Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2177 - Clash in Reality

Chapter 2177: Clash in Reality

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The moment Shi Feng finished his question, the temperature in the room seemed to plummet. Even Xiao Yu, who had fought in business for so many years, stared at Shi Feng in horror.

It's over! Everything's over now…Xiao Yu felt as if the sky were crumbling down around him.

Through Liang Jing, he had learned about some of Zero Wing's accomplishments. He knew that Zero Wing had ties with a few major corporations and that it had even met with these corporations' upper echelons. Zero Wing had been doing quite well in God's Domain, a virtual reality game that had become incredibly popular.

However, after all was said and done, Zero Wing was only powerful within the virtual reality game. On the other hand, the Five States Corporation was one of the most powerful corporations in the country, wielding unimaginable authority and status. As the chairman's only son, no one in the country's higher social circles could afford to offend Han Yifeng. Countless companies and corporations would do anything to get into the boy's good graces.

Shi Feng, however, had rejected Han Yifeng's offer without hesitation. He hadn't held back in the least…

If Shi Feng angered this youth, not even the major corporations that had invested in Zero Wing would escape Han Yifeng's wrath, not to mention Zero Wing itself.

After the silence stretched for a moment, the youth finally opened his mouth to break it.

"Very good! As expected of the person that has made Lu Xingluo so miserable!" Contrary to Xiao Yu's expectations, Han Yifeng hadn't reacted in rage or disdain. The youth remained strangely calm as if this matter had nothing to do with him. "Since that is the case, let's forget about this matter altogether. However, I have to warn you that the Starline Corporation isn't an easy foe. Lu Xingluo has already begun to use his connections against your Guild. I'm sure you've noticed, but this is only the beginning.

"God's Domain is involved in far more than you could possibly imagine, and Zero Wing has begun to touch upon too many people's interests. Without sufficient backing, you'd best be careful."

Following which, Han Yifeng glanced at the thin man beside him. The thin man then promptly revealed a card and handed it to Shi Feng.

"This is my card. If a day comes when you change your mind, you can contact me," Han Yifeng said, his voice just as void of emotion as it had been during their introduction.

Xiao Yu was surprised to see Han Yifeng offer Shi Feng his card. He had never realized that the youth viewed Zero Wing so highly as to offer his card.

To ordinary people, offering one's card had very little meaning, but for those of Han Yifeng's status, it was a sign of recognition. It meant that the receiver was allowed to contact the giver directly.

Han Yifeng's status was on par with a dynasty's imperial prince. Even Xiao Yu, a company's chairman, didn't qualify to reach out to this youth. If Xiao Yu wished to speak with Han Yifeng, he'd have to make an appointment with his secretary. Moreover, whether or not Han Yifeng agreed to meet with him was an entirely different story.

Shi Feng accepted Han Yifeng's card graciously. Even if they couldn't reach an agreement, a friendship was possible. Moreover, holding a person like Han Yifeng's card was the equivalent of securing a major customer. If Zero Wing had something valuable enough to sell in the future, it could do so with this contact.

Moreover, Shi Feng could tell that Han Yifeng wasn't like the usual wealthy young masters. He certainly wasn't anything like Lu Xingluo. The youth felt inhuman. Throughout their discussion, Han Yifeng had remained absolutely calm and was in better physical shape than Shi Feng had ever seen.

Even if he hadn't been the heir to the Five States Corporation, he would've had an extraordinary future. If he wanted to become a professional fighter, he'd easily make it to the international level. Not even an internal force expert like Lei Bao would be a match for Han Yifeng. If Han Yifeng continued to grow stronger, he could even claim the world championship.

Following which, Han Yifeng and Shi Feng chatted about the situation in God's Domain. Shi Feng then left the Redstone Restaurant with Liang Jing and Xiao Yu.

Once the trio left, only Han Yifeng and his middle-aged escort lingered in the room.

"Young master, aren't you a little disappointed that Zero Wing refused to sell? If we pull a few strings, taking the Guild wouldn't be difficult," the middle-aged man asked softly.

"Zero Wing's foundations are impressive, but it faces too many challenges at the moment. If we try to take it by force or push the issue of purchasing it, Zero Wing will unravel. That wouldn't be beneficial to our entry into God's Domain," Han Yifeng said, shaking his head. "Moreover, Zero Wing isn't the only available option. Although Zero Wing has more of an advantage, the others have far fewer problems. Overall, they are a better match for our needs than Zero Wing."

"If that is the case, why did you request to meet Zero Wing's representative, young master?" the middle-aged man asked.

"I wanted to see its behavior and circumstances. I want to confirm whether or not Zero Wing can truly cause Starlink trouble," Han Yifeng said.

"Young master, is there a need to concern yourself with a minor existence like Lu Xingluo?" the middle-aged man asked.

"You don't understand. If it were only Lu Xingluo, Starlink wouldn't be a problem, but those behind him aren't easy to remove. I only hope that Zero Wing can buy me some more time. If it proves up to the task, I'll have enough time to prepare," Han Yifeng explained, glancing at the man.

Realization dawned on the butler.

However, in the middle-aged man's opinion, Zero Wing will have more trouble making waves now that Lu Xingluo had used some of his connections. Since he had some understanding of management, he also knew that if Zero Wing didn't have enough trustworthy internal members to operate the Guild, it would fall into ruin in the long run. Furthermore, Lu Xingluo had only begun to use his connections, yet Zero Wing was already in such great danger. The Guild had no hope of surviving very long.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yu had remained silent until the trio had moved into a limousine and left the Redstone Restaurant. Turning to Shi Feng, he asked, "Head Instructor Shi, this is a rare opportunity. How could you reject his offer? The Five States Corporation's influence is extensive. Even the slightest of relationships with the corporation could help a company's value skyrocket. If the Zero Wing Workshop became a subordinate company, it could operate unhindered even in a first-tier city like Fenglin City. Even Starlink would struggle to take down Zero Wing."

The Big Dipper Group dreamed of establishing in a first-tier city like Fenglin City, but it didn't even dare to imagine the freedom of moving without hindrance.

Yet, Shi Feng had declined such a golden opportunity…

Moreover, Zero Wing's current position wasn't particularly optimistic. Due to Lu Xingluo's interference, no company or corporation had any interest in working with the Guild. If this persisted, how would the Workshop solidify its position in Fenglin City?

Even Liang Jing began to worry as she sat quietly next to Shi Feng.

She hadn't known the full story. Now that she knew that the Starline Corporation was responsible for the Big Dipper Group's abandonment, she understood the severity of the situation. Zero Wing truly stood on a precipice. Their current opponent fought in the real world, not in the game, and the power capital held in reality was no trivial matter.

"The Five States Corporation might be incredibly powerful, but Zero Wing isn't completely helpless without it. The Starline Corporation can't just push my Guild around," Shi Feng calmly replied. "Lu Xingluo wants to prevent us from allying with any training centers or dojos? In that case, we'll open a training center of our own!"