Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2154 - You Really Shouldn't Have Come Here

Chapter 2154 – You Really Shouldn’t Have Come Here

The three Flaming War Elephants loomed like mountains outside of Stone Forest City. Even the Undead Forest’s monsters trembled at the sight. Both players and monsters could feel the War Elephant’s auras from several hundred yards away, recognizing that these creatures were even stronger than ordinary Mythic monsters.

“How did they get here so quickly?” Yuan Tiexin watched Starlink’s army from Stone Forest City’s walls in confusion.

Although Starlink had mobilized a massive army, it should’ve needed several more hours to reach Stone Forest Town, according to the Secret Pavilion’s information network.

While several hours might not be enough time for the Secret Pavilion to set up an impenetrable defense, it should’ve been enough time to get Stone Forest City’s defensive measures online. It also would’ve given the city time to recruit plenty of NPC soldiers.

With those defensive measures in place, capturing Stone Forest City would’ve been considerably difficult. The city could’ve dragged the fight with Starlink out while it waited for more reinforcements.

Unfortunately, not only had Starlink’s forces arrived a lot sooner than expected, but the Guild had also brought three Mythic monsters with it…

All three Flaming War Elephants were covered in glowing divine runes. They had obviously been enhanced by some kind of power, and it was clear they weren’t ordinary summoned creatures.

However, the Flaming War Elephants weren’t the only problem right now.

Hundreds of magical class experts escorted the summoned monsters. These experts had gathered and pooled their Mana into several dozen, dazzling Energy Stones.

As these magical class experts filled the Energy Stones with their Mana, magic arrays began to manifest around the stones, devouring the ambient Mana from up to 1,000 yards away…

To an ordinary Guild expert, it would only seem as if Starlink were preparing to cast a powerful Spell, perhaps a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell.

However, Yuan Tiexin was no ordinary expert, and he knew that wasn’t a run-of-the-mill Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell. Rather, it was the Tier 4 Curse ranked Ancient Spell, Elemental Destruction.

As far as he knew, Starlink regarded the Spell like a family heirloom!

The Guild could use the Energy Stones to collect its players’ Mana, feeding the Ancient Spell. The Energy Stones could be used indefinitely. When cast, Elemental Destruction’s power would depend on the number of Energy Stones used. The Ancient Spell required a minimum of 12 Energy Stones, and every additional 12 stones would qualitatively transform the Spell.

With 12 Energy Stones, Elemental Destruction would have the power of an ordinary Tier 4 Spell. If the casters used 24 Energy Stones, the Spell would display the power of a Tier 4 Curse. Of course, the stronger the Ancient Spell became, the more it would require of its casters, and the Cooldown would become longer.

The last time Starlink had used the Energy Stones, it had destroyed a heavily fortified town under the dark forces’ control. The Guild had only used 17 Energy Stones in that attack.

Now, however, Starlink’s magical class experts concentrated their Mana into 29 Energy Stones. When they released the Spell, Elemental Destruction would undoubtedly have the power of a Tier 4 Curse. The Ancient Spell’s destructive power would only be slightly weaker than a Tier 5 Spell, more than enough to destroy a Basic City’s defensive magic array, which could only block ordinary Tier 4 attacks.

At this stage of the game, a city’s most impressive defensive measure was its magic barrier, which players were still helpless against. Not even a full-day’s assault from an army of 100,000 players could shatter a city’s defensive magic array. They wouldn’t even put a dent in its energy reserves.

However, if the defensive magic array shattered, the city’s remaining defenses would only be slightly stronger than a town’s …

Starlink’s army had also used an Epic ranked Defensive Orb to protect its members. Although an Epic Defense Orb’s magic barrier was no match for a city’s defensive magic array, it could withstand a few Tier 4 attacks. Unless Stone Forest City’s defending forces could deplete the Defense Orb’s Mana, they wouldn’t be able to harm Starlink’s players.

Meanwhile, as the Homed Dragon Team departed from the Undead Forest, it noticed the colossal magic array that hovered near the cavern’s ceiling. Despite standing several thousand yards away, the team’s members could feel its domineering aura.

