Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2172 - Complete Legacy

Chapter 2172 – Complete Legacy

The appearance of the Crystal Light Set stupefied everyone present. Some of the Guild representatives shuddered slightly upon seeing it.

While the various powers were still vying for Level 65 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, Zero Wing had already obtained an entire set of Level 60 to Level 80, eight-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment!

With such a frightening advantage, everyone could imagine how much of a lead Zero Wing would have when it came to raiding Team Dungeons. In fact, before Level 80, Zero Wing would be able to steadily secure its position as the overlord of the Bottomless Abyss.

Moreover, this still wasn’t the most horrifying part.

It might be fine if Zero Wing only had one Crystal Light Set, but there were currently three Crystal Light Sets in all on display inside the first-floor hall. This meant that Zero Wing could obtain more Crystal Light Sets.

The impact of one person equipped in Dark-Gold Set Equipment and that of an entire team equipped with it were as different as heaven and earth.

No matter how powerful an individual player was, there was a limit to how much they could contribute inside a Team Dungeon. However, if every player in the team was equipped with such equipment, the team’s overall performance would skyrocket.

After all, the main impediment most powers faced in raiding a Team Dungeon was their inadequate equipment standards. This was especially true for the various superpowers. So long as the superpowers’ teams met the required equipment standards, raiding Team Dungeons would be a piece of cake for them.

“It’s no wonder Zero Wing dares to provoke Starlink. It seems Zero Wing isn’t all bark, after all.” Sixteenth Cloud’s eyes glowed brightly as she looked at the Crystal Light Sets on display.

If Shining Tiger could secure a temporary Residence in Stone Forest City, in addition to the Crystal Light Set, she believed that it wouldn’t be long before Shining Tiger developed into the number two power of the Glory Empire, second only to King’s Return.

After everyone was done admiring the Crystal Light Sets, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow led the crowd to the Shop’s top- floor reception room, where Shi Feng had been waiting for quite some time now.

Currently, Shi Feng wore a suit of pitch-black armor paired with a dark-gray cape. When the various Guild representatives saw Shi Feng’s figure through the opened doors, they found that he gave off a very plain and approachable feeling, without even the slightest tinge of strength. He also did not act haughty the way overlords of kingdoms generally did.

However, the instant everyone set foot inside the room, they immediately realized that they were mistaken in their assumptions of Shi Feng—terribly mistaken.

Sorrowful Silence even gasped involuntarily when he stepped into the room.


This word simultaneously appeared in everyone’s mind.

The various Guild representatives reacted this way because the moment they stepped into the room, a horrifying pressure had assaulted their bodies. Moreover, this pressure didn’t originate just from a difference in Basic Attributes but also a massive difference in Life Ratings. At this moment, everyone’s gut instincts were blaring their imminent death. It was as if the person sitting before them wasn’t a player at all, but a living Demon King instead.

Didn’t they say that Black Flame is only a Domain Realm expert? How is he so powerful? Sixteenth Cloud’s complexion turned indescribably grim as she looked at Shi Feng, who currently sat in the room’s seat of honor.

She had been nurtured by a Super Guild, so she had seen many monster-level experts before. Although her current self had yet to reach the Domain Realm, she was very confident of putting up a fight against an actual Domain Realm expert.

However, when she stood before Shi Feng, she actually felt helpless.

When she imagined getting attacked by an expert like Shi Feng out in the fields, her scalp immediately turned numb.

“Welcome to Stone Forest City. Let me introduce myself. I am Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame,” Shi Feng said. When he saw the various Guild representatives’ darkened expressions, particularly Sixteenth Cloud’s and Sorrowful Silence’s grim expressions, he felt very satisfied with himself.

In reality, he wasn’t as powerful as everyone thought. The reason why everyone was having such a misconception about him was simply the side effects caused by Demon God’s Phantom. After Demon God’s Phantom’s duration ended, he would continue exuding Divine Might for the next 12 hours. When monsters were subjected to this Divine Might, they would instinctively run away from him. In return, however, his body would be suppressed to a mortal state, his combat power reduced drastically.

Of course, unless players fought him, they would not be able to tell that he was actually incredibly weak right now.

They would only be frightened by the Divine Might he exuded.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng introduced himself, everyone present, particularly Shining Tiger’s Sixteenth Cloud and Sorrowful Silence, no longer dared look down on Zero Wing even in the slightest.

The current Zero Wing might lack peak experts and capital, but its growth potential was extremely frightening. Not to mention, there was even an expert like Shi Feng protecting it.

If Shi Feng devoted himself to ambushing the upper echelons of superpowers, the superpowers would most likely be helpless to stop him. To the various superpowers, even losing hundreds of Refinement Realm experts would be considered a recoverable loss. However, if their peak experts and monster-level experts were killed, they would suffer irreparable damage.

