Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2164 - Devil

Chapter 2164 – Devil

Every player was overwhelmed with shock and horror after watching Shi Feng toy with 15 Mythic combatants like they were infants.

Although they had known that a Tier 4 player would be more powerful than a Mythic monster, they hadn’t expected Shi Feng to be this strong.

Logically, a Tier 4 player’s combat power should only be slightly greater than a Mythic monster’s. Once they reached the Tier 4 standard, monsters’ combat power rose to a new level. Including monsters’ natural Attribute advantage, Tier 4 players of the same level should have a hard time facing three or four Mythic monsters at the same time.

However, Shi Feng had suppressed 15 Mythic combatants with little-to-no effort. It was simply unbelievable!

Of course, Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised. Activating Demon God’s Phantom cost a Seven Luminaries Crystal. Moreover, its user could only activate the Skill once a day, and it only lasted four short hours. During that time, the Skill would forcibly elevate the target player by two tiers to a maximum of Tier 4 Peak-rank. The Skill also upgraded a player’s Life Rating to Ancien Fiend at maximum.

Because of Shi Feng’s normal tier and Life Rating, Demon God’s Phantom could only elevate him to Tier 4 Upper-rank, which was still far from the Skill’s maximum. Normally, only Tier 3 players could exhibit the Skill’s full potential.

Even so, a Tier 4 Upper-rank player’s combat power was more than enough to take out 15 Mythic combatants.

God’s Domain hadn’t launched that long ago, and players hadn’t yet reached Tier 3, so they had no idea what happened at that Tier and beyond.

Tier 4 players had still been considered peak experts even a decade after God’s Domain’s launch. Ordinary second-rate Guilds hadn’t even had any Tier 4 players in their ranks, and in first-rate Guilds, Tier 4 players had been upper echelons, tasked with safeguarding the Guild’s neutral towns.

Once players reached Tier 4, their combat power would undergo a qualitative transformation with each minor threshold they crossed. It was like the difference between ordinary monsters and Ancient Fiends.

Although these superpowers had summoned quite a few Tier 4 combatants, all 15 of them were at the Lower-rank.

They weren’t even Tier 4 Intermediate-rank. How were they supposed to defeat a Tier 4 Upper-rank player?

Purely comparing combat power, Shi Feng was only slightly weaker than Molfins when the Great Demon had been at his peak. Hence, killing 15 Tier 4 Lower-rank combatants wasn’t an issue for Shi Feng in this state.

Because of the Skill’s limited duration, Shi Feng had no plans to drag out this fight. He immediately and violently attacked one of the summoned Mythic monsters. With the huge difference between their combat power, the Mythic monster was utterly powerless against Shi Feng, and every one of the Swordsman’s attacks obliterated a visible chunk of the monster’s HP.

The Mythic monster’s HP fell by 20% after a few seconds. At this rate, Shi Feng would finish it off in less than a minute.

“Zero Wing’s rise is guaranteed now.” Illusory Words sighed ruefully as she watched the Mythic monster rapidly lose HP from a safe distance.

Fifteen Mythic combatants!

Facing such a force would be a disaster to any superpower, yet they couldn’t even pose a threat to Shi Feng.

Now, it was clear that capturing Stone Forest City was impossible for any superpower.

With the city under its control, Zero Wing would have no issues acquiring resources or funds for its development.

If Crimson Emperor hadn’t been so greedy and negotiated with Zero Wing before Molfins’s death, it might not have secured Stone Forest City’s shares, but it could have secured some discounts and Shops within the city. Unfortunate^ the Guild would have to leave empty-handed.

In contrast, the powers that had formed a close relationship with Zero Wing were truly blessed, especially Unyielding Soul. With Stone Forest City’s help, Unyielding Soul could stand on the same stage as Starlink in the Dark Night Empire in the future.

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat immediately!”

With one of the Mythic monsters so close to death, the superpowers’ upper echelons hastily commanded a retreat. If not even their Mythic combatants stood a chance against that monstrous Swordsman, their players wouldn’t fare any better.

Shi Feng was still occupied with the 15 Mythic combatants. If they waited until these beings died, they would lose their chance to escape.

As soon as the upper echelons issued the command, the army of 50,000 experts spread out and ran for the Undead Forest’s exit.

“They’re finally retreating.” Yuan Tiexin released a sigh of relief as he watched the invading players flee.

Although he understood that these superpowers had lost any hope of capturing Stone Forest City the moment Shi Feng had proven capable of single-handedly suppressing 15 Mythic combatants, he couldn’t help his shock at watching the 50,000 peak experts run for their lives.

“Don’t think you can get away so easily!” Noticing the fleeing players, Shi Feng threw the Mythic combatants around him with a powerful blow before charging at the escaping army.

Mythic combatants might be powerful, but even they would need quite some time to destroy Stone Forest City’s defensive magic arrays. Moreover, these Mythic combatants had been summoned with Consumable items. They were as good as lost. Even if he killed them, the invading superpowers wouldn’t suffer any more than they already had. Furthermore, these Mythic beings wouldn’t drop any items when they died.

But an army of players was a different story. Even within their superpowers, these players were experts among experts. The offending superpowers would suffer dearly if these experts died.

Since the various superpowers had banded together to attack Stone Forest City once already, there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t do it again. Naturally, he needed to teach them a painful lesson to ensure they wouldn’t cause trouble in the future.

“Black Flame! Do you really want to become our enemy?!”

The superpowers’ upper echelons panicked as they watched Shi Feng dash toward them. They began to reveal one card after another, activating suppression and defensive magic arrays to slow Shi Feng down. Some even used Tier 4 Offensive Magic Scrolls against the incoming Swordsman.

“So what if I do?” Shi Feng replied with a sneer, showing no intention of stopping.

Whether it was magic arrays or Tier 4 Offensive Spells, all were useless against Shi Feng. Current players simply couldn’t hope to contend with a Tier 4 Upper-rank existence.

Shi Feng brandished his swords, countering the magic arrays and incoming Spells with a few hits. They then proceeded toward the fleeing mass of players, ruthlessly massacring everyone in his path.

Even at their peak, these expert players were no match for Shi Feng, but suppressed by the Dark Tower, they were utterly powerless.


“How is that a lunatic?! He’s practically the Devil incarnate!”

“He’ll definitely regret this!”

The superpowers’ experts were horrified as they watched Shi Feng slaughter their allies. They couldn’t believe that this player actually dared to attack so many superpowers at the same time.

Not even the Secret Pavilion would be so bold…

On the other hand, Zero Wing’s members in Stone Forest City felt their excitement and joy reach a tipping point. Reverence for their Guild Leader overwhelmed them, and their pride as members of Zero Wing reached new heights.

“All hail the Guild Leader!”

“Our Guild Leader is invincible!”

One man suppressed 15 Mythic combatants!

One man made 50,000 experts flee for their lives!

Who else in God’s Domain could possibly accomplish such a spectacular feat?