Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2150 - Lacking Qualifications

Chapter 2150 – Lacking Qualifications

“Who are you?” Sheng Wuji’s gaze turned chilly as he looked askance at Shi Feng.

As soon as Sheng Wuji spoke, the Sky Dragon House members hiding within the forest directed their gaze toward Shi Feng. The cold killing intent they radiated could scare peak experts. Even monster-level experts would most likely grow wary upon sensing such an intense killing intent.

What happened next, however, stunned both Sky Dragon House’s and Pride Empire’s members.

Despite having such an intense killing intent directed at himself, Shi Feng remained at ease as he strolled toward Sheng Wuji, his demeanor making it seem as if the intense killing intent did not exist at all.

“Black Flame!” Shi Feng replied curtly.

“So, you’re the Sword King.” Upon hearing Shi Feng’s answer, Sheng Wuji immediately looked at Shi Feng squarely.

If the person Sheng Wuji was dealing with were merely the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild, he wouldn’t have bothered taking a second glance at the other party. After all, in terms of strength or status, he was on another level altogether compared to a first-rate Guild’s Guild Leader. However, Shi Feng was different. Shi Feng was a bona fide apex expert, someone of equal strength.

The only reason why Sheng Wuji had treated Purple Jade amicably before was the fact that she was the Secret Pavilion’s representative. The Secret Pavilion was a transcendental power in the virtual gaming world, and it very rarely participated in the struggle between the various superpowers. It mainly moved for money and information gathering.

However, the Secret Pavilion was not weak by any means. After all, it was impossible for a power to transcend without sufficient strength.

In reality, even Sky Dragon House feared the Secret Pavilion greatly and would normally avoid coming into conflict with it. Sky Dragon House had decided to offend the Secret Pavilion only because too much was at stake this time.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, since you’ve arrived as well, let’s just speak frankly with each other,” Sheng Wuji said, chuckling. “The current Stone Forest is no longer something you can afford to hold. Even the Secret Pavilion can’t do so. After all, there are simply too many superpowers eyeing this place. If you wish to hold the city, your only choice is to work with us. We’ve already stated the amount of shares we want. Each of our Guilds wants 30%. As for the remaining 40%, you can decide how you want to split it with the Secret Pavilion. Our Guilds won’t mind whatever decision you make.”

“That’s right. This is our bottom line. If negotiations fail, then we’ll simply switch to another method to negotiate,” Zhan Baiya said, nodding. He then turned to look at Purple Jade and continued, “However, I’m afraid the end result then will be undesirable to the Secret Pavilion.”

Although Zhan Baiya also valued experts like Shi Feng highly, in front of the various superpowers, Shi Feng alone would be helpless to change anything. In Zhan Baiya’s calculations, Shi Feng didn’t have any authority in their negotiations at all. The one actually in control of Stone Forest Town should be the Secret Pavilion. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s appearance here was only a negotiating tactic for the Secret Pavilion to gain more benefits.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, both Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire are Super Guilds with extraordinary strength. Both of them are far stronger than even the current Starlink. Now that the two of them are working together, if it really comes down to a fight, what with the interference of other superpowers, the outcome will not be pleasing,” Purple Jade said. She naturally understood what Zhan Baiya was trying to say. Moreover, as a core member of the Secret Pavilion, she understood very clearly just how frightening these two Super Guilds were. However, Shi Feng didn’t know this, so she needed to explain things to him. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, as soon as Purple Jade finished speaking, Shi Feng turned his gaze toward Zhan Baiya.

“Bottom line?” Shi Feng chuckled. “Isn’t this something meant to be surpassed? Also, you want to take Stone Forest Town’s shares? I’m afraid you’re still not qualified to do so.”

The atmosphere in the area immediately hit rock bottom.

As for Purple Jade, she nearly fainted from anger when she heard Shi Feng’s words.

Her intention had been to let Shi Feng understand how powerful the Guilds backing Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya were and have him appease these two people first. That way, they would still have hopes of negotiating for better terms afterward. Now, however…

“Not qualified? Since that is the case, everyone, let’s show Guild Leader Black Flame whether our Pride Empire is actually qualified or not!” Zhan Baiya growled as he waved his hand.

Immediately, the Heavenly Demon Team members hidden in the forest sprang into action. Over 20 Level 66-plus melee experts instantly surrounded and attacked Shi Feng. The coordination between these melee experts was excellent. They evenly split their attacks into four stages, with every member taking on a specific role in the assault; some focused on executing defensive maneuvers, and some focused on offense. As veterans of the battlefield, their assault was void of any flaws that could be taken advantage of. Even Domain Realm monsters would have a headache dealing with such a coordinated attack.

