Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2148 - - Another Uproar

Chapter 2148 – Another Uproar

Inside Zero Wing’s Residence in Stone Forest Town…

After Shi Feng chose to promote Stone Forest Town, two gigantic magic arrays suddenly appeared, one in the air and the other on the ground, enveloping the entirety of the town. The players inside Stone Forest Town could not help but grow nervous at the sight.

“What’s going on?” Yuan Tiexin looked in confusion at the magic array above him. Although he did not have a great understanding of magic arrays, the one above him was no doubt the largest he had ever seen. Moreover, the Mana flowing around it was actually visible. The intensity of its aura also greatly surpassed that of Mythic monsters.

While everyone was panicking over this sudden development, a system notification suddenly entered the ears of every player inside Stone Forest Town.

System: Stone Forest Town has been promoted to a Basic City. You will be teleported out of Stone Forest Town in 30 seconds.

Everyone in Stone Forest Town immediately fell into a daze upon receiving the system notification, wondering whether or not they had heard wrong.


“Stone Forest Town actually got promoted into a city?”

No one could believe this was true. The Secret Pavilion’s members, in particular, were dumbfounded by this situation.

“Impossible! To become a city, a town needs not only sufficient defensive structures and an astronomical amount of Popularity but also a large number of permanent residents! Stone Forest Town just transferred to this place, so how could it possibly get promoted to a Basic City?!” the white-haired old man from the Secret Pavilion yelled in denial.

Everyone else from the Secret Pavilion very much agreed with this old man’s words. After all, only a handful of people in the Secret Pavilion was more knowledgeable than this old man about the promotion of a Guild Town.

Moreover, this old man was also one of the publicly acknowledged top five Master Town Architects in God’s Domain, Easy Wind.

A Master Town Architect was, basically, a Master Architect. Although the architect subclass did not seem that amazing and was far from comparable to the forger and alchemist subclasses in terms of popularity, as players progressed in God’s Domain, the various major powers gained a greater understanding of the purpose of Master Architects. As a result, they also started placing greater importance on the architect subclass.

This was because the development of Guild Towns often required Advanced Constructions. Moreover, the planning of a town was also extremely important. If carried out properly, it could accelerate a Guild Town’s development substantially. Meanwhile, the Guild Towns built using Easy Wind’s designs developed 30% faster than Guild Towns that used the default designs. Moreover, Easy Wind had even designed an Advanced Construction before.

Due to Easy Wind’s ability and accomplishments, his position in the Secret Pavilion was superior to even Yuan Tiexin’s, who was constantly conducting negotiations and leading expeditions for the Guild. When it came to discussing the development of Guild Towns, Easy Wind held more authority than even the Secret Pavilion’s Vice Guild Leaders.

In fact, the main reason why the Secret Pavilion had dispatched Easy Wind to Stone Forest Town was to help the town develop much more efficiently and become a Guild City a little sooner.

Now, however, it was obvious that Easy Wind had just wasted a trip in visiting Stone Forest Town.

Before everyone could react to the system notification, they were already outside Stone Forest Town. Meanwhile, after snapping out of their daze, Zero Wing’s members promptly burst out in enthusiastic acclamation.

“The second city!”

“Our Guild has a second city!”

“Even Super Guilds don’t have a Guild City established in a neutral map right now!”

At this point, God’s Domain still didn’t have that many Guild Cities. Moreover, practically all of these Guild Cities were owned by top-ranking superpowers.

Now, however, Zero Wing actually possessed two Guild Cities!

More importantly, Zero Wing’s second city was established in the Bottomless Abyss, a God Mode Regional Dungeon. Zero Wing could earn a fortune just by collecting entry fees in Stone Forest Town. After all, a Guild City had much more space than a Guild Town. Let alone accommodating 1,000,000 players, even accommodating 5,000,000 players wouldn’t be a problem.

Previously, everyone from Zero Wing was still worried about whether Stone Forest Town could accommodate all the Guild members who wished to grind in the Bottomless Abyss. Now, however, that no longer seemed to be a problem.

Meanwhile, outside the forest, some distance away from Stone Forest Town…

The members of Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire automatically halted their advance when they saw the two gigantic magic arrays enveloping Stone Forest Town and a large number of players suddenly materializing outside the town.

“Old Sheng, any information on your side? So many people actually got teleported out of the town. Is Stone Forest Town off limits to players?” a tall, middle-aged man with short hair from Pride Empire’s team asked as he looked at the crimson-armored man standing beside him.

“How would I know? Not to mention, since when is Pride Empire’s information network slower than Sky Dragon House’s?” the crimson-armored man replied, rolling his eyes at the short-haired man dressed in exquisite mage robes.

If the upper echelons of the Fire Dragon Empire’s various large Guilds were here, they would most likely be stupefied. After all, Pride Empire’s Ghost Mage, Zhan Baiya, and Sky Dragon House’s Meteor Hammer, Sheng Wuji, were actually working together. If news of this matter spread, it would definitely shock the entire Fire Dragon Empire.

Ghost Mage and Falling Meteor were both capable generals of their respective Guilds. Their positions were not the slightest bit inferior to Vice Guild Leaders in their respective Guilds. They were also monstrous existences in terms of strength.

If these two monsters cooperated, even superpowers would have to be extremely careful of them.

Meanwhile, shortly after their exchange, both of them received a message at the same time. After they read their respective messages, both of them had a very startled expression on their faces.

What kind of background does Zero Wing possess? It actually managed to promote Stone Forest Town into a Basic City! Zhan Baiya could not help but gaze at the distant Stone Forest Town in puzzlement.

According to the information that Pride Empire acquired, Stone Forest Town had definitely been promoted into a Basic City.

Pride Empire had a Guild City of its own, so it knew just how difficult promoting a Guild Town to a Guild City was.

Pride Empire had mobilized all its resources in order to attain its Guild City.

Yet, now, Zero Wing had actually succeeded in promoting Stone Forest Town into a Guild City!

“Old Zhan, what does your side plan to do?” Sheng Wuji asked after he finished reading his own message.

“They gave me only four words,” Zhan Baiya replied. “No matter the cost!”

“Mine said roughly the same thing too,” Sheng Wuji said, a bitter smile on his face. “However, a Basic City is different from an Advanced Town. The difficulty of capturing Stone Forest Town is many times greater than before.”

Only powers that owned a Guild City would understand just how formidable it was. It was not only a gigantic ATM but also an impenetrable fortress. Just the city’s built-in defensive magic array was already enough to render current players utterly powerless, not to mention the large number of high-tiered NPC soldiers inside the city.

Fortunately, promoting a town did not grant a protection period. A newly promoted city could be snatched away as soon as its promotion process ended.

“Since that is the case, let’s start moving, fast. Otherwise, once the Secret Pavilion’s members arrive, we’ll have a much more difficult time capturing the newly promoted Stone Forest City!” Zhan Baiya suggested after hearing that Sky Dragon House harbored the same intentions as Pride Empire.

“Alright. News of Stone Forest Town’s promotion should’ve spread already. Delaying any longer will give those several superpowers time to get here,” Sheng Wuji said, nodding as he shifted his gaze to the Zero Wing members crowded outside Stone Forest Town. He then turned back to look at his team and said, “Everyone, split up and move in parties! We have to end the battle as quickly as possible!”

At this point, Zero Wing was no longer their main enemy but the superpowers that were currently en route. What they needed to do now was take care of Zero Wing expeditiously before those superpowers arrived.

After obeying Sheng Wuji’s order, Sky Dragon House’s and Pride Emperor’s members immediately charged toward Stone Forest Town.