Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2166 - War’s Conclusion

Chapter 2166 – War’s Conclusion

Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon City:

One team after another appeared in the Teleportation Hall, all comprised of Level 65 or above experts. Even the weakest piece of equipment on these experts was Level 60 Secret-Silver rank. However, these players didn’t linger in Star-Moon City’s Teleportation Hall, quickly moving to other platforms and teleporting to the kingdom’s other cities.

With careful observation, one would recognize these players as adventurer team members. Many were even from well- known adventurer teams.

Other players in the Teleportation Hall were stupefied. They didn’t understand why so many adventurer teams from other kingdoms and empires were visiting Star-Moon Kingdom.

While Star-Moon City’s players wondered about the odd flood of adventurer team players, a Level 67 man sat in a top- floor VIP room in one of the Teleportation Hall’s Advanced Restaurants. Quietly, he took this all in, envy and sorrow in his gaze.

If the city’s players saw this man, they’d likely be taken aback.

He was none other than Galaxy Past, the Star Alliance’s Guild Leader. By this point, the Star Alliance had become Star- Moon City’s king.

“After this battle’s conclusion, it’s likely impossible for anyone to pressure Zero Wing within Star-Moon Kingdom,” Galaxy Past enviously lamented as he watched the numerous teams teleport in and out of the Teleportation Hall.

Shi Feng had recently defeated the various superpowers’ joint army, and news of his victory had yet to reach Star- Moon Kingdom’s general populace. However, as one of the Secret Pavilion’s subordinate first-rate Guilds, the Star Alliance had heard of the outcome almost as soon as the battle had ended.

He certainly hadn’t expected this outcome.

He truly hadn’t thought that Zero Wing would be capable of standing against such a force.

Zero Wing’s Stone Forest City was akin to a diamond mine. The troublesome Guild would never have to worry about needing funds again. With the city’s income, Zero Wing could easily support its current level of development, which meant it had resolved its sole weakness within Star-Moon Kingdom. From now on, even the various superpowers would find it exceedingly difficult to pressure the Guild in its own kingdom. Moreover, doing so wouldn’t gain them much. At this point, he’d be hard-pressed to find a superpower that was willing to make such a trade.

First-rate Guilds like the Star Alliance dreamed of achieving such power, but now, a new Guild, one that had only established after God’s Domain’s launch, had been the one to realize this dream.

No one could’ve imagined that Zero Wing would’ve struck back as soon as Starlink had tried to hinder the Guild’s development in Star-Moon Kingdom and successfully deal such a fierce blow. Starlink’s fortress in the Ancient Undead Country was basically crippled…

“Even if that is the case, Guild Leader, Zero Wing will have more problems to deal with now. Honestly, Starlink hadn’t taken Zero Wing seriously, but now, with Stone Forest City in its way, Starlink will view the Zero Wing as a sworn enemy. Moreover, Zero Wing has provoked more than a handful of superpowers this time. I doubt the Guild will find moving forward to be more difficult than expected,” Purple Jade said.

Galaxy Past did not try to refute Purple Jade’s logic.

In his opinion, Zero Wing’s retaliation against Starlink’s bullying had been splendidly carried out. Even before Zero Wing had taken action, the two Guilds had shed all pretenses. Increasing their hatred for each other wouldn’t change things overmuch. However, the fact that Zero Wing had slaughtered the superpowers’ joint forces would come back to bite it.

Those superpowers might be helpless against Stone Forest City and Zero Wing, but the Undead Forest was a small fraction of the Bottomless Abyss. The God Mode Regional Dungeon had other areas, and exploring those areas would require particularly powerful experts.

The various superpowers had both stronger and more experts than Zero Wing. Once Zero Wing’s members left the forest, they’d find miserable deaths waiting for them.

While the various powers in the kingdom discussed Zero Wing’s victory, adventurer teams crowded the entrance to the Guild’s Residence in White River City. Just entering and leaving the Residence had become a struggle for Zero Wing’s members.

Aqua Rose, who was responsible for the Guild’s recruitment, was stunned. She had watched many expert players apply for membership before, but she had never seen this many apply at once.

A rough estimate calculated more than 10,000 expert applicants…

Moreover, quite a few of these experts were at the Half-step Refinement Realm, and some were even Refinement Realm experts. The Guild hadn’t experienced such a thing before.

Half-step Refinement Realm experts generally served as core team leaders in first-rate Guilds. Most Refinement Realm experts were immediately promoted, becoming an upper echelon within the first-rate Guild.

Even Aqua Rose was only a Refinement Realm expert.

However, despite knowing that they would, at most, start out as an elite member, so many Refinement Realm experts were adamant about joining Zero Wing…

“What kind of magic did you use, Guild Leader?” Aqua Rose excitedly asked after contacting Shi Feng. “More than 300 well-known and 20 top adventurer teams have applied to join the Guild. After a rough estimate, more than 200 Halfstep Refinement Realm experts and 15 Refinement Realm experts have applied, as well…”

Zero Wing didn’t even have 15 Refinement Realm experts in total. Even so, the Guild had far more than its first-rate competition. By accepting these 15 or so Refinement Realm experts into the fold, Zero Wing could double its total count.

If it succeeded in doing so, no ordinary first-rate Guild would have a chance against Zero Wing. Only the few top- ranked first-rate Guilds would be able to rival the Guild.

“Over 200 Half-step and 15 Refinement Realm experts? It seems the battle’s outcome has been quite effective,” Shi Feng said, smiling. He wasn’t particularly surprised by the situation.

His latest battle held extraordinary significance. Although, defeating the superpowers’ joint forces wasn’t the victory that lured all of these adventurer teams to Zero Wing; rather, they were attracted by his success in holding Stone Forest City.

As long as Stone Forest City stood, Zero Wing would have a steady supply of resources and Coins. This also made Zero Wing a far tougher opponent for the various superpowers. Moreover, to become a superpower, one needed a foundation of money and resources.

Now that Zero Wing had that foundation, it was almost guaranteed to become a superpower in the future, and the Guild had already proven capable of fending off the various superpowers. After hearing the news of these victories, it was only natural that a large number of experts would rush to join the Guild and ride Zero Wing’s coattails.

“Some top adventurer teams have also requested an alliance, committing to fight our enemies in the Bottomless Abyss.” With a little hesitation, Aqua Rose continued, “However, they want Adventurer Residences in Stone Forest City in exchange.”

Top adventurer teams possessed a lot of experts, and some were even led by Refinement Realm experts. There were also some that even superpowers feared.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing had provoked quite a few superpowers this time, and because of that, it was fated to encounter many trials and tribulations within the Regional Dungeon. If the Guild had to face these superpowers alone, it would likely struggle to establish itself in the Bottomless Abyss’s other locations. It might even be trapped in the Undead Forest, which was only a fraction of the Dungeon and had very limited resources.

“If they want Adventurer Residences for free, they can forget it,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Of course, if they’re willing to pay, it’s a different story. Each Adventurer Residence will cost 50,000 Gold or Magic Crystals of equal value.”

Adventurer Residences were similar to Guilds’ temporary Residences. The team’s members would be able to teleport in and out of Stone Forest City freely, but Adventurer Residences were a special type of building that could only be constructed in Guild Cities. Moreover, the ruling power could only construct a limited number. A Basic City could only support ten Adventurer Residences at a time.

“Fifth thousand Gold?” The amount Shi Feng demanded startled Aqua Rose. “Are you sure?”

One could afford a relatively good plot of Land in an imperial capital with so much Gold. Charging so much for an Adventurer Residence in a Guild City was absurd. No adventurer team would likely agree to that price.

“That’s right; 50,000 Gold. If they’re not interested, we won’t force the issue,” Shi Feng firmly declared.

“I understand. I’ll notify them of our price.” Knowing Shi Feng had made up his mind, Aqua Rose could only nod and agree. She could only hope that more opportunities to secure outside help appeared in the future.

After disconnecting the call, Shi Feng made his way to Stone Forest City’s City Lord’s Mansion to open the city’s doors to the public.