Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2156 - Silence

Chapter 2156 – Silence

Bright Dawn and Wind Demon, who had stood a little behind Sword Demon and Heart Demon, almost instinctively slid to a halt and jumped back the moment they saw their two allies fall, not daring to step any closer to Shi Feng. After increasing the distance between them and this terrifying Swordsman, they stared at Shi Feng, who currently radiated the aura of a ferocious, wild beast.

Could he actually be an old monster in disguise? Wind Demon stared at the man in question in shock.

Sword Demon and Heart Demon had undoubted wielded Basic Attributes at the Tier 4 standard, yet even after combining their Attributes and combat standards, they hadn’t even survived one of Shi Feng’s attacks.

Wind Demon could no longer fathom Shi Feng’s Strength.

However, what truly shocked Wind Demon was the Swordsman’s temperament. Shi Feng behaved nothing like a man of his age. Previously, if he and Bright Dawn hadn’t stood behind their comrades, they wouldn’t have had the time to react to Shi Feng’s transformed aura and activate their Lifesaving Skills. Shi Feng would’ve killed them all with that last attack.

Shi Feng had directed Sword Demon and Heart Demon right where he wanted them, in the midst of activating a Skill when Shi Feng had attacked.

When players activated a Skill in God’s Domain, they had to wait for a brief moment before they could activate another. The stronger the Skill was, the longer they’d have to wait.

Shi Feng had clearly taken into account this interval and waited for the perfect moment to strike. He fought like an Assassin, waiting for the perfect moment to land a fatal blow before revealing himself.

Although Sword Demon and Heart Demon had sensed the change to Shi Feng’s aura, they had been in the midst of activating a Skill and unable to react to their enemy’s perfect timing.




Shi Feng was flawless in all three aspects. Normally, younger fighters, like Shi Feng, were eager to reveal all of their strength, wanting the world’s admiration. However, that was not the case with Shi Feng. Like a veteran fighter with decades of experience, Shi Feng didn’t reveal his cards until the very last moment. Moreover, he played every card perfectly.

Wind Demon wasn’t the only one with such thoughts. Even Yuan Tiexin, who watched from afar, was astonished.

Since Yuan Tiexin had met Shi Feng, the Swordsman had revealed one trump card after another. Even with the experience he had accumulated over his many years, Yuan Tiexin couldn’t predict Shi Feng’s limits. On the contrary, the more he watched the young man, the cloudier Shi Feng became. He wasn’t anything like youngsters, such as Purple Jade, who fought with all of their cards on the table.

Meanwhile, now that Sword Demon and Heart Demon, the strongest melee and ranged fighter among the three Shadow Demons present, were dead, Wind Demon and Bright Dawn had no way of keeping Shi Feng in check. If they continued this battle, it would only be a matter of time before they, too, met their demise.

Once Wind Demon and Bright Dawn died, Starlink would lose the last experts that could command its forces in the Undead Forest. The Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing would then have control of the battlefield.

“Black Flame! I admit that you’re good! I truly didn’t expect you to be so strong,” Bright Dawn said, sneering at Shi Feng, who prepared to launch another attack. “However, you still can’t save Stone Forest City from destruction today!”

“Dawn, you couldn’t possibly be thinking…” When Wind Demon heard Bright Dawn’s threat, a look of horror overtook his features.

Before setting off on this expedition, they had prepared for Stone Forest City’s capture and destruction. Only, destroying the city was supposed to be a last resort. Not only would they lose Stone Forest City, but they’d also have to pay a high price to destroy the city. They were supposed to avoid this option unless they had no other choice.

The moment they resorted to this method, no one would leave the Undead Forest alive.

Before Wind Demon could do anything to stop Bright Dawn, the Undead Knight pulled a pitch-black seed from his bag. Although the seed was only the size of his thumb, it released a bloodcurdling aura that was even stronger than that of the Mythic ranked Flaming War Elephants.

Even ordinary Tier 2 players would fall to their knees from the pressure, unable to move, if they stood within 10 yards of this black seed. Moreover, the seed released a dense cloud of dark energy. Even the Bottomless Abyss’s dark energy paled in comparison.

