Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2149 - Divide?

Chapter 2149 – Divide?

“Uncle Yuan, this is bad. Stone Forest has just become a city; its foundations have yet to be stabilized. Now is the perfect time to attack it. Those superpowers that held off before are now going all out in sending manpower to this place. With just the few of us here, I’m afraid we’ll have a difficult time protecting Stone Forest,” Purple Jade said, a serious expression on her face as she read the latest report from the Guild.

Previously, although various superpowers were tempted into action by Stone Forest Town, they had dispatched only a small portion of their strength to capture it. However, due to Stone Forest Town’s promotion, Starlink wasn’t the only superpower going all out anymore. Other superpowers now intended to pull out all the stops for seizing Stone Forest Town.

Even one superpower going all out would be enough to give the Secret Pavilion a headache, all the more a group of superpowers doing so.

It might be fine if the upcoming battle took place in the outside world; however, they were inside the Bottomless Abyss. Dispatching ordinary experts here would be utterly meaningless. They would just become liabilities. Only experts at the Refinement Realm standard or above could provide useful combat power. However, the total number of Refinement Realm experts the various superpowers had easily surpassed that of the Secret Pavilion.

“This Black Flame! Why didn’t he inform us of this promotion beforehand?! We are in a tight spot now!” At this moment, Yuan Tiexin was also suffering a huge headache over this matter.

Prior to Stone Forest’s promotion, the town provided Zero Wing with a significant number of advantages in the Bottomless Abyss, but it did not put the Guild in an absolutely advantageous position. After all, a town could accommodate only a very limited number of players.

However, with Stone Forest Town’s promotion, Zero Wing now essentially held full control over the entire Bottomless Abyss. How could this situation not make the various superpowers desperate and force them to go all out to capture Stone Forest Town?

With this, even the Secret Pavilion would not be absolutely certain of defending Stone Forest Town.

“Uncle Yuan, the scouts we dispatched into the periphery have discovered Sky Dragon House’s and Pride Empire’s members. They’re moving in our direction and will arrive in less than five minutes,” Purple Jade said anxiously as she read her subordinate’s report.

“They’ve finally appeared? Do you know who’s leading them?” Yuan Tiexin was not particularly surprised by this revelation. After all, the Secret Pavilion had long known about the presence of these two Super Guilds in the Bottomless Abyss. Otherwise, the Secret Pavilion wouldn’t have sent a team to Stone Forest Town as soon as teleportation to the town became available.

They’re Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya. By the looks of it, the two of them are working together,” Purple Jade said, her complexion darkening.

Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya were well-known monster-level experts in God’s Domain. Moreover, the teams they led were only second to their respective Guilds’ main forces. Even the team that the Secret Pavilion sent to Stone Forest Town would have trouble dealing with just one of these teams, let alone both at the same time.

“Why is it them?” Yuan Tiexin’s face sank when he heard the names of these two people. “We don’t have a choice. Jade, relay this matter to the Guild Leader immediately and have him send over as many players as possible. Also, go and stop those two. I’ll meet with Black Flame to notify him about the severity of the matter. Hopefully, he’ll make the correct decision quickly.”

The situation was now out of the Secret Pavilion’s control. The only way left to defend Stone Forest Town was to get Shi Feng to hand over more of Stone Forest Town’s shares and use these additional shares to recruit other superpowers into their alliance. Otherwise, only death awaited them.

“I’ll head over immediately!” Purple Jade nodded. She then led the Secret Pavilion’s team to stop Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya.

Meanwhile, under Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya’s command, Sky Dragon House’s and Pride Empire’s members were like fierce tigers that had just been released from their cages. Unlike the combat methods usually employed by players fighting in teams, Sky Dragon House’s and Pride Empire’s members split into six-man parties, which moved independently of each other as they traversed the Undead Forest. They did not try to focus their strength on a single point to break through Zero Wing’s defenses.

From an outsider’s perspective, this method of combat would look very silly, as it allowed others to exploit it very easily. However, those who were aware of these two teams’ history would understand that these teams were not executing such a combat method out of foolishness at all. Instead, their doing so was due to their absolute confidence in their strength.

