Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2151 - Slaying the Heavenly Demon Team

Chapter 2151 – Slaying the Heavenly Demon Team

The instant the two peak experts went flying, everyone in the Heavenly Demon Team was stunned. The six Flowing Water experts supporting the two peak experts even forgot to attack Shi Feng. They simply stared at the man before them in utter disbelief.

If the two players Shi Feng had just sent flying were any other peak expert, the six would, at most, be a little surprised. However, they knew exactly how powerful those two peak experts were.

The two peak experts’ combat standards aside, their weapons and equipment alone were already considered the best among the best in the current God’s Domain. Not only were both peak experts fully geared in Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment, but both of them also wielded Epic Weapons.

Moreover, both peak experts were Berserkers. In a competition of Strength, they could clash directly even with their Guild’s Domain Realm experts, who boasted three or four Epic Weapons and Equipment.

Despite all that, Shi Feng not only sent both of these peak experts flying but even caused their arms to stiffen up.

How is his Strength so high? Zhan Baiya was also stunned as he stared at Shi Feng.

The two peak experts that went flying could exhibit Strength rivaling Great Lords of the same level. They could even hold their own against Strength-based Great Lords in a frontal confrontation.

However, Shi Feng effortlessly nullified the combination attack of the two peak experts—and sent both of them flying. Only Grand Lords of the same level could accomplish such a feat.

A monster-level expert with the Strength of a Grand Lord of the same level?

After Zhan Baiya thought up to this point, his complexion turned incomparably grim.

Before the Heavenly Demon Team members could react to the unexpected development, Shi Feng took a step forward, the two swords in his hands suddenly transforming into dazzling streaks of lights. In the next moment, a beautiful lotus of light bloomed around him.

Sword’s Transmigration!

Twelve sword lights instantly cut through the six Flowing Water Realm experts standing idly around Shi Feng. Although these six experts had sensed the attacks, the twelve sword lights were simply far too fast for them to react to. Moreover, the sword lights were accurately aimed at their defensive blind spots. In the end, they could only watch as the sword lights pierced through their bodies.

A moment later, all six Flowing Water Realm experts collapsed at Shi Feng’s feet. The entire process had been so quick that the rear line healers didn’t even get a chance to start casting their Healing Spells.

“So strong! With this kind of speed and Strength, even that old thing from our Guild might be inferior to him,” Sheng Wuji exclaimed in astonishment.

When Sky Dragon House’s members heard Sheng Wuji’s comment, they could not help but stare at Shi Feng in shock and horror.

Sheng Wuji was one of Sky Dragon House’s main pillars. There were only three people in the entire Guild that Sheng Wuji would refer to as an “old thing”—and they were existences that even their Guild Leader had to treat with the utmost respect.

As for the equipment these three people wore, all sorts of guesses were bandied about in the Guild. However, the consensus was that each of these three people had at least seven pieces of Epic Equipment on them. No doubt, they stood at the apex of God’s Domain in terms of equipment standards.

Now, however, Sheng Wuji actually said that Shi Feng surpassed one of these three people in Basic Attributes. How could such a thing be possible?

Nevertheless, these words had come out of Sheng Wuji’s mouth directly, so the Horned Dragon Team’s members had no choice but to accept them. After all, Sheng Wuji was one of Sky Dragon House’s monster-level experts. His insight and knowledge far surpassed their own. Since he said so, then there was a 90% chance that it was true.

Only, they simply could not figure out how a small Guild like Zero Wing managed to equip Shi Feng to such an extent.

Players needed to have compatibility with their weapons and equipment in order to wield them properly; Epic Weapons and Equipment were no exception to this. Players could strengthen their Basic Attributes by using weapons and equipment that were of a higher quality but had low compatibility. However, by doing so, they would not only fail to increase their combat power but even decrease it instead.

From Shi Feng’s performance, it was evident that he was using weapons and equipment that were compatible with him. However, obtaining seven or more pieces of Epic Equipment that had high compatibility was extremely difficult.

The first reason was the rarity of Epic items.

The second reason was the high repetition rate of certain equipment parts. At this stage of the game, first-rate Guilds might have 20 or 30 Epic items, but the majority of these were for the head, top, and legs. Items for other parts of the body, such as capes, belts, and pauldrons, were in the minority. Some first-rate Guilds might not even have Epic Equipment for these parts.

Hence, players faced extreme difficulty obtaining seven or more pieces of Epic Equipment that were compatible with them. Members of Super Guilds were no exception.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng killed the six Flowing Water Realm experts from the Heavenly Demon Team, Zhan Baiya no longer dared to take the situation lightly. He immediately took out a bottle of purple-gold potion. The potion’s bottle was made out of Mana Stone, and the potion exuded dense Mana that was palpable even from several dozen yards away.

Four other players from the Heavenly Demon Team also took out the same potion and drank it.

The instant the five players drank the potion, a purple-gold divine rune suddenly appeared on their heads. The aura their bodies radiated also skyrocketed in intensity.

“What? The Heavenly Demon Team actually prepared five Divine Protection Potions?” The corners of Sheng Wuji’s mouth twitched slightly when he saw the potion the five players consumed.

