Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2146 - General Trend

Chapter 2146 – General Trend

Ancient Undead Country, Psychedelic Forest:

“How can this be?” Utter shock assaulted Bright Dawn as he read the latest report on Zero Wing.

It had only been a few hours since his encounter with Black Flame, yet in that time, the Swordsman had relocated Stone Forest Town into the Bottomless Abyss? No matter how he looked at it, the situation felt like a dream.

Not even Starlink dared to delve too deeply into the Bottomless Abyss, but Black Flame had established a town within the Regional Dungeon in a matter of hours. Starlink had invested an astronomical amount of manpower and resources to secure a fortress in the Ancient Undead Country, but none of its effort could even compare to Black Flame’s alone.

Many superpowers had already begun to make their way to White River City to negotiate with Zero Wing due to the Guild’s latest success. Needless to say, they all wanted a cut of Stone Forest Town’s shares and a temporary Guild Residence within the town.

If Zero Wing agreed and accepted these superpowers’ help, Starlink wouldn’t be able to continue its assault against the enemy Guild. Moreover, Starlink’s development would descend into the pits of hell due to Stone Forest Town’s prosperity.

As a result, Lu Xingluo had ordered Bright Dawn to use everything Starlink had to destroