Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2165 - Tide Changes

Chapter 2165 – Tide Changes

Dark Night Empire, Dark Night City:

Vendors’ cries filled the business district. Practically every item for sale was of exquisite quality. Many of the vendors sold Level 60-plus Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment, Tier 2 Skill Books, and powerful Master Potions. Players who were visiting the city for the first time were mesmerized by all of the precious items for sale.

“Dark Night City is amazing, Big Brother Ape! So many treasures are available for sale! A lot of vendors are even selling a wide variety of super-rare Tier 2 Skill Books! We’ll be lucky to find any of these books in Ghost Rock City!” A Level 55 female Elementalist named Flashy Leaf expressed her surprise and joy as she gazed at the various stalls hawking the tomes for magical classes.

In God’s Domain, magical classes were easier to control than melee classes. The Spells they wielded affected a large portion of their combat power. In comparison, melee classes didn’t depend as much on their Skills.

That is only natural. This is the Dark Night Empire’s imperial capital, and a large number of experts visit the city. Naturally, this city has more resources than our city. With enough Coins and Magic Crystals, you can even buy Level 65 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. There is simply no comparison between Dark Night City and an ordinary NPC city,” Sweeping Ape, a Level 62 male Guardian Knight with a silver shield, replied, chuckling.

You can even buy Level 65 Dark-Gold Weapons here?” Flashy Leaf muttered in shock.

Although many players had already surpassed Level 60, monster’s drop-rates was significantly lower after Level 50 due to God’s Domain’s settings. As a result, weapons and equipment above Level 50 were extremely rare, especially Secret- Silver rank and above. Now, such high-quality equipment was a status symbol for expert and wealthy players.

Most ordinary players would be limited to Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment after Level 50. Take Flashy Leaf, for example. She had only secured a full set of Level 55 Secret-Silver Equipment due to her low level, and it had still cost her a lot of money to collect the whole set.

She couldn’t even imagine using Level 65 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

“Of course. However, you’ll need a strong relationship with a large Guild to get access to those items,” Sweeping Ape replied. Proudly, he continued, “Our Eagle Eye adventurer team is a well-known adventurer team in Dark Night City, and we have a connection to a few first- and second-rate Guilds. Now that you’re a member of our adventurer team, Leaf, you can get your hands on one or two of these items if you save up enough Coins and Magic Crystals. Moreover, you can tell any Guild players you have trouble with in the fields that you’re from Eagle Eye, and even first-rate Guild players will step back out of respect.”

Suddenly, a commotion erupted on the street. Players moved aside, opening a spacious path as mounted players dashed through. Nobody dared to step in this group’s path. They all acted as if they were watching a royal procession.

“These people dare to ride their Mounts here?” Flashy Leaf was astonished as she watched these players dash down the street atop their Mounts.

On the way here, Sweeping Ape had constantly reminded her that players were forbidden from using their Mounts in Dark Night City, and just as he had said, she hadn’t seen a single mounted player within the city walls thus far.

However, such a large group thundered through the business district on their Mounts now…

“They are an exception,” Sweeping Ape said, fear lacing his words as he watched the mounted group continue down the street.

“Why?” Flashy Leaf asked.

“They’re Starlink’s members, this city’s overlord. Not even super-first-rate Guilds like Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul are a match for Starlink,” Sweeping Awe said in awe. “Although, even Starlink’s members normally walk in the city. This is the first time I’ve seen so many people on their Mounts.”

“Starlink? Is the Guild really that powerful?” Flashy Leaf couldn’t help the sliver of jealousy as she stared at the fading backs of Starlink’s members.

Other players new to Dark Night City felt the same as they watched Starlink’s members pass. Some even played with the thought of joining the Guild.

“Starlink is that powerful. The Guild is king in Dark Night City!” Sweeping Ape confirmed.

However, a masked, Level 65 Ranger flashed the Guardian Knight a disdainful look when he saw Sweeping Ape’s glowing excitement.

“King? Maybe it had been in the past,” the Level 65 Ranger said, chuckling. “Those players are in such a hurry because Zero Wing has successfully defended Stone Forest City. Starlink’s status in the Ancient Undead Country has been threatened. I doubt it will be long before Stone Forest City replaces Starlink’s fortress as the most popular spot in the neutral map.”

“Replace Starlink? How is that…possi—” Sweeping Ape instinctively tried to rebuke the masked Ranger and mock the man for his ignorance, but when he saw the black tiger logo on the Ranger’s cape, he snapped his jaws shut. The Evil Tiger adventurer team?

The Dark Night Empire had countless adventurer teams, which rose and fell at a moment’s notice. The Evil Tiger adventurer team, however, had survived in the Dark Night Empire since God’s Domain’s launch. It was also the empire’s publicly acknowledged third-ranked adventurer team. Even first-rate Guilds’ Guild Leaders treated its members with respect. The Evil Tiger adventurer team was leagues above the Eagle Eye adventurer team.

You’ll find out if it’s possible or not soon enough, but I’d advise that you begin to prepare. Major changes are coming to the Dark Night Empire,” the masked Ranger said as he glanced at Sweeping Ape and Flashy Leaf. He turned away from the two and continued on his way.

“Big Brother Ape, is he telling the truth?” Flashy Leaf asked, noticing how Sweeping Ape watched the masked Ranger with awe.

“Evil Tiger is a peak adventurer team. There are rumors that quite a few super-first-rate Guilds have extended olive branches to the team. Many of Evil Tiger’s members are also acquainted with players from super-first-rate Guilds, so its information network is far better than ours. I suspect he was telling the truth,” Sweeping Ape said as he watched the masked Ranger’s departing figure.

“Zero Wing? What kind of Guild is that, Big Brother Ape? If it’s actually capable of making Starlink so afraid, could it be a super-first-rate Guild as well?” Flashy Leaf asked curiously.

She was completely ignorant of the virtual gaming world. She had only joined this world out of curiosity since God’s Domain had become so popular. The moment she had joined God’s Domain, she had realized that there was no going back.

“This…” Uncertainly, Sweeping Ape said, “I recall that Zero Wing is a new Guild, strong enough to rival first-rate Guilds.” “A new Guild? Does that mean we have a chance of joining it?!” Flashy Leaf asked.

“Maybe…” Sweeping Ape turned to Flashy Leaf, speechless.

He had gone to great lengths to recruit Flashy Leaf for the Eagle Eye adventurer team, and now, she was interested in joining Zero Wing!

While Dark Night City’s players discussed the prior commotion and latest news, the various large Guilds’ Residences in the empire had fallen into utter chaos.

Not long ago, they had learned that Zero Wing had defeated the various superpowers’ joint army, slaying more than 10,000 expert players and solidifying its position in Stone Forest City!