After all, the various superpowers relied on these experts to secure treasures. The loss of even one of these experts could cause a superpower heartache. This was also the reason why superpowers feared monster-level experts so much.

Monster-level experts might have difficulty defeating other monster-level experts, but they would have no problems defeating peak experts on their own.

Now, however, Shi Feng was an even more frightening existence!

This was because even monster-level experts were potential prey to Shi Feng.

Previously, Shining Tiger had collected plenty of information on Shi Feng. The Guild concluded that although he was very strong, his chances of success when hunting ordinary monster-level experts were just slightly higher than other monster-level experts’.

After personally meeting Shi Feng, however, both Sixteenth Cloud and Sorrowful Silence understood that the Swordsman was much more frightening than the reports made him out to be.

Just Shi Feng’s presence alone forced Sixteenth Cloud and Sorrowful Silence to treat Zero Wing seriously.

“Hello, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am Sixteenth Cloud, Shining Tiger’s Second Vice Guild Leader.” Sixteenth Cloud took the initiative to stand out and introduce herself. “I am here representing Shining Tiger to negotiate a partnership with Zero Wing. Our demands are not very high. We just want one temporary Residence in Stone Forest City. As for Coins and resources, we are willing to pay so long as the price is reasonable. We can even provide Zero Wing with a complete Refinement Realm Legacy.”

The various first-rate Guild representatives present could not help but gasp at Sixteenth Cloud’s words. Even Unyielding Heart, who had taken a seat in a corner of the room, twitched slightly, never having thought that Shining Tiger would be willing to pay such a price.

Current small Guilds were most likely ignorant of what a Refinement Realm Legacy was. They might even misconstrue it for a Legacy for a hidden class. However, it was something true large Guilds, particularly first-rate Guilds, dreamed of obtaining.

This was also where the foundations of super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds lay, something that was extremely difficult to acquire even with money. Only major corporations had the power and influence to obtain it. In the case of small corporations and companies, they should not even think of laying their hands on a Refinement Realm Legacy. They could only rely on their own Guilds’ research.

Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow, who were now standing behind Shi Feng, also gasped when they heard Sixteenth Cloud’s offer.

Previously, the fact that Unyielding Soul had volunteered to share a portion of its Realms of Refinement training resources with Zero Wing was already plenty amazing. In fact, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow had felt ecstatic over the matter. Now, however, Shining Tiger was even more amazing. It was actually offering to provide Zero Wing with a complete Refinement Realm Legacy. In other words, Shining Tiger was willing to give Zero Wing the training data necessary to turn ordinary experts into Refinement Realm experts. Now, the Zero Wing experts who did not get a chance to experience the Secret Pavilion’s or Unyielding Soul’s training system would no longer have to train themselves blindly. They, too, would get to undergo systematic training. With this, their chances of becoming Refinement Realm experts would increase substantially.

Of course, there were many methods for players to reach the Refinement Realm, some simple and others difficult. However, regardless of the efficiency of the training data Shining Tiger provided, the amount of help the data would provide Zero Wing was something that could not be measured with money.

“It seems that one of the temporary Residence slots is going to end up with Shining Tiger.”

“Sure enough, superpowers really are amazing. How are we supposed to continue competing like this?”

When the various first-rate Guilds’ representatives heard the conditions Sixteenth Cloud offered, a little despair sprouted in their hearts. They were fully aware that Stone Forest City had a very limited number of temporary Residence slots. Meanwhile, to the current Zero Wing, nothing would be more attractive than a complete Refinement Realm Legacy.

In comparison, the Shops and treasures their Guilds could offer were most likely insignificant in Zero Wing’s eyes.

Vice Guild Leader Cloud, your offer is indeed very tempting,” Shi Feng said. He, too, was very surprised by Sixteenth Cloud’s offer. In the next moment, however, he shook his head and added, “Still, that isn’t what Zero Wing wants.”

“What do you want, then?” Sixteenth Cloud asked as she stared at Shi Feng incredulously.

A complete Refinement Realm Legacy was a priceless treasure to any first-rate Guild. Some first-rate Guilds would even do everything they could to get their hands on one because only by obtaining a Refinement Realm Legacy would they have the means to become a super-first-rate Guild. Without it, a first-rate Guild had no business talking about becoming a super-first-rate Guild.

Now, however, Zero Wing was actually rejecting this legacy.

She simply couldn’t figure out what could be more important to Zero Wing than a Refinement Realm Legacy.

“I don’t want much. I just want you to join Zero Wing’s newly established Candlelight Chamber of Commerce!” Shi Feng replied calmly.