Yuan Tiexin and the other peak experts had a bad feeling the moment Bright Dawn revealed this black seed.

At their standards, they could push their five senses to their very limits, and their sixth sense was just as sharp. This was why experts like them could avoid dangerous situations when exploring God’s Domain. Meanwhile, their instincts screamed a warning when they saw the black seed, insisting that they flee.

As Yuan Tiexin and his comrades thought of stopping the Undead Knight, who was clearly mad, Bright Dawn threw the seed to the ground.

As soon as the black seed hit the soil, it began to devour dark energy from its surroundings, quickly growing into a towering tree that bore a single, gigantic, black fruit.

As the fruit fell to the ground, it cracked open and released an aura of death and destruction. Even the three Flaming War Elephants, which had been attacking Stone Forest City’s magic barrier, froze in fear. Players over a thousand yards away felt their bodies become heavy as the intense pressure washed over them.

Even space seemed to freeze.

A goat-headed Demon with a snake tail then emerged from the split fruit. It bore three horns that were enveloped in emerald fire and wore a full set of pitch-black armor.

To be precise, this armored creature wasn’t just any Demon, but a Great Demon, far more powerful than its ordinary counterparts!

[Molfins (Marquis)] (Demonic Creature, Great Demon)

Level 87

HP 640,000,000/640,000,000

“Black Flame! Aren’t you such a skilled fighter?! Now, you can have your fill of combat!” Bright Dawn laughed maniacally as he watched the Great Demon spawn from the Dark Seed.

The Dark Seed was the final trump card Starlink had prepared to protect its fortress in the Ancient Undead Country, but rather than ‘protect’ it, this demon would ensure mutual destruction.

This Dark Seed would summon a Great Demon, but not just an ordinary Great Demon. It summoned a Great Demon noble, which was even more terrifying.

However, players couldn’t control this Great Demon. Once it had been summoned, this Great Demon would slaughter every player in sight. It would also call forth a Demon Gate, calling forth a Demonic army to the continent of God’s Domain.

Hence, the Dark Seed was akin to a Seed of Destruction.

Bright Dawn hadn’t originally planned to use the Dark Seed, but Shi Feng had foiled his plans yet again, and he had suffered a painful defeat in Starlink’s name. After such a tremendous loss, he couldn’t care less about what would happen if he used the Dark Seed. No matter what, Bright Dawn wanted Shi Feng to watch the city he had built meet its destruction and throw Zero Wing into hell.

When Yuan Tiexin saw the Great Demon Molfins, his expression became indescribably grim.

Unlike ordinary monsters, Demonic Creatures were segregated by their Bloodlines. Demons’ ranks depended on the purity of their Bloodlines, and the purer a Demon’s Bloodline was, the higher its noble rank would be. Similarly, purer Bloodlines meant stronger Demons.

Based on the information the Secret Pavilion had gathered, a Viscount Demon could rival an Archaic Species of the same level. However, Molfins was a Marquis, two ranks higher than a Viscount. Yuan Tiexin had no idea how powerful this Great Demon truly was.

“A Dark Seed?” Shi Feng could not help but shake his head at Bright Dawn, who had clearly gone mad. “Vice Guild Leader Bright Dawn, I told you that you shouldn’t have come here. Since you refuse to listen to my advice, you’ll stay here indefinitely!”

Shi Feng then pulled out the Bible of Darkness and activated Divine Providence before shifting his gaze toward Molfins, who hovered in the air. He then began to chant an incantation.

Demon Ruler!

Suddenly, pitch-black chains appeared out of thin air and bound the Great Demon. Panicking, Molfins struggled against the chains, but Shi Feng wielded the official copy of the Bible of Darkness. Not even a Great Demon could resist its power.

After struggling for a moment, Molfins’s eyes dulled as he lost his will. The Great Demon Marquis then flapped his leathery wings twice and descended toward Shi Feng, positioning himself behind the Swordsman out of respect.

When they saw this, everyone on the battlefield fell silent.