Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2152 - Inhuman Combat Power

Chapter 2152 – Inhuman Combat Power

The entire area sank into utter silence at Zhan Baiya’s death.

The nearby Heavenly Demon Team members fell into a daze on the spot. Even the rear line healers, who had been casting Healing Spells continuously, froze as they stared at Zhan Baiya’s corpse.

As for Sheng Wuji, Purple Jade, and the other onlookers, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when they saw this scene.

“Crap! Is he really a player?” At this moment, even Sheng Wuji could not help but curse out loud. He simply could not wrap his head around this outcome.

Zhan Baiya was the commander of the Heavenly Demon Team and was nicknamed Ghost Mage. Spells would gain life in his hands. The way he connected and coordinated his Spells was something even Domain Realm experts found difficult. Not to mention, he had also consumed the Divine Protection Potion for this battle.

Yet, Shi Feng had still managed to kill Zhan Baiya in one hit. Moreover, he had struck so quickly that the latter didn’t even have time to use any of his Lifesaving Skills.

“What did he do?” Purple Jade googled reflexively in utter disbelief as she looked at Shi Feng, who was standing proudly on the battlefield.

From start to end, the only thing she was certain of was that Shi Feng had suddenly appeared before Zhan Baiya’s group, followed by a dazzling flash crossing the distance between the two sides. Afterward, Zhan Baiya’s group of five collapsed to the ground. Everything else that happened in between had escaped her five senses.

It should be known that she had already reached the Void Realm. She could exert her five senses to their very limits and clearly perceive her surroundings. Even if an action was too fast for the naked eye, said action couldn’t escape all of her senses. Even the old monsters of the Secret Pavilion couldn’t accomplish such a feat.

Nevertheless, she had actually failed to perceive Shi Feng’s actions.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, after Shi Feng killed Zhan Baiya’s group of five, he calmly shifted his gaze to the rest of the Heavenly Demon Team and asked, “Do you still want to continue?”

Although Shi Feng did not speak very loudly, his voice carried, loud and clear, on the silent battlefield.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, the Heavenly Demon Team members suddenly felt as if they had just received a death sentence, and all fell into despair. Even the two remaining peak experts of the team, who were originally preparing to take action, involuntarily lowered their heads. They avoided eye contact with Shi Feng, lest he misunderstand and take it for a challenge.

After all, if even a Domain Realm expert like Zhan Baiya was killed so effortlessly, what could the rest of them possibly do against Shi Feng?

Choosing to continue the fight now would only result in additional losses for the Heavenly Demon Team.

Immediately, the magic barrier enveloping Shi Feng crumbled and disintegrated into countless particles of light.

This scene stunned Yuan Tiexin, who had just arrived at the site of the battle, his mind unable to figure out what was going on.

Previously, after Yuan Tiexin had explained the situation to Shi Feng, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader had rushed toward the location of Sky Dragon House’s and Pride Empire’s teams without hesitation. As Shi Feng’s speed was absurdly fast, Yuan Tiexin soon got left behind.

While running toward the battlefield, Yuan Tiexin saw the magic barrier appear and immediately knew that the situation had gone south. Shi Feng must’ve butted heads with the members of the two Super Guilds. Otherwise, a high- level magic barrier wouldn’t have been used in such a place.

However, only a few seconds after the magic barrier went up, it actually started disintegrating.

Even Yuan Tiexin, with his bountiful experience, could not figure out what had just happened.

However, when Yuan Tiexin saw Zhan Baiya’s corpse lying on the ground and the looks of despair on the Heavenly Demon Team members’ faces, he became thoroughly stupefied.

Who was Zhan Baiya? What was the Heavenly Demon Team?

These were things that he, as an Elder of the Secret Pavilion, knew very clearly.

Every member of the Heavenly Demon Team was an expert among experts. They had fought in countless battles and also attained innumerable achievements for Pride Empire. They were all incomparably arrogant people and would be more than willing to fight to the death when faced with a powerful foe. They definitely would not shrink back even the slightest bit.

Now, however, no matter how Yuan Tiexin looked at the Heavenly Demon Team’s members, he could not find any trace of fighting spirit on their faces, their eyes brimming with only fear as they looked at Shi Feng.

“Elder Yuan, the Secret Pavilion is truly amazing. To think you would have such a trump card hidden. You have my sincere admiration,” Sheng Wuji said as he approached Yuan Tiexin. With some reluctance, he continued, “The Horned Dragon Team will be giving up on the struggle for Stone Forest Town this time. However, understand that it is only the Horned Dragon Team that is giving up. That doesn’t mean that Sky Dragon House is giving up as well.”

