Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2159 - Death's Reward

Chapter 2159 – Death’s Reward

The various superpowers’ representatives in White River City fell silent for a time, their expressions twisting, after receiving news of Shi Feng’s battle.

“Black Flame is truly a monster. He’s not even here, and he’s still capable of influencing the situation in White River City,” Illusory Words said, smiling bitterly as she looked around. She was surprised to learn that one person was so powerful.

“I admit that he is amazing, but the various superpowers are far more afraid of that Great Demon Marquis than they are of Black Flame himself,” Crimson Gate said after recollecting himself. As he watched Shi Feng’s figure in the battle video, he sneered and continued, “But at the end of the day, he’s only using some special tool to control that Great Demon. He can’t control it forever. Once Black Flame loses control of that monster, how does he plan to deal with the various superpowers?”

In God’s Domain, the stronger a monster was, the harder it would be to control. A player’s control of such a being wouldn’t last long, either.

Controlling a Great Demon Marquis for several hours would be heaven-defying.

However, how much could Zero Wing and the Secret Pavilion possibly fortify Stone Forest City in just several hours?

Developing Guild Towns and Cities was a gradual process. Not even a dozen hours would be long enough to alter Stone Forest Town’s defenses significantly. Normally, a Guild City would need several days before it could become fully operational, and the various superpowers’ armies didn’t need that long to surround the city.

Shi Feng might be able to contend with one superpower by himself, but what about the rest of them?

In Crimson Gate’s opinion, all Zero Wing had achieved by defeating Starlink was gaining some more time. This wouldn’t change the end result.

“Indeed. Although Zero Wing appears to have the initiative, that’s only an illusion.” Illusory Words nodded in agreement. “However, I’m sure that the Guild understands that. Zero Wing needs a partner more than anything else right now. If we try to negotiate with Zero Wing now, we should be able to secure a fortune.”

“I’m afraid you are mistaken, Illusory. Zero Wing is too arrogant to negotiate with us right now. It has, after all, just defeated Starlink. However, as time passes and the Great Demon’s duration reaches a close, I’m sure Zero Wing will grow nervous and desperate for partners to reinforce Stone Forest City’s defenses,” Crimson Gate said, chuckling. “We just need to wait for the opportune moment to approach the Guild. Once the Guild is desperate enough, it’ll accept any of our demands.”

Even though Shi Feng’s performance had been impressive, he was still a pest before so many superpowers. He had only bought his Guild a little more time.

Crimson Gate wasn’t the only one to bide his time. The other superpowers’ representatives waited quietly, as well. It seemed as if they were all waiting to watch Zero Wing make a fool of itself.

Meanwhile, Yuan Tiexin, who had just received a report regarding the various superpowers’ actions, could not help but frown.

Sure enough, these superpowers aren’t so easily fooled. None of them are taking action. Gritting his teeth, Yuan Tiexin turned to look at Shi Feng and hurriedly asked, “Guild Leader Black Flame, do you really plan to wait?”

The battle with Starlink had ended more than an hour ago, but none of the various superpowers moving toward Stone Forest City had attempted to make contact with Zero Wing or the Secret Pavilion.

Although Yuan Tiexin was confident of the Secret Pavilion’s strength, he knew that a tiger had no hope of beating a wolf pack. If they did not secure enough help to defend Stone Forest City, they’d likely struggle to get past the next hurdle.

Yet, despite Zero Wing’s growing disadvantage, Zero Wing hadn’t attempted to recruit allies over the last two hours. Yuan Tiexin had no idea what the Swordsman was thinking.

Once the Great Demon Molfins disappeared, they’d be fish on the chopping block.

“Of course not,” Shi Feng answered.

“That is reassuring. The Secret Pavilion has spies in the various superpowers. It shouldn’t be difficult to discover their intentions. When do you plan to make your move, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Yuan Tiexin asked, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief.

He had worried that Shi Feng would hold onto Stone Forest City’s shares, refusing to sell them for any price. If that were the case, both Zero Wing and the Secret Pavilion would face the worst-case scenario.

However, if Shi Feng could rope in two or three more allies, their situation would be easier to handle. At the very least, they’d be able to defend Stone Forest City. The only problem would be assigning shares.

But Shi Feng shifted his gaze to the Great Demon beside him and calmly stated, “We should be able to move once he dies.”

When Shi Feng finished his statement, the atmosphere around them froze. Yuan Tiexin couldn’t help but glare at the man.

This isn’t the time for joking, Black Flame!”

Yuan Tiexin was nearly speechless as he glowered at Shi Feng. The Great Demon Molfins was the only reason the various superpowers were afraid of Zero Wing right now. Once Molfins died, Zero Wing would lose its advantage from defeating Starlink. The Guild might even be in a worse position for wasting the various superpowers’ time.

Yet, this Swordsman had just told him that they were just waiting to watch Molfins die? Had anyone else made such a statement, Yuan Tiexin would likely have flown into a rage and beat them to a pulp.

“I’m not joking,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at the bubbling elder before him.

The Dark Seed was on par with a natural disaster in God’s Domain. It was a powerful enough tool to ruin kingdoms and devastate empires. Any power in the past that had obtained a Dark Seed had reserved the item as a final trump card, ensuring that it would defeat its enemies, even if it had to endure mutual destruction.

However, there was one thing that current players did not know about the Dark Seed. Although the Dark Seed was a disastrous item, it was also a golden opportunity.

Once the Demon summoned with the Dark Seed died, it was guaranteed to drop the Dark Tower Design!

Constructing the Dark Tower was quite simple. In fact, it was more of a summoning than blueprints. Although the Dark Tower was not a Peak Construction, it was as close as possible. Not even the Four Towers of Elements were as powerful.

The moment Shi Feng fell silent, Molfins cried out in anguish as silver fire began to devour its body, leaving nothing but ashes.

Molfins’s death stunned the Zero Wing and Secret Pavilion members watching. They all stared, as horrified as if they had just received the death penalty.

Once Molfins was gone, a golden-rimmed tome appeared on the ground in its place. The dark energy the tome exuded was no weaker than the Dark Seed’s. The closest players felt incredibly uncomfortable as the dark energy touched them. The words ‘Dark Tower Design’ graced the tome’s cover.