Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2147 - Stone Forest Town Promoted

Chapter 2147 – Stone Forest Town Promoted

When the Purple Shadow team followed Shi Feng into Stone Forest Town and saw the large number of Level 70-plus monsters wandering outside of its walls, they were flabbergasted. Experts like Late Autumn and Colorful Fruit were especially stunned since they knew far more than the adventurer team’s ordinary members. They recognized how amazing it was to establish a Guild Town in the Bottomless Abyss.

With this advantage, Zero Wing would likely become the leading force in the God Mode Regional Dungeon.

As they entered the town, the Mana density within surprised them further. It was simply unprecedented. Moreover, Stone Forest Town’s Mana wasn’t nearly as chaotic as it was in the rest of the Bottomless Abyss. Not only did the Mana soothe their spirits, but it also made them feel far more agile. They felt that they could easily exhibit even greater combat power than outside of the Regional Dungeon.

If they could train their combat techniques, Skills, and Spells here, their efforts would yield far better results than normal.

Weapons and equipment might be very important, but these external factors weren’t nearly as integral to expert players as internal strength.

“Commander, the Mana in this town has sharpened my senses by at least 10%! If we could train here, out adventurer team’s overall strength could reach a whole new level in less than a month!” Colorful Fruit exclaimed.

Generally, high Mana density only allowed players to clear their minds and remain calm under pressure, but once it was dense enough, it could sharpen players’ senses as well, although not by much. The fact that Stone Forest Town’s Mana was so dense that players’ five senses were 10% more acute than normal was astonishing.

Naturally, sharpened senses would be a massive help to players. Not only would players be able to detect their flaws more easily, but players would also be able to notice more than they usually did. To put it simply, players could improve their combat standards far more quickly if they had more acute senses while training.

A10% difference was on par with the difference players experienced when they rose from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

“I know,” Late Autumn replied, smiling bitterly at Colorful Fruit. “This place is wonderful, but it also belongs to Zero Wing. A town can only hold so many people, and Zero Wing will prioritize its own members. After all, strength is necessary in God’s Domain. Outsiders will have to pay a high price if they want to train here. With our adventurer team’s current strength, I’m afraid that…”

Late Autumn quickly realized this town’s value. Of all the towns and cities he had seen before, Stone Forest Town was undoubtedly the best place for training. If his adventurer team could train here long-term, he was confident that Purple Shadow would become the Dark Night Empire’s number one adventurer team.

However, enjoying such benefits without paying a steep price would be impossible for non-Guild members like them. They were only allowed in Stone Forest Town now because they had accepted Shi Feng’s commission. Late Autumn doubted that he had the qualifications or connections necessary to negotiate garrisoning his adventurer team in Stone Forest Town long-term.

Colorful Fruit, more or less, understood what her commander was trying to say.

They had only met wdth Shi Feng by chance, and the Swordsman was the only reason that their adventurer team had avoided annihilation. They’d be delusional to think that they could train in a paradise like Stone Forest Town.

“Stone Forest Town’s relocation has just completed, so many of the town’s facilities are temporarily unavailable. For now, it’s only a resting area for players. Once the town’s facilities have been readjusted, you’re welcome to return at any time,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He had a pretty good idea of what Purple Shadow’s members had been thinking when he saw their crestfallen expressions.

“You don’t have to do that for us, Guild Leader Black Flame. Our adventurer team hasn’t done anything to help Zero Wing, after all. I’m sure your Guild members will complain if you let us occupy Zero Wing’s resources for nothing,” Late Autumn hurriedly rejected the offer.

Late Autumn recognized that Shi Feng’s offer came with good intentions, but that was precisely the reason that he couldn’t accept it.

“I think you’ve misunderstood. I intended to open Stone Forest Town to the public since the beginning. As long as you’re not Zero Wing’s enemy, you’ll be welcome in the town. Naturally, you will be allowed to train here as long as you become members of Zero Wing’s Battle Arena,” Shi Feng explained.

If he reserved Stone Forest Town for Zero Wing’s members, he’d certainly see desirable results.

However, doing so would be shallow.

First, Level 100 wasn’t the maximum level in God’s Domain, and second, the town’s growth was far more important than monopolizing its benefits.

“Are you serious, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Colorful Fruit could not help but ask.

None of the various major powers would share such a paradise with outsiders, but based on Shi Feng’s claim, he even planned to cater to ordinary players in the town. This was simply madness.

“Of course. Why would I joke about something like that?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling.

Shi Feng’s response rendered Purple Shadow’s members speechless. He acted as if such a crucial matter were insignificant…

Late Autumn couldn’t help his budding admiration for both Shi Feng and Zero Wing as a whole. Not even the various superpowers would likely be so this generous.

While Purple Shadow’s members rested in Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing’s members began to flood in. Yuan Tiexin and his entourage arrived shortly after.

Due to the agreement with Shi Feng, the Secret Pavilion established a temporary Residence in Stone Forest Town, allowing the Pavilion’s members to teleport to the town freely. However, it was only temporary. After multiple system updates, the Main God System had placed many restrictions on temporary Residences. One of these restrictions limited the number of players that could teleport to the temporary Residence each day. Permanent Residences, on the other hand, didn’t have such a limit.

Hence, before the Secret Pavilion’s members flooded into Stone Forest Town and reached the daily transfer limit, Yuan Tiexin led a 100-man expert team, which the Secret Pavilion had prepared earlier, to the town.

“Uncle Yuan, we’ve just received a message from the Guild Leader. It seems Starlink has made its move. Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire are here as well, and more superpowers are quickly approaching. By the looks of it, they all plan to capture Stone Forest Town before Zero Wing can stabilize its position,” Purple Jade reported, frowning as she read the message.

Clearly, Starlink was serious about taking the town this time and had armed its forces with the items it had stored in its fortress in the Ancient Undead Country. To make matters worse, two Super Guilds and a handful of superpowers had designs on the town as well. This was bad news for both Zero Wing and the Secret Pavilion.

“It seems that none of them can just sit by and watch,” Yuan Tiexin chuckled as he caressed his beard.

“That’s enough, Old Yuan. The Guild Leader didn’t send you here for a casual chat. Zero Wing can’t protect Stone Forest Town with how valuable it has become. We’ll have to contribute the most to its defense. Notify Black Flame and inform him that we’ll have to renegotiate Stone Forest Town’s shares,” a white-haired old man reprimanded Yuan.

“I understand, but I believe it’s too soon to discuss that with Zero Wing. We should wait and let Zero Wing realize its predicament. Then, I’ll have an advantage in the negotiations,” Yuan Tiexin said, sighing as he gazed at the distant Zero Wing Residence.

Although he didn’t want to take advantage of the Guild, this was the cruel reality of God’s Domain. Without sufficient strength, one would lose any valuable treasure they obtained to a stronger force.

The fact that Shi Feng had accomplished this feat was impressive, but Zero Wing had no place in the struggle that would follow.

Not long after the Secret Pavilion’s members arrived in Stone Forest Town, Shi Feng reached the first underground floor, and the most important location, in Zero Wing’s Residence.

Walking down a dark hall and seeing Zero Wing’s flag flutter in its center, Shi Feng retrieved the Gold Town Promotion Order and merged it with the massive magic array on the ground.

System: Gold Town Promotion Order detected. Do you wish to promote Stone Forest Town into a Basic City?

“Promote!” Shi Feng selected the option without hesitation.