“It seems he is still too young. He must think that nobody can stop him, now that he has reached the Domain Realm.” Sheng Wuji sent Shi Feng a look of pity when he saw the coordinated assault of Pride Empire’s experts.

It was very rare for someone to reach the Domain Realm at Shi Feng’s age. Hence, those that did manage to accomplish such a feat would generally feel that they were invincible existences and would not put anybody in their eyes.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng’s opponent this time was the Heavenly Demon Team, a team that constantly fought monster- level experts. It was entirely different from the expert teams of other superpowers, which possessed only extraordinary combat power but not experience fighting monster-level experts.

The Heavenly Demon Team’s members understood very clearly not only the combat methods of Domain Realm experts but also how to counter such combat methods.

Moreover, the leaders of the 20-plus melee players attacking Shi Feng right now were two peak experts that were just one step away from reaching the Domain Realm. Either of them was more than capable of fighting Domain Realm experts to a standstill for quite some time. If they coordinated with each other and received aid from other teammates, they were fully capable of taking down a Domain Realm expert.

Hence, whenever the Heavenly Demon Team succeeded in surrounding a Domain Realm expert, the fight generally ended with the Domain Realm expert’s defeat.

If a monster-level expert from the older generation came across the Heavenly Demon Team, they would generally pay attention to their positioning. They definitely wouldn’t allow the Heavenly Demon Team to surround them. However, Shi Feng was far too young. Furthermore, he was someone that came from a minor power that had no background whatsoever, so it was normal for him to be ignorant of the Heavenly Demon Team. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have committed such a low-level mistake.

Meanwhile, when Purple Jade saw that Shi Feng was surrounded, her complexion darkened immediately. She was well aware of just how powerful the Heavenly Demon Team was and the team’s many exploits. Hence, she knew that Shi Feng was now in an extremely precarious situation. She immediately unsheathed her sword, intending to reinforce him.

However, before she could even take a step forward, she suddenly felt a chilling gaze directed at herself and the threat of imminent death. Her body froze up on instinct.

“Little missy, I advise you not to take action. This matter is between Zero Wing and Pride Empire. If you make a move, then I’ll have no choice but to take action as well,” Sheng Wuji warned slowly.

Upon hearing this, Purple Jade had no choice but to abandon her thoughts of helping Shi Feng.

Judging by Sheng Wuji’s phrasing, she deduced that there was still ground for recovery. This fight was being regarded as only a small friction between Zero Wing and Pride Empire. If she were to intervene, however, the fight would take on a whole different meaning: the Secret Pavilion would be standing in direct opposition to both Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire. Then, there would no longer be any room for negotiations.

When Purple Jade resumed her previous stance, Sheng Wuji nodded in approval before returning his gaze to Shi Feng. He was eager to see just how far Shi Feng had progressed in the Domain Realm.

At their standard, strength could no longer be determined using common sense. Even if Shi Feng was killed multiple times today and lost a significant amount of progress, he could still climb back up to prominence one day. After all, opportunities that ordinary experts found hard to attain could be easily secured by experts of their standard. In fact, Domain Realm experts could almost certainly secure any opportunities they came across. Their levels and equipment standard wouldn’t pose a hindrance to them. This was also the reason why the various superpowers abhorred dealing with Domain Realm experts.

In the next moment, two peak experts and six Flowing Water Realm experts from the Heavenly Demon Team launched a pincer attack on Shi Feng. The two peak experts focused only on offense while the six Flowing Water Realm experts divided their roles between offense and defense. As for the other melee players, they focused on preventing the Swordsman from escaping the encirclement; they were all ready to trade blow for blow with him.

When dealing with a peak expert that abandoned defense and focused solely on offense, even Domain Realm experts would have to tread carefully. Normally, the best way for Domain Realm experts to cope with such suicidal peak experts was to temporarily go on the defensive and wait for an opportunity to deal a fatal blow. Now, however, Shi Feng had to deal with not only two Void Realm experts and three Flowing Water Realm experts, all of whom were attacking him, hell-bent on mutual destruction, but also three Flowing Water Realm experts defending these five suicidal experts.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, even when the greatswords of the two peak experts were about to land on Shi Feng’s body, the Swordsman still showed no signs of wanting to dodge the attacks at all. Instead, he brandished his two swords and greeted the incoming attacks in battle.

Two bright flashes entered everyone’s eyes, followed by two loud metallic clangs. In the next moment, both peak experts abruptly went flying over a dozen yards. Their bodies crashed heavily into the ground, their HP bars decreasing by a sizable chunk. The arms of both peak experts also trembled violently as they stiffened up.