Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2161 - Suppressing with a Snap

Chapter 2161 – Suppressing with a Snap

Shi Feng was quite excited to have successfully summoned the Dark Tower. He had only ever heard of the tower in the past; he had never actually seen or experienced one.

The Dark Seed was extremely rare in God’s Domain, even rarer than Fragmented Legendary items. Hence, Shi Feng had been quite surprised when Bright Dawn had revealed the item.

To summon a Dark Tower, players first needed to defeat the Demon summoned with a Dark Seed. However, killing that particular Demon was easier said than done.

Players had often relied on NPCs to suppress and defeat these summoned Demons during Shi Feng’s previous life. Killing one without such help was extremely difficult.

Although the NPCs’ participation wouldn’t interfere with the Dark Tower Design’s drop-rate, NPCs wouldn’t allow the construction to exist. They’d confiscate the Dark Tower Design the moment it appeared; players wouldn’t have a chance to get their hands on the item.

Because of this, Shi Feng could count the number of powers that had successfully summoned a Dark Tower on one hand. Moreover, outsiders weren’t allowed within a tower or city that contained a Dark Tower. Only allied or subordinate Guilds would be granted entry.

Shi Feng had merely been a second-rate Guild’s Guild Leader in his past. Even ordinary superpowers had been unreachable, not to mention top-ranked superpowers. They had simply lived in different worlds.

Hence, Shi Feng had never expected to summon a Dark Tower now.

“We don’t have much time left, Guild Leader Black Flame. The allied superpowers’ 50,000-man army will arrive in less than half an hour,” Yuan Tiexin reminded the younger man when he saw Shi Feng’s relaxed expression.

From his point of view, Shi Feng didn’t seem to understand the danger they were in right now.

The Dark Tower might be powerful, but one or two defensive structures wouldn’t be enough to stop the enemy they were about to face.

They’re all here?” Shi Feng’s smile brightened at the news. “In that case, let’s go meet them.”

“Meet them?” Yuan Tiexin was flabbergasted. Hurriedly, he asked, “Isn’t that too dangerous? Even with Stone Forest City’s support, stopping them will be difficult. If we lose our terrain advantage, we’ll be fish on the chopping block. With how much they have to gain, they won’t hold back.”

“Let’s see them try,” Shi Feng said, laughing.

“This…” Shi Feng’s very existence baffled Yuan Tiexin. He couldn’t tell whether the Swordsman was incredibly confident or just foolish.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind going by myself,” Shi Feng suggested once he noticed Yuan Tiexin’s hesitation.

“That won’t do! The Secret Pavilion is one of Stone Forest City’s shareholders. Since you’re going, Guild Leader Black Flame, how can I just stand by and watch? Besides, if the Secret Pavilion makes an appearance, these superpowers might hold back out of fear, maintaining some pretense,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head as he prepared to risk his life alongside Shi Feng.

He didn’t think that meeting the various superpowers was altogether a bad idea. They hadn’t reached Stone Forest City just yet, so they might have an opportunity to ally with a few of these invading superpowers. However, if they waited until the armies arrived and solidified their alliance, the Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing would lose any hope of holding the city.

Following which, Shi Feng and Yuan Tiexin left Stone Forest City and made their way toward the various superpowers’ armies, which had just entered the Undead Forest.

Both of these individuals were well-known in the virtual gaming world at this point. Even if the various superpowers’ members weren’t familiar with Zero Wing, they had heard of Black Flame.

“Why are they here?”

“By the looks of it, they’ve come to negotiate.”

You’re probably right. After all, we have 50,000 top-tier experts on our side. How could a recently promoted Guild City possibly stop us?”

The various superpowers’ forces were surprised to see Shi Feng and Yuan Tiexin approach, discussing the matter amongst themselves.

“What is Black Flame trying to do? He actually wants to negotiate now?” Illusory Words was astonished to see the two famous players emerge from between the trees.

If they wanted to negotiate, they should’ve done so before the various superpowers’ armies had gathered. Now that these superpowers had combined their forces, convincing any of them to switch sides would be practically impossible. After all, they now had the initiative.

“You actually have to ask?” Crimson Gate replied with a sneer. “He must’ve realized how terrifying this army is and realized that he isn’t strong enough to stop us. He’s probably here to try to recruit three or four superpowers. If he succeeds, he might be able to hold onto a fraction of Stone Forest City.”

Every superpower present shared the same thought. They couldn’t think of any other reason that Shi Feng would make such a risky move.

If they killed Shi Feng here, they’d deal a severe mental blow to Zero Wing as a whole. Doing so would also increase their members’ morale, making it easier to capture Stone Forest City.

“Why are you here, Black Flame?”

“If you’re here to negotiate, I’d advise you to turn around. Of course, we’ll let you leave safely if you obediently hand over Stone Forest City. Ultimately, we only want the city, not your pitiful lives.”

“That’s right! Give us Stone Forest City, and we’ll let you leave with your lives!”

The superpowers’ upper echelons mocked Shi Feng and Yuan Tiexin with playful, confident attitudes. Naturally, the idea that they’d let Zero Wing’s members escape if Shi Feng handed the city over was nothing more than a joke. Every player in God’s Domain had already heard of Zero Wing’s provocation. If they did not make an example of the offending Guild, how could they protect their reputations?

“Hand over Stone Forest City?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh. “Aren’t you quite full of yourselves?”

Every player fell silent when they heard Shi Feng’s comment. Even Yuan Tiexin stared at the Swordsman, dumbfounded as he felt his stress peak.

They weren’t here to negotiate an alliance?

What was going on?

He even began to wonder if Shi Feng understood their current predicament.

They stood before an army of 50,000 players, all of which were experts among experts. If they worked together, killing a monster-level expert would be child’s play.

Yuan Tiexin’s scalp tingled just from being the center of these experts’ attention. He didn’t even dare imagine what would happen if they started a fight with these players.

Illusory Words, who stood among the joint army, was just as flabbergasted.

She had seen many courageous people before, but this was the first time she had encountered anyone as bold as Shi Feng. He had just openly provoked 12 superpowers with a simple comment. Only death awaited him now.

“Is this guy stupid?”

“Does he really believe he’s invincible? He’s only defeated Starlink. He better not run once the battle truly begins!”

As the superpowers’ fury grew, Shi Feng snapped his fingers.

In response, Stone Forest Town’s Dark Tower used its dark energy to manifest a vast Darkness Domain that enveloped the Undead Forest. All players within the Domain, both friend and foe, felt an immense weight drag at their bodies, losing more than half of their combat power…