The Divine Protection Potion could be obtained only from the Fire Dragon Empire’s ancient ruins. The value of each bottle rivaled that of an Epic item, and even the Horned Dragon Team he led had only two bottles prepared.

Players who consumed the Divine Protection Potion would temporarily receive a God’s blessing, which improved their Life Ratings by a significant margin.

Of course, the potion was only effective for players at Tier 3 or below. Normally, when Tier 2 players consumed the potion, they would gain Basic Attributes close to the Tier 3 standard.

Now that five players from the Heavenly Demon Team had consumed the Divine Protection Potion, the team essentially gained five semi-Tier 3 players.

It should be known that the difference between tiers was massive in God’s Domain. Although the five players from the Heavenly Demon Team could only be considered semi-Tier 3 players right now, the combat power they could exhibit would still surpass anything Tier 2 players could hope to achieve.

Not to mention, of the five players that consumed the Divine Protection Potion, four were peak experts, and one was a monster-level expert.

In the next moment, the five players started fighting it out with Shi Feng, the attacks of both sides wreaking great destruction on their surroundings. From afar, the fight between these six players looked more like a battle between monsters than one between players.

Right now, any one of the five players from the Heavenly Demon Team had the combat power to defeat monster-level experts. They were akin to strategic missiles in a field battle, able to slay a 1,000-man team of ordinary experts all by themselves. They were frightening existences that were basically unstoppable.

Due to the high standards of the battle, the Heavenly Demon Team’s other members couldn’t interfere in the battle at all, left to watch from the sidelines.

At this moment, however, Shi Feng was equally terrifying.

Despite facing the joint assault of these five players, Shi Feng was actually only at a slight disadvantage.

“Everyone, hold out a little longer! This place is the Bottomless Abyss! The Stamina consumption here is several times higher than in the outside world! He won’t last very long if he keeps on moving at such a pace!” Zhan Baiya said, sneering as he watched Shi Feng fervently dodging their attacks. “Once his Stamina runs out, he’ll die!”

Currently, Shi Feng’s defense was practically perfect. He consistently deflected all of their attacks, making them feel as if they were pointlessly striking the air. As a result, each attack barely did him any damage.

However, Shi Feng had been fighting against them at full capacity all this time. His five senses and mental state were constantly being pushed to their very limits. Doing so would place a tremendous burden on his Stamina and Concentration. What with the greatly increased Stamina and Concentration consumption in the Bottomless Abyss, the Swordsman wouldn’t be able to last very long in this battle.

In contrast, the five of them received a qualitative improvement to their Life Ratings after consuming the Divine Protection Potion. Naturally, their Stamina and Concentration had received improvements as well. Not to mention, they were expending far less Stamina and Concentration than Shi Feng. It was only a matter of time before they whittled him to death.

“Is that so?” Looking at the smug expression on Zhan Baiya’s face, Shi Feng leaped back, pulling away from the Heavenly Demon Team.

“You want to run? It won’t be that easy!” When Shi Feng retreated, Zhan Baiya immediately commanded, “Activate the Void Magic Array! Do not let him escape, no matter what!”

In the next moment, two dozen or so members from the Heavenly Demon Team each took out a Magic Array Scroll from their bags. They then activated the scrolls, trapping Shi Feng inside a magic barrier.

“Black Flame is finished now. The Void Magic Array not only prevents players from escaping but also suppresses their Basic Attributes by roughly 20%.” Sheng Wuji sighed involuntarily when he saw the Void Magic Array being deployed. “However, I’m afraid only a few people in God’s Domain are capable of forcing the Heavenly Demon Team to go to such lengths. Black Flame can be proud of this battle.”

The Homed Dragon Team’s members also expressed their agreement with Sheng Wuji’s words. The Heavenly Demon Team was Pride Empire’s trump card team, only second to the Guild’s main force. The team had killed plenty of monster-level experts before. However, the experts that had managed to force the Heavenly Demon Team to go all out could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

If news of this matter were to spread in the Fire Dragon Empire, it would definitely cause a sensation in the entire empire.

As soon as Sheng Wuji finished speaking, Shi Feng suddenly stopped moving. He simply watched quietly as Zhan Baiya’s group of five charged at him.

“Giving up now that you know you can’t get away?” Zhan Baiya laughed when he saw that Shi Feng had stopped moving.

“Noisy!” Sending a glance at Zhan Baiya, Shi Feng activated Deep Sea Meditation and charged forward.

Suddenly, Shi Feng’s aura transformed. As if he had become a completely different person from before, his aura now was so violent that even the Refinement Realm experts spectating from the sidelines felt their breath stifled. Moreover, they also felt pressured due to a difference in Life Rating. Before Shi Feng’s Life Rating, even the Life Ratings of Zhan Baiya’s group of five seemed insignificant.

“How is this possible?”

When Zhan Baiya felt Shi Feng’s aura, his gut actually warned him that he was no match for Shi Feng. However, just as Zhan Baiya was considering retreating, Shi Feng suddenly appeared before him.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike!

More than twenty sword lights flew from Shi Feng’s swords, so fast that they were imperceptible by the naked eye. When the sword lights vanished, Zhan Baiya’s group of five started collapsing to the ground, one after another.