you in a moment for purchasing equipment and advertising,” Shi Feng said. When he saw the confident light in Xiao Yu’s eyes, he knew the matter was as good as dealt with. Now, he’d just need to wait for the training center to recruit and supply skilled fighters for Zero Wing.

As long as the training center supplied enough internal members, Starlink would find it far more difficult to hinder Zero Wing’s development. The Guild simply had too many advantages.

“Once I receive the funds, I’ll contact my suppliers. I believe they can transfer everything we’ll need in one or two days,” Xiao Yu said, nodding. Noticing that Shi Feng didn’t waver when he spoke of spending so much money, the young man became even more of a mystery to him.

Xiao Yu was very familiar with Shi Feng’s background. The young man and his niece had been classmates, so he had looked into him.

Even though Shi Feng was a combat genius, Xiao Yu had considered him a fledgling in high society. Since Shi Feng was from a family without a background, he should’ve needed a decade or so to accomplish anything impressive.

Yet, the more time the old man spent with Shi Feng, the more he became unfathomable he became.

First, Shi Feng had snagged Fenglin City’s White Clan Group as a partner. Then, he had purchased Century Training Center’s old building. Xiao Yu could also tell that Shi Feng was responsible for these decisions.

“Everything should arrive in two days? If that’s the case, we should host our grand opening in three days. I’ll also have to trouble you with hiring instructors and management staff,” Shi Feng replied after giving the matter some thought. Time waited for no one. He needed to recruit more internal members for the Guild as soon as possible.

“That won’t be a problem, but what do you plan to name the training center?” Xiao Yu asked. “We can’t promote it without a name.”

“Let’s call it Heaven’s Rumble Training Center,” Shi Feng decided.

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to give the training center Zero Wing’s name as well, but it was too well-known right now. Naming it after the Guild would only bring the various major powers down on their heads. It was best that he gave it an ordinary name.

“Alright, then. I’ll see to the necessary arrangements,” Xiao Yu said, nodding.

Xiao Yu left, immediately turning his focus to Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s management. Of course, the news that the Zero Wing Workshop was preparing to open a training center in Fenglin City quickly spread.