Moreover, when traveling through a forest, players could move much more quickly in small parties instead of large teams. This was especially true for the players Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya led. They were akin to lively monkeys as they traversed the Undead Forest, moving very swiftly and leaving no traces behind.

When these two teams got within 500 yards of the city and were about to exit into the clearing that surrounded it, Purple Jade’s 100-man team halted their advance.

“Little missy, although you are the Secret Pavilion’s prodigy, do you really think you can stop both our teams with just these few people?” Sheng Wuji, who currently perched atop a tree, asked as he looked down at Purple Jade. He did not hurry to take action. Instead, he quietly observed the young woman standing in the clearing before him.

“I have constantly been hearing that the Secret Pavilion has produced an amazing genius recently. After getting a look myself, you really are extraordinary. You’re already a peak expert at such a young age. Unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re still not enough to stop the both of us,” Zhan Baiya said as he walked out of the forest.

Although Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya had spoken in very amicable tones, the auras they radiated were incomparably frightening. Even the many Refinement Realm experts standing behind Purple Jade felt the threat of death when bathed in this aura.

In addition, the Secret Pavilion’s members could also sense many other bone-chilling killing intents being directed at them from the forest. Every one of these killing intents was enough to make their bodies shudder. They felt that if they let their guard down for even a moment, they would definitely die a tragic death here.

At this moment, the Secret Pavilion’s members were also certain that, if not for them representing the Secret Pavilion, Sheng Wuji’s and Zhan Baiya’s teams would’ve long since taken action.

So, these are the Heavenly Demon Team and Horned Dragon Team led by Ghost Mage and Meteor Hammer? Purple Jade automatically grew vigilant as she observed the numerous parties hidden within the forest.

Just the peak experts she could sense before her right now already numbered as many as fifteen. Moreover, unlike herself, these peak experts had already been in the Void Realm for a long time and had much more combat experience than she did. Not only were they much more experienced at fighting against experts that had equal or superior combat standards, but their control over their five senses was also far superior to her own.

Not to mention, every member of Sheng Wuji’s and Zhan Baiya’s teams boasted top-tier equipment. Even the weakest piece of equipment on them was Level 65 Fine-Gold rank, with many of them fully geared in Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment. There were even ten-odd experts with Epic items. As for Sheng Wuji and Zhan Baiya, each of them sported four Epic items, with the rest being Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment.

If these two teams were working together, even superpowers would receive a rough beating if they did not take the two teams seriously. Not to mention, both these teams had powerful Super Guilds as backing. They did not have to fear any repercussions for their actions the way independent players did.

After calming herself, Purple Jade smiled and said, “This is a misunderstanding. I am here only to receive you two. I have no intention of fighting.”

“It seems the Secret Pavilion understands the current situation,” Sheng Wuji laughed. “Say it, then. How do you plan on dividing Stone Forest Town’s shares?”

“I’ll state it clearly first. Pride Empire wants 30%,” Zhan Baiya declared.

“Since Old Zhan has said so, then Sky Dragon House will settle for 30%, as well. As the Secret Pavilion is the first to occupy Stone Forest Town, it’ll get 40%. I believe the Secret Pavilion won’t have any complaints about this, right?” Sheng Wuji said.

“This…” The words of these two people immediately rendered Purple Jade speechless. Their combined demand was actually for 60% of Stone Forest Town’s shares.

Had these two people belonged to any other superpower, they definitely wouldn’t speak so boldly to the Secret Pavilion. However, the Super Guilds these two represented were extremely strong and not afraid of any power in God’s Domain.

In fact, if she were not representing the Secret Pavilion but some other superpower instead, these two people would not have demanded just 60%.

“If your Secret Pavilion has any opinions about this matter, speak up. However, you are not allowed to touch this bottom line!” Sheng Wuji said sternly when he saw Purple Jade hesitating to speak.

Although Zhan Baiya did not make any additional comments, his attitude made it clear that he shared the same sentiments as Sheng Wuji.

As these two people were waiting for Purple Jade’s reply, a man suddenly appeared from another corner of the forest. This man wore a quaint, old cloak and had two exquisite longswords hanging at his waist. He gave the impression of a down-and-out Swordsman that was just passing by.

“Since you two want Stone Forest Town’s shares, aren’t you going to ask Zero Wing whether this is fine or not?”