When Yuan Tiexin heard Sheng Wuji’s words, his expression remained impassive. Inwardly, however, his heart was pounding madly.

At this moment, he could not help but wish he could shout out loud and ask what Shi Feng had done.

Why would the almighty Homed Dragon Team choose to yield without even putting up a fight?

Before Yuan Tiexin could sort out his emotions, Sheng Wuji had already led his team away from the Undead Forest. Sheng Wuji did not dare to stay here for even a moment longer and risk his team’s annihilation.

Only after confirming that the Horned Dragon Team and Heavenly Demon Team had left the battlefield did Yuan Tiexin ask Purple Jade about what had happened. Without missing a detail, Purple Jade told Yuan Tiexin everything she saw.

“So, that’s the case. If it were up to me, I would most likely have made the same decision as Sheng Wuji.” Yuan Tiexin revealed a bitter smile as he looked at the direction Sheng Wuji and the others had taken.

The word “shocking” was no longer enough to describe the fact that Shi Feng had instantly killed Zhan Baiya, who had consumed the Divine Protection Potion.

Although the Heavenly Demon Team’s and Horned Dragon Team’s members were prideful, they were not idiots.

If there were even a strand of hope, they would’ve definitely chosen to fight to the bitter end.

However, against absolute power, the numbers they had here were utterly meaningless. Rather than pointlessly getting themselves killed, it was much better if they gave up quickly and conserved their strength.

Thinking up to this point, Yuan Tiexin could not help but turn an incredulous gaze toward Shi Feng. He simply could not bring himself to believe that Shi Feng actually possessed this kind of strength. Shi Feng was far stronger than he was during the Auction Arena. His growth was ridiculous.

However, what Yuan Tiexin did not know was that, in reality, Shi Feng wasn’t in a good state at all. Although his current Basic Attributes were indeed superior to when he had participated in the Auction Arena, the overall improvement in his combat power was extremely limited.

The only reason why he was able to exhibit such great power just now was his combining a Taboo Skill with a combat technique.

As for Deep Sea Meditation, although the Secret Law allowed players to tap their latent potential, it took a massive toll on the user’s Stamina and Concentration. Using the Secret Law in a place like the Bottomless Abyss only served to amplify its flaws.

Similarly, combining Sword’s Transmigration and Instant Strike also placed an enormous demand on his Stamina and Concentration. When he used all of these things together, his Stamina and Concentration had drained away like there was no tomorrow. He had expended more than half of his total Stamina and Concentration to kill Zhan Baiya’s group of five; he wouldn’t have been able to use the move a second time. Had the Heavenly Demon Team and Horned Dragon Team chosen to continue fighting, he would have had no choice but to run away.

Meanwhile, on the Horned Dragon Team’s side…

The members of the team currently wore ashen expressions on their faces, their hearts filled with frustration.

“Commander, are we really leaving just like that? The Guild Leader instructed us to secure Stone Forest Town no matter the cost, and even if it isn’t possible for us to secure it, we definitely can’t let other powers have it,” a Level 67 Ranger asked worriedly as he looked at Sheng Wuji.

Their Guild Leader’s orders were absolute. If they returned completely unharmed now, they would definitely incur their Guild Leader’s ire.

“What are you worried about? The struggle for Stone Forest Town has just begun. Even if we secured the town now, we’d still have to face the full-bore assault of numerous superpowers,” Sheng Wuji replied, chuckling. “Against that kind of attack, even if our Sky Dragon House worked with Pride Empire, we might not necessarily be able to defend the town successfully. Do you think Black Flame and the Secret Pavilion can accomplish this on their own?

The struggle for Stone Forest Town can be considered to have truly begun only when the experts of the various superpowers are all assembled. Our teams are here merely on reconnaissance.

“If the Secret Pavilion and Black Flame had worked with us, it would’ve definitely been possible to defend Stone Forest Town. Unfortunately, they chose to go down a dead end!”

Now that Stone Forest Town had been promoted to a Basic City, the number of superpowers vying for it had grown to a point where even the Sky Dragon House found capturing it worrisome. This was also why Sky Dragon House had decided to partner with Pride Empire. Shi Feng was simply immature if he thought he could defend Stone Forest Town with only the Secret Pavilion’s help.

Meanwhile, shortly after Sheng Wuji’s team left the Undead Forest, the opaque magic barrier around Stone Forest Town finally disappeared. A new city then appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Stone Forest Town was now officially Stone Forest City!