Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2171 – - Sorrowful Silence’s Shock

Chapter 2171 – Sorrowful Silence’s Shock

Stone Forest City’s Mana density didn’t only stun the various Guild representatives, but Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, and Zero Wing’s main force members were shocked as well.

They were no strangers to high Mana density environments. In fact, they were accustomed to them.

However, the Mana in Stone Forest City was even denser than in the Holy City of Titan, and it didn’t feel like the usual Mana they encountered. This Mana had a violent energy, although it didn’t make them feel agitated. On the contrary, they felt warm and close to their environment.

This closeness gave them a newfound perception of their surroundings. This was a sensation they had never experienced before. It was as if they had just arrived at an entirely new world.

Logically, Mana shouldn’t be able to cause such a sensation, even if it was particularly dense. They had all seen and experienced Mana so dense that it appeared as a fog, but it had never made them feel like this.

In truth, the sensation Aqua Rose and her party experienced wasn’t related to the city’s Mana in the least. Rather, it was a hidden effect of the Dark Tower.

While this sensation felt foreign to Aqua Rose and Zero Wing’s members, it wasn’t all that odd to Sixteenth Cloud and Sorrowful Silence. These two were particularly familiar with the strange feeling, which horrified them.

This close sensation everyone felt was quite similar to the sensation one experienced when they reached the Void Realm. Although what they felt now wasn’t as intense as actually reaching the Void Realm, there was roughly a 10% resemblance.

Even among the various superpowers, Void Realm experts were treated as upper echelons-level individuals. They were a Guild’s mainstays.

And within Stone Forest City, players could actually experience the sensation of being a Void Realm expert. Although the city’s atmosphere could only replicate a small fraction of the sensation, it would be a massive help to expert players, particularly Refinement Realm experts.

If Refinement Realm experts could examine and experience this sensation, they’d have as much as a 30% chance of reaching the Void Realm in the future.

Most of the various large Guilds’ experts would scoff at this 30% chance, but the superpowers’ Refinement Realm experts would willingly bankrupt themselves for such a boost.

It’s no wonder why so many superpowers fought to claim Stone Forest City. I had never dreamed that this city would offer such a benefit.” Realization dawned on Sixteenth Cloud as she bathed in the city’s Mana.

Once an expert reached the Refinement Realm, they were almost guaranteed to reach the Flowing Water Realm.

Players only needed to be able to observe their enemies’ every action and predict their next move to enter the Flowing Water Realm, and normally, players would fulfill these requirements once they had accumulated enough combat experience. To put it simply, one merely needed to work hard to reach the Flowing Water Realm.

However, climbing from the Flowing Water Realm into the Void Realm was a different story. This was a qualitative leap. Reaching the Void Realm was akin to switching one’s focus from one target to several hundred. The achievement was beyond simply observing one’s opponent. Players needed to view situations from a different perspective entirely.

Although the various superpowers had plenty of Refinement Realm and Flowing Water Realm experts, very few among these experts were capable of reaching the Void Realm, even within Super Guilds. The chances of rising from the Flowing Water Realm to the Void Realm was less than 10%

However, if the various superpowers had Stone Forest City’s environment, they could certainly nurture a few more peak experts.

A single peak expert could command and safeguard an entire section of their Guild’s territory. With a few more peak experts, superpowers would have an easier time managing their members and territories. Moreover, these peak experts played an important role when acquiring powerful treasure. Monster-level experts were incredibly rare, after all, and most superpowers didn’t even have a handful of such experts under their command. In comparison, God’s Domain had a plethora of precious treasures and dangerous locations to explore.

Vice Guild Leader, we must do whatever we can to secure a temporary Residence in Stone Forest City!” Sorrowful Silence resolutely declared.

“I know; relax.” Sixteenth Cloud nodded, a vibrant light replacing the dull look in her eyes. Now, she couldn’t bring herself to look down on Stone Forest City in the slightest.

Shining Tiger wasn’t like the various super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds. Since it had only recently established itself, it had poached many of its experts from other Guilds. However, poaching peak experts was incredibly difficult since they were integral members of their superpowers. As a result, Shining Tiger had a lot of Refinement and Flowing Water Realm experts, but it severely lacked Void Realm experts. If the Guild wanted more Void Realm experts, it would have to nurture them on its own.

Unfortunately, doing so was a major challenge. Despite investing tons of resources, Shining Tiger had only nurtured two peak experts thus far. Who knew how long it would take for the Guild to nurture more?

However, if Shining Tiger could use Stone Forest City’s environment, it could ease the burden of nurturing peak experts. The Guild could then expand its territory.

Even Unyielding Heart’s eyes burned with passion. He was overwhelmed with a desire to obtain a temporary Residence in Stone Forest City.

Unyielding Soul and Starlink had roughly the same number of Refinement and Flowing Water Realm experts. Unyielding Soul simply didn’t have as many peak and monster-level experts as its rival. If Unyielding Soul could resolve that problem, it might become strong enough to continue its competition with Starlink.

Furthermore, Stone Forest City was located within the Bottomless Abyss. With the resources Unyielding Soul could obtain from the Regional Dungeon, the Guild could certainly continue duking it out with Starlink.

Before anyone had realized it, the crowd had arrived before the city’s Candlelight Trading Firm.

Although Stone Forest City’s Candlelight Trading Firm was no match for the Shop in Zero Wing City, it was still a 10- story building that was as large as a sports arena. It could easily accommodate tens of thousands of customers at a time, easily outmatching White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm. Unfortunately, this Shop had yet to open its doors to the public, still in the midst of its renovation. When Stone Forest Town had been upgraded to a Basic City, the Shop had been promoted as well, and it was in dire need of a reorganization.

As the Guild representatives entered the Shop, they were stunned by the items that were already on display in the first-floor hall.

“Level 60 to Level 80, eight-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment?! How is this possible?!” Sorrowful Silence cried out when he saw the equipment on display in one of the glass counters.

All of the various Guild representatives were dumbfounded, their mouths hanging open as they stared at the set equipment in shocked silence.

Aside from Epic Equipment, the best available in the game right now was Level 65 Dark-Gold rank, but due to such equipment’s rarity, one could count the number of experts in full sets of Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment using the fingers on one hand, including those in the various superpowers’ main forces. Fully geared in Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment, players would have no problems diving into Level 70,100-man Team Dungeons.

And yet, a complete Level 60 to 80 Dark-Gold Set Equipment glittered before them. Moreover, it was an eight-piece set. Why wouldn’t they be shocked?

Eight-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment was only inferior to Epic Equipment of the same level!

However, that wasn’t even the most important aspect. What truly shocked these Guild representatives was the set equipment’s level.

If players could wear this Dark-Gold Set Equipment by the time they reached Level 70, they would breeze through Level 70,100-man Team Dungeons. Moreover, this set equipment was plate armor and wasn’t restricted to a specific class. Even an MT could equip this set!

If their Guilds could get their hands on this set equipment, they’d have a massive advantage over their competition when raiding level appropriate Team Dungeons.