Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2162 - No Different from Ants

Chapter 2162 – No Different from Ants

Everyone panicked as the abrupt pressure swept through the Undead Forest.

“What’s going on?”

“Why have my Attributes decreased? It’s so hard to move!”

“What did he do?”

After noticing the change, everyone focused on Shi Feng in fear and confusion.

Even a fool would realize that Shi Feng was responsible, but more than 50,000 players had gathered, easily occupying an area of several thousand yards. Not even a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell could encompass such a large area.

However, not only did a faint layer of dark gas collect around them, but it also covered the entire Undead Forest.

Ordinary Domain Skills only reduced players’ Basic Attributes by a small fraction, but this Domain’s suppression was extreme. Their movements were so sluggish that they were even less mobile than they had been at Tier 1…

The various superpowers’ upper echelons watched the man responsible with grim expressions.

If only their Basic Attributes had been suppressed, they may have been able to adapt. However, it was an entirely different story if this Domain suppressed their physiques as well.

Experts were so powerful due to their quick reactions and extraordinary comprehension, which gave them far greater control over their virtual bodies than ordinary players. However, now that their bodies had reverted to their original, mortal state, they had lost their advantages.

In other words, they were only as strong as ordinary players while inside this Domain…

The ability is just as effective as the rumors made it out to be. When Shi Feng sensed the changes to his own body, he could not help his rueful sigh.

As an Advanced Construction, the Dark Tower had two abilities.

One of these abilities was Darkness Domain!

The Darkness Domain did not differentiate between friend and foe, affecting every creature within its range, covering a 100,000-yard radius.

Violent dark energy filled the Domain. Not only would this dark energy affect creatures’ Basic Attributes, but it would also impact their reaction speeds, neural response times, and five senses. While bathed in this dark energy, expert players would lose all of their advantages over ordinary players. It was just as effective as a death sentence.

This was also why players in the past had referred to the Dark Tower as the Tower of Death.

Yuan Tiexin’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets. He was even more astounded than the invading superpowers’ members. He had been following Shi Feng around all this time, so he understood what the man had done perfectly.

What is this construction? How is it so powerful? Yuan Tiexin could not help but turn, his gaze settling on the Dark Tower in the distance.

Although he had recognized that the Dark Tower was extraordinary, he hadn’t realized how truly horrifying it could be!

The Dark Tower could actually level the playing field between expert and ordinary players. Ordinary players might not realize how amazing that was, but to the various superpowers, it was devastating.

A large part of the reason for the superpowers’ great strength was the number of quality of their experts, which far surpassed ordinary players. If one removed experts from the equation, then the various superpowers were simply wealthier and larger than their ordinary counterparts.

The Dark Tower’s ability would even allow an ordinary power to face off against a superpower. Although superpowers had more members than ordinary powers, they had to manage far more territory, and as a result, they could only station a limited number of players to each area under their control. There was also the fact that every location had limited resources; even if a superpower wanted to, they couldn’t afford to send all of their members to a single location. Doing so would negatively affect their development. Because of this, there really wouldn’t be a major difference between superpowers and ordinary powers when it came to numbers.

“Do you still want to continue?” Shi Feng asked, casually sweeping his gaze over the players before him with neither joy nor sadness. It was as if this expert army was little more than grass on the roadside. They weren’t enough to warrant a reaction.

Before the Dark Tower, experts at Tier 3 and below were equal. The tower would even heavily suppress Tier 4 experts, significantly reducing the difference between them and ordinary players. This was why the Dark Tower was only second to Peak Constructions.

The tower would’ve qualified as a Peak Construction if it recognizes friend from foe. Moreover, it would’ve been one of the most powerful defensive structures in the game.

As Shi Feng’s gaze rested on each of them, fear began to overwhelm the superpowers’ members.

The ability to transform 50,000 expert players into ordinary mortals was simply unheard-of.

However, the various upper echelons quickly stepped forward to salvage the situation.

“Do you think we only planned to rely on our expert players, Black Flame?”

“That’s right! You might have suppressed our experts, but we have more than players to besiege Stone Forest City!”

If Starlink could employ three Mythic monsters and a Dark Seed, why wouldn’t superpowers of their caliber be able to do anything less?

Even if their expert players had lost their strength, their Guilds’ could still launch a terrifying assault if they worked together.

However, these threats were empty. In truth, they lost any intention of attacking the city. Even if they used everything in their arsenals to attack Stone Forest Town, they’d pay a high price to capture the city without the ability to rely on their experts. None of them could afford this outcome.

“It seems that it won’t be long before another superpower rises in God’s Domain,” Illusory Words said, smiling bitterly at Shi Feng’s serene expression.

Recognizing that none of these superpowers had any desire to take action, it was clear that capturing Stone Forest City was no longer possible. They were merely trying to salvage what little pride they had left, hoping to gain a little profit off of Zero Wing through intimidation.

Now that Zero Wing would hold Stone Forest City, it was guaranteed to become a superpower very soon.

Crimson Emperor had strived over several decades to become a super-first-rate Guild. Zero Wing, however, was on the cusp of becoming one after just a couple of months, and that success was purely due to Shi Feng…

“To think Stone Forest Town has such an ability. It’s no wonder why he dared to approach us.” Even Crimson Gate looked upon Shi Feng with envy and admiration. He had lost any desire to refute Illusory Words. After all, she only spoke the truth.

The conditions to become a superpower were not as harsh as those required of a super-first-rate Guild. As long as a superpower had enough financial strength and experts, it could rise as a superpower. As for a complete legacy, that wasn’t very important.

Now, as long as Zero Wing offered a portion of Stone Forest City’s benefits, the various superpowers would withdraw, and the Guild would retain the city’s shares. Naturally, the city would generate astounding profits with the benefits it could offer, and based on the strength and potential Zero Wing had displayed, it would attract many powerful corporations interested in investing in a Guild. Zero Wing would easily fulfill the financial requirement to become a superpower.

Of course, it could amass enough experts with money.

However, as Crimson Gate fell silent, Shi Feng took the stage once more.

“Since you still refuse to leave, you can remain here forever!” Shi Feng said as he revealed a Seven Luminaries Crystal, activating the Dark Tower’s second ability.

Demon God’s Phantom!

The Seven Luminaries Crystal immediately turned to dust, and a gigantic magic array formed beneath Shi Feng’s feet. The array released an endless stream of dark energy that enveloped Shi Feng.

After a short moment, a 10-meter-tall giant emerged from the black smoke. It wore pitch-black armor, and two icy- blue flames flickered through the gap in the giant’s helmet. The giant’s horrific aura bathed its surroundings in death and cold.