“Amazing! So, this is Starlink’s rumored Elemental Destruction Spell?” Sheng Wuji watched the Mana fluctuations above grow stronger in shock. “They must have originally prepared this to capture another Undead Fortress. It seems Starlink is really desperate to deal with Stone Forest City.”

Sky Dragon House had some understanding of the Elemental Destruction Spell since it had obtained a few Energy Stones of its own. However, as the Guild hadn’t yet reached the minimum requirement to use the Ancient Spell.

Although the Energy Stones could be used indefinitely, the stones’ Cooldown would be relative to the strength of the Spell they powered. If one used 12 Energy Stones to cast Elemental Destruction, the stone’s Cooldown would be 10 days long. By Sheng Wuji’s reasoning, using 29 Energy Stones to cast Elemental Destruction would result in a 20-day Cooldown at the very least.

As God’s Domain rapidly developed, a 20-day time span was incredibly precious. If Starlink had used its Energy Stones to capture another fortress in the Ancient Undead Country, rather than using them against Stone Forest City, it could’ve earned astronomical profits from the fortress during that 20-day wait.

But since the superpower was in a hurry, Starlink had chosen to use the 29 Energy Stones to destroy Stone Forest City’s defensive magic array.

In reality, the Guild could have relied on the three Mythic ranked Flaming War Elephants to shatter Stone Forest City’s magic barrier in a short time. The only reason Starlink would use Elemental Destruction here, despite the exorbitant cost, was that it must want to end the battle as quickly as possible.

“I suppose you didn’t expect that we’d meet again so soon, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Bright Dawn said, looking down on Shi Feng, who stood on Stone Forest City’s wall, with a smug grin from atop a Flaming War Elephant. “You gave me two choices earlier. Now, I’ll do the same for you! Either get lost or die! Choose!”

During their earlier encounter, he had been afraid of Shi Feng, but now, the tides had turned.

With three Level 85 Mythic monsters and a Tier 4 Curse ranked Elemental Destruction at his command, he could even defeat a group of monster-level experts, much less Shi Feng.

“Boss, why are you wasting your words on him? Let’s just force him to hand over his treasures and an extra piece of Epic Equipment! Otherwise, he’ll have no hope of leaving this place alive!”

“That’s right! How can we let him off the hook so easily after such a long trip?”

Bright Dawn’s confidants expressed their opinions on the matter. They all wanted to tear Shi Feng to shreds to satisfy their resentment for the Swordsman.

Of course, the conditions they’d stated were a bluff. They were merely toying with Shi Feng. Even if he handed over his treasure and Epic Equipment, they couldn’t afford to let him escape with his life. Their Guild Leader, Lu Xingluo, had personally ordered this man’s death!

Yuan Tiexin and the others were livid when they heard the clamor Starlink’s experts were making. Although they wanted to teach these fools a lesson, facing off against three Mythic monsters and several thousand experts with so few on their side wouldn’t be wise. They could only buy as much time as possible or be forced to watch as Starlink destroyed Stone Forest City.

You barely survived our last meeting. You really shouldn’t have come,” Shi Feng calmly replied, giving Bright Dawn a condescending look.

“Black Flame!” Bright Dawn bellowed, his eyes glowing with a chilling light. Immediately, he commanded, “Ready Elemental Destruction and destroy Stone Forest City! I want him to—__

Before Bright Dawn could finish his statement, however, Shi Feng revealed the Tier 4 Magic Scroll he had obtained from the Lord of Fire, empowering it with an Elemental Source. He activated the scroll without hesitation.

Suddenly, a humongous magic array appeared above Starlink’s force, gathering Mana far faster than Starlink’s Elemental Destruction. The Mana fluctuations even destabilized space around it.

Before anyone could react, a streak of blue-purple lightning descended.


The lightning bolt easily pierced through the magic barrier protecting Starlink’s army and struck the players below. Every player within the lightning bolt’s range vaporized instantly. The attack also tore space as it passed.

After the lightning bolt dissipated, silence dominated the battlefield. The three Flaming War Elephants, who had been in range of the attack, were heavily injured, and despite standing apart from each other, the lightning bolt had eliminated more than 90% of Starlink’s army.

For a moment, time seemed to freeze in the Undead Forest. Both the Homed Dragon Team members, who watched from a safe distance, and the players within Stone Forest City, were dazed.