Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2160 - Dark Tower

Chapter 2160: Dark Tower

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What a powerful book. Its aura is strong enough to make my heart skip a beat.Purple Jade was astounded as she stared at the Dark Tower Design that had appeared in the Great Demon Molfins's place.

Normally, God's Domain's items didn't possess an aura, but those that did were extraordinary.

As one of the Secret Pavilion's core members, Purple Jade had seen many items that exuded auras. That being said, she could count the number of items she had encountered that could make her heart skip a beat on one hand.

Moreover, those items were generally tools left behind by some Ancient God. Until today, she had never seen a book with such a powerful aura.

"I'm afraid this will push the various superpowers into making their move," Yuan Tiexin commented with a grim expression after watching Molfins disappear. Unlike Purple Jade, he was in no mood to pay attention to the tome the Great Demon had dropped.

The Great Demon Molfins had been Stone Forest City's protection charm, deterring any power from attacking. None of Zero Wing's enemies were confident of defeating a monster that was practically invincible among Tier 4 beings. It didn't even matter if the various superpowers mobilized every member.

However, without Molfins, the various superpowers would no longer fear attacking the city. Not even three summoned Mythic monsters would give the various superpowers pause.

Now that Molfins was gone, the superpowers' spies within the Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing would rush to their Guilds to report the matter. It wouldn't be long before the superpowers' armies gathered around Stone Forest City, and the Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing hadn't acquired any more allies yet…

If only three to five superpowers were targeting the city, they might be fine. The Secret Pavilion would have a chance of defending the city, although the battle would be a tough one. Unfortunately, more than ten superpowers were marching toward the city, and some of them were almost as powerful as the Pavilion. This was no longer a fight the Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing could win by themselves.

Furthermore, the Secret Pavilion had only transferred an additional 5,000 experts to Stone Forest City within the last two hours.

Stone Forest City was located within the Bottomless Abyss, and due to the Regional Dungeon's harsh environment, ordinary experts would be little more than cannon fodder in a battle here. Only stronger experts would be of any use. However, the Secret Pavilion had assigned these experts various locations throughout God's Domain to maximize their use, and every one of them was busy with their own important tasks. Gathering these experts to one place in such a short time would be impossible.

Although this was also the case for the various superpowers attacking Stone Forest City, when more than ten superpowers banded together, their expert force would be astonishing.

As Yuan Tiexin had guessed, the enemy superpowers received news of Molfins's death less than 30 seconds after the Great Demon had turned to ash.

"Good! Good! Good! Black Flame, let's see if you can back up that arrogance now!" Bright Dawn, who had resurrected in Starlink's fortress, revealed a maniacal grin when he received the news.

Starlink's army had been annihilated in the initial battle for Stone Forest City. As the army's commander, escaping persecution for his failure would be quite difficult. Although Starlink wouldn't kick him out of the Guild due to his individual strength, his days as a Vice Guild Leader were likely numbered.

The fact that he'd now get to watch Zero Wing lose Stone Forest City soothed his frustrated heart.

Based on the latest report, 12 superpowers were marching their armies toward Stone Forest City. The two strongest forces among them were the Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire. The rest were on par with Crimson Emperor. In total, the 12 superpowers had dispatched around 50,000 experts for this battle.

Every one of these 50,000 players was an expert among experts. In a first-rate Guild, they'd all be members of the Guild's trump card legions.

Furthermore, quite a few of them were Refinement Realm experts. Not even Starlink's forces in the Ancient Undead Country would stand a chance against this army, not to mention Stone Forest City.

Meanwhile, the various superpowers' representatives in White River City's business district were stunned when they heard of Molfins's death.

"What's wrong with Zero Wing? It hasn't contacted a single superpower since the Great Demon fell. Has Black Flame lost his mind?" Illusory Words commented incredulously after reading the latest report.

If Zero Wing had allied with another three or four superpowers, the matter would be settled. Although the Guild would lose a significant portion of Stone Forest City's shares, it would still keep a cut of the city's profits. Zero Wing had already proven its strength to the various superpowers, and they wouldn't push too far in their negotiations.

However, Zero Wing still refused to reach out to a single superpower, which had led to the tentative alliance between the slighted Guilds. Now, Zero Wing had no hope of retaining any power within Stone Forest City.

"It seems Black Flame's ego has grown out of proportion after his victory over Starlink," Crimson Gate said indignantly. "He shouldn't blame us for being merciless since he wants to keep the city for himself!"

Crimson Gate had assumed Zero Wing would rush to sign contracts with the various superpowers before losing the Great Demon Molfins. He had planned to leave the Guild hanging for a while before presenting the price for Crimson Emperor's assistance.

Unfortunately, his patience had been in vain.

Since Zero Wing had refused to act, Crimson Emperor was left with no choice but to participate in the struggle for Stone Forest City.

Twelve superpowers were marching toward the city, and after including the Secret Pavilion, Crimson Emperor wouldn't gain a large percentage of the city's shares…

Every superpower upper echelon in White River City shared Crimson Gate's sentiments. They were all furious over Zero Wing's behavior, almost inclined to contact their Guilds' armies and order their forces to head to Stone Forest City at full speed.

In contrast, when Yuan Tiexin received the report on the superpowers' movements, he paled to a sickly white.

Even with Zero Wing's members, there were only a little over 100,000 players in Stone Forest City, but most of Zero Wing's members present were ordinary experts and elite players. Compared to the various superpowers' joint army of 50,000 experts, the difference between the two sides' strength was massive.

Yet, despite their impending doom, Shi Feng leisurely drew a magic array on the ground. He did nothing to recruit NPC soldiers or summon some of Silverwing Town's experts…

"Uncle Yuan, what should we do? The Guild Leader is mobilizing every expert he can and has even abandoned some of the Guild's operations to ensure our experts can get here as quickly as possible. However, even with those experts, I'm afraid that we're still no match for our enemies' combat power…" Purple Jade said, frowning as she informed her superior of the latest report.

The Secret Pavilion had a little over 6,000 experts in Stone Forest City thus far, which was nothing in comparison to the superpowers' joint forces. To make matters worse, the Secret Pavilion's forces weren't as high-quality as their enemies'…

"We have no choice but to fight," Yuan Tiexin said as he shook his head.

At that moment, Shi Feng finally made the final stroke, completing his magic array.

The array activated immediately, and another magic array, as large as Stone Forest City itself, appeared above the city. It glowed with a silver light, and the violent Mana it contained made the experts in the city uneasy.

As this array completed, pitch-black darkness, like a moonless night, swallowed the Undead Forest.

After five seconds, a steadily growing spatial tear appeared above the city. After another three seconds, the tear transformed into a colossal black hole.

The black hole swallowed all light, and no player could see anything within. However, they could feel an intense aura emerge from the phenomenon. As if time and space had frozen, every player in the city stared in shocked silence as a 100-meter, five-story tower dropped into the city's center…

"What is that? How can dark energy be so dense?!" Yuan Tiexin was astonished, unable to tear his eyes away from the tower that now graced Stone Forest City.

Even he struggled to move while under the influence of the tower's aura. He'd be lucky to exhibit 10% of his combat power; in such a state, even an ordinary expert could defeat him.

"Its name is the Dark Tower!" Shi Feng announced with a satisfied smile. "Of course, you can refer to it by its other name.

"The Tower of Death!"