Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2178 - Insane Shi Feng

Chapter 2178 – Insane Shi Feng

“Open one of your own?” Xiao Yu was a little taken aback and saw Shi Feng’s idea as a little too immature. “Head Instructor Shi, without exaggerating, opening a training center in Fenglin City would be extremely challenging. Not even the White Clan Group is powerful enough to succeed.”

Establishing its own training center was a good idea for Zero Wing. At the very least, the Workshop wouldn’t need to rely on others.

However, opening up a training center in this day and age was not an easy task. First, in this era of physical fitness, countless people had tried to capitalize on humanity’s focus in this aspect and opened training centers and dojos, and as a result, competition was fierce.

Second, starting a new business required a massive amount of capital. Even ignoring venue costs, the latest training equipment cost a fortune. The state-of-the-art facilities were a minimum requirement for any training center or dojo in a first-tier city like Fenglin, but to attract more consumers, one would need nutrition and medical facilities.

Without these basic amenities, nobody would join.

The only reason the Big Dipper Group had earned its current status and fame in Jin Hai City was its decision to follow the evolving trends early and its decades-long history.

Just to open a training center or dojo in Jin Hai City required a powerful corporation’s full financial support Naturally, one would need far more capital to open one in a first-tier city like Fenglin. Even the current Big Dipper Group would struggle to succeed.

This was why the Big Dipper Group hadn’t opened a branch in a first-tier city.

Xiao Yu couldn’t even imagine where Shi Feng would find the money necessary to open a training center here. He knew quite a bit about Zero Wing, and although it had the support of the White Clan Group, which was slightly more generous than that from the Big Dipper Group, White Clan was already struggling to support Zero Wing’s headquarters. How could it possibly afford to establish a training center in Fenglin City?

Furthermore, the Starline Corporation had set its sights on the Workshop. No financial group or corporation would dare to ally itself with or lend money to Zero Wing.

“Then, would you be interested in investing in Zero Wing, Chairman Xiao?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling. He did not try to rebuke Xiao Yu’s claim, quietly observing the man, instead.

Shi Feng was fully aware of how difficult it would be to open a training center.

Aside from his inexperience in managing a training center, the required capital was indeed a massive issue. He had already spent all of the funding Phoenix Rain had invested in Zero Wing to secure Ouroboros’s old training ground, although Phoenix Rain hadn’t supplied her full investment yet. The funding she had given him was a deposit, which Zero Wing would slowly pay back through a portion of the rent from Stone Forest City’s Shops and virtual stores. If Zero Wing lost Stone Forest City, the Guild would have to return the remaining funds.

Xiao Yu, on the other hand, had years of experience with running a training center. If Shi Feng could enlist Xiao Yu’s help, establishing a training center for Zero Wing would become much easier.

You sure know how to ask,” Xiao Yu replied after a moment of silence, smiling bitterly as he examined Shi Feng’s serious expression. “I have dreamed for many years of opening a training center in a first-tier city like Fenglin, but the Big Dipper Group isn’t capable of doing so. The Board of Directors will never agree to a partnership. They won’t even agree to lend you a single cent.”

“I’ll think of something to resolve the financial issue. What I’m asking right now is whether or not you, as an individual, are interested in becoming a partner with Zero Wing,” Shi Feng clarified. He recognized Xiao Yu’s concerns. Even though Xiao Yu was Big Dipper’s chairman, the Board of Directors had the final say in all matters. Unfortunately, who would dare side with Zero Wing while the Starline Corporation targeted the organization? “If you are willing to become a partner, I’m willing to offer you 5% of the training center’s shares.”

Shi Feng valued Xiao Yu far more than the Big Dipper Group as a whole.

Not only did Xiao Yu have a wealth of experience with managing training centers, but he also had connections throughout the industry, far more than an outsider like Shi Feng. Not even Gentle Snow was a match for the man before him. The White Clan Group, after all, dabbled in a variety of industries.

Xiao Yu had to admit that he found Shi Feng’s offer a little tempting.

He had always wanted to manage a training center in a first-tier city, but doing so was a larger challenge than he could afford. Not only would he need enough funding, but he’d also need sufficient strength.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was even more skilled as an internal force expert than Lei Bao. Even in a first-tier city brimming with experts, he was a force to behold. Shi Feng’s only flaw was his lack of fame, but that could easily be resolved with enough money.

“How large of a training center are you preparing to open?” Xiao Yu asked.

A training center’s size was particularly important. Small training centers, with only one or two floors, had no place in first-tier cities. Such minuscule facilities wouldn’t even be large enough for state-of-the-art training equipment, much less nutrition and medical facilities.

But if Shi Feng could secure a five- or six-story building within the city center for his training center, he might just have a chance of survival. Unfortunately, he’d need to own the building, not rent it. With Starline Corporation’s harassment, it could easily force the building’s owner to dissolve the lease half-way through.

“I’m thinking about one of the skyscrapers in the city center,” Shi Feng replied after giving the matter some thought.

If he were to establish a training center under Zero Wing’s name, a small building wouldn’t do. It wouldn’t even be enough for Zero Wing’s uses. During his previous life, even second-rate Guilds like Shadow had the full support of multiple training centers and dojos, and only with that support had Shadow filled its management positions with trustworthy experts, ensuring the Guild’s normal operations could continue.

If he didn’t secure a training center that was on a similar scale to the Big Dipper Training Center, Zero Wing could stagnate.

“An entire skyscraper?” Xiao Yu could not help but roll his eyes.

Fenglin City was a first-tier city, and its land cost far more than in Jin Hai City. Even if the Big Dipper Group invested everything it could, it would, at most, secure an eight- or nine-story building in the city center.

Meanwhile, most skyscrapers in Fenglin City had more than forty floors.”

“Is it not enough?” Shi Feng asked as he gave Xiao Yu a curious look.

“If you can purchase a skyscraper, then I wouldn’t mind partnering with you,” Xiao Yu decided. He felt that Shi Feng had played God’s Domain too much and gone mad. He had held on to a thread of hope at the thought of managing a training center in a first-tier city, but now, Shi Feng’s madness had dashed that hope.

Securing a skyscraper in Fenglin City’s city center was easier said than done. Did Shi Feng really think it was some cabbage, easy to buy and widely available?

Satisfied with Xiao Yu’s agreement, Shi Feng returned to Zero Wing’s main headquarters and logged back into God’s Domain.