Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2163 - Ancient God's Descent

Chapter 2163 – Ancient God’s Descent

Although the Demon God Shi Feng had transformed into was only 10 meters tall, a far cry from the size of Grand Lord and Mythic ranked monsters, everyone gasped when they saw his new form.

The aura Shi Feng radiated was far too powerful. If an ordinary Mythic monster’s aura was seawater, Shi Feng’s was steel.

Most of the experts in the superpowers’ army couldn’t even move when Shi Feng’s aura washed over them. To them, the Swordsman felt like an Ancient God that had just stepped onto the mortal plane. They were afraid and awestruck. None of them even dared to consider resisting this man.

“How is this possible?”

As the various superpowers’ upper echelons took in Shi Feng’s new form, who loomed like the incarnation of an Ancient God, they felt more than just the unprecedented pressure; they also felt their Life Ratings suppressed. Not even Archaic Species ranked monsters radiated such an intense pressure. These upper echelons felt as if the person before them wasn’t a player at all, but a true God.

Tier 4?! Just how many cards has he hidden?! Yuan Tiexin was utterly flabbergasted when he saw Shi Feng’s new form. For a moment, he even wondered if he were dreaming.

Although the Darkness Domain Shi Feng had activated was horrific, it was insignificant compared to this ability.

After all was said and done, might was right in God’s Domain.

Take the Great Demon Molfins, for example. The various superpowers hadn’t even dared to set foot in the Undead Forest due to the Great Demon’s presence, yet even after they had been swallowed by the Darkness Domain, they had remained adamant of taking a cut of Stone Forest City.

However, now that Shi Feng had transformed into a Tier 4 being, he posed an even greater threat to these superpowers than the Great Demon Molfins.

By this stage of the game, expert players had realized how frightening the tier system was. Even at the same level, a one-tier difference resulted in a massive combat power boost, not to mention a two-tier difference The gap between their combat powers now was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Moreover, the more familiar an expert player was with their Tier 2 body, the more acutely they understood the power of tiers. This was no longer a matter of Basic Attributes, but the extraordinary boost to players’ physique. Even if two players had the same Basic Attributes and combat standards, a Tier 2 player could easily defeat a Tier 1 player.

Naturally, the higher the tier, the greater the tier’s physique boost would be.

Right now, Shi Feng was a bona fide Tier 4 player. His physique had reached an unimaginable level. Even if his Basic Attributes were no higher than the rest of these players, he could likely slay a Domain Realm expert as if he were slaughtering helpless sheep. Furthermore, Shi Feng had the Basic Attributes of a Tier 4 player…

To ordinary players, Shi Feng’s transformation might not seem like much. The various superpowers had already slain many Tier 4 Mythic monsters by now. How hard would it be to kill a Tier 4 player?

However, these superpowers’ members knew better; a Mythic monster was cute compared to a Tier 4 player.

Unlike monsters, players could use the full potential of their strength. Some players could even surpass their limits in combat. Players also possessed a large number of Skills, and most importantly, they knew how to fight other players. They wouldn’t give their opponents time to prepare, nullifying attacks as soon as they had the chance.

“Tier 4! How does Zero Wing have such a foundation?” Crimson Gate’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets as he stared at Shi Feng from afar.

A one-tier difference resulted in such a massive combat power gap. Now that Shi Feng had a two-tier advantage, he was basically invincible. He could kill Tier 2 players as easily as stepping on ants.

“You win this time, Black Flame! We’ll retreat!”

The superpowers’ upper echelons realized that they had no hope of capturing Stone Forest City after seeing Shi Feng’s transformation. Retreat was their only option left.

“I gave you a chance to leave, yet you refused. Why would I let you walk away now?” Shi Feng asked as he took a step forward, his massive body instantly appearing 30 yards away. He then dashed for the joint army.

“Don’t push your luck, Black Flame! Although we aren’t a match for you, we are also capable of dispatching Tier 4 Mythic combatants! If we focus on assaulting Stone Forest City, neither of us will benefit!”

“That’s right! Moreover, do you really want our Guilds as your enemies?”

Shi Feng’s bloodlust enraged the various superpowers’ upper echelons.

They were overlords in God’s Domain. Although Shi Feng’s Tier 4 combat power was daunting, it was only a matter of time before they gained their own Tier 4 players. Shi Feng could only retain his arrogance for a short time.

They were already expressing a lot of respect for Zero Wing with their willingness to withdraw.

Yet, Shi Feng had no sense of propriety and wanted to kill them!

“So what if I do?” Shi Feng said, sneering as he increased his speed.

He would’ve feared the various superpowers’ wrath if he hadn’t acquired the Dark Tower for Stone Forest City. It was true that as time passed, these superpowers would find more treasures and grow stronger.

However, with the Dark Tower’s protection, no power could threaten Shi Feng’s city before players reached Level 100, and God’s Domain’s rare resources were limited. The competition for these resources would only become increasingly intense. It was only a matter of time before Zero Wing had to face these superpowers. Since the various superpowers would become his Guild’s enemies sooner or later, he might as well kill some of their members now, weakening his enemies and strengthening his Guild!

“Black Flame! You’re courting death!”

The superpowers’ upper echelons immediate retrieved the fruits of their respective Guild’s labor, revealing one Mythic combatant after another. These Tier 4 Mythic combatants were either summoned creatures or came in the form of tools like the Combat Puppets.

In moments, 15 Mythic combatants had joined the battlefield.

A force of this magnitude would be enough to intimidate any superpower. One could easily capture a Guild Town with just five or six of these Mythic combatants, yet now, these superpowers had worked together to amass a force of 15 of them. Even destroying a superpower’s nurtured Basic City wouldn’t pose much of a problem with such a force.

Of the 15 Mythic combatants, six moved to surround Shi Feng, while the remaining nine charged toward Stone Forest City.

The Zero Wing and Secret Pavilion members in the city paled as they watched these beings run toward them.

Three Mythic monsters had been enough to shake Stone Forest City’s defensive magic array, but now, nine creatures with similar combat power were heading their way…

“Black Flame, you will pay for your foolishness!”

The various superpowers’ upper echelons sneered as they controlled their Mythic monsters to charge at Stone Forest City at full speed.

“Are you so sure about that?” Shi Feng asked, swinging his sword at the nine Mythic combatants before they could split up to attack independently.

Shadow Blade!

Nine shadowy blades collided with the Mythic combatants, effortlessly slicing through them, before the beings flew through the air and slammed into the ground some distance away.

The superpowers’ members gaped in shock.

Those were Mythic combatants they were talking about, and Shi Feng had defeated nine of them so easily. Despite how much they wanted the scene to be an illusion, they had no choice but to acknowledge the truth before them.

After resolving the threat against Stone Forest City, Shi Feng turned and swung his sword at the six remaining Mythic combatants.

Sword’s Transmigration!

This time, two of the six Mythic combatants, which had been thrown, sustained severe injuries, and their combat powers plummeted…

Although the exchange had been brief, everyone understood that the 15 Mythic combatants were no match for Shi Feng. They couldn’t even get past the Swordsman, much less destroy Stone Forest City!

They had sorely underestimated Shi Feng’s combat power!