Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2157 - Great Demon's Might

Chapter 2157 – Great Demon’s Might

“Impossible!” When Bright Dawn saw Molfins respectfully standing behind Shi Feng like a servant, shock and confusion quickly replaced his crazed expression.

The Great Demon Molfins was a disaster one summoned through the Dark Seed.

In God’s Domain, anything that was considered a ‘disaster’ was capable of devastating an entire country. As a Tier 4 Marquis, Molfins was practically invincible among opponents of the same tier; some Tier 4 NPCs would even be forced to flee from the Great Demon.

Yet, such a terrifying existence accepted a player’s control, just like that…

Bright Dawn wasn’t alone; everyone watching was in utter shock over the Great Demon’s subservience.

In one second, everyone had given in to their hopelessness and despair over the Undead Knight’s final move, but in the next, Shi Feng had shown them how laughable that move truly was.

“What did he do?” As Wind Demon stared at Molfins, obediently standing behind Shi Feng, he felt his entire world flip upside-down.

Not even Bright Dawn, the Dark Seed’s user, cloud control Molfins once the Great Demon had been summoned, yet Shi Feng accomplished the feat so easily. No matter how Wind Demon looked at this situation, it definitely felt like a dream.

However, Molfins proved to the crowd that this was no dream. It was, in fact, a despair-inducing nightmare!

Under Shi Feng’s command, Molfins charged at the three Flaming War Elephants.

The several hundred yards between the Demonic Marquis and its prey were practically nonexistent to Molfins, and he appeared before one of the Mythic monsters in the blink of an eye.


The Flaming War Elephant responded to the Great Demon with an enraged roar, instinctively raising a front foot to flatten the creature.

Although the Flaming War Elephant was heavily injured, its Basic Attributes were far higher than ordinary Mythic monsters as a Tier 4 summoned creature. Hence, even though its injuries limited its combat power, its stomp carried Tier 4 Strength.

The four-meter-tall Molfins looked like an ant in comparison to the War Elephant’s gigantic foot, but despite the size difference, Molfins continued to hover in place, simply raising a hand to greet the descending foot.


The explosion echoed throughout the Undead Forest, its resulting shockwave throwing the surrounding Tier 2 players off their feet.

None of these players would forget what followed for the rest of their lives. Molfins had actually stopped the Flaming War Elephant’s mountain-sized foot. What was even more unbelievable was the fact that the Great Demon had accomplished the feat by using a single finger.

No matter how much the Flaming War Elephant pushed, it was no stronger than a powerless infant.

With a light push, Molfins forced the Mythic monster to stumble several steps backward.

The difference between their Strengths was obvious. Molfins and the Flaming War Elephant were on entirely different levels.

“Crap! How powerful is that Demon!?” Yuan Tiexin could not help but curse as he watched the scene play out.

As an organization that mainly focused on information gathering, the Secret Pavilion had gathered far more data on God’s Domain than any other power. Naturally, the Pavilion hadn’t failed to study Demonic Creatures.

According to the Secret Pavilion’s research, Demons weren’t so powerful simply due to their extraordinary Basic Attributes, but because of the many Skills and Spells in their possession and their particularly high combat standards.

Although Yuan Tiexin knew that a Marquis ranked Great Demon was extremely powerful, he hadn’t thought that Molfins would be this powerful!

That one exchange had made it clear that Molfin’s Strength was leaps and bounds above the Flaming War Elephants’. Even without Skills, Spells, or combat techniques, the Great Demon could easily slay the Tier 4 summoned creature.

However, Yuan Tiexin didn’t know that Shi Feng controlled the Demonic Marquis with the Bible of Darkness. Due to Demon Ruler’s effects, Molfins’s current Basic Attributes were far higher than when he had initially been summoned. Originally, Molfins, at most, was slightly stronger than the Flaming War Elephants. The difference between the monsters only grew to such extremes after including the Demon Ruler’s effects.

However, Molfins had also lost his free will and intellect as a result, which significantly reduced his combat standards. Overall, Molfins’s current combat power was slightly weaker than when the Great Demon had his free will. Of course, that was only true when Molfins against players. Against monsters, Molfins’ current strength was more than enough.

While the watching players were stunned by the Great Demon’s overwhelming performance, Bright Dawn fell to his despair.

The Dark Seed had been Starlink’s final trump card, reserved to defend its fortress in the Ancient Undead Country.

But not only had that trump card failed Bright Dawn, but Shi Feng had also claimed its power for himself. How was he supposed to continue this fight?

Although Bright Dawn still had three Flaming War Elephants on his side, they were utterly meaningless before Molfins. With a simple attack, Molfins had inflicted over -5,000,000 damage to the Flaming War Elephant. The Great Demon could likely finish off the summoned creature’s 450,000,000 HP in less than two minutes. In total, Molfins could end all three War Elephants in less than six minutes.

In its current state, Starlink’s army had no hope of destroying Stone Forest City’s defensive magic array in such little time.

The moment the three Flaming War Elephants died, Starlink’s army would be powerless against the city’s magic barrier, becoming living targets for the city’s players.


The word echoed in Bright Dawn’s mind.

The Undead Knight immediately gave the command before he turned and fled. He had no desire to stay and continue this battle.

However, Shi Feng’s reaction was faster than Bright Dawn had expected. The Swordsman appeared in the Undead Knight’s path the moment Bright Dawn turned away from the fight. As Shi Feng slowly walked up to Bright Dawn, he smiled and asked, “Now you want to leave?”

“Just you wait, Black Flame! You may have stopped Starlink’s assault, but you won’t stop the various superpowers once they arrive! Even if you can control that Demon, its time is limited here. Once the summoning’s duration ends, you’ll have to stand by and watch as your city is destroyed,” Bright Dawn snarled with a mad glint in his eyes.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” Shi Feng said as he executed Sword’s Transmigration.

With his Twofold Berserk still active, Bright Dawn was no match for Shi Feng’s speed and Strength. Before Starlink’s commander could respond, his body split in two, and he lost the last remnants of his HP.

The moment Bright Dawn died, Starlink’s army lost its commander. Stone Forest Town’s defenders then had the advantage. The Great Demon Molfins slew all three Flaming War Elephants in less than five minutes and proceeded to hunt down Starlink’s fleeing members, slaughtering them like a flock of helpless sheep.

The watching players only snapped out of their daze after the battle had ended. Sheng Wuji, in particular, was shocked beyond words as he watched from a distance.

Starlink had dispatched several thousand experts and three Mythic monsters to capture Stone Forest City. Even a superpower would have to take such a force seriously. However, this army had been obliterated, and it hadn’t even broken Stone Forest City’s defensive magic array before its defeat…

Meanwhile, news of the battle’s unexpected results spread to the various superpowers like wildfire. For a time, the outcome shook God’s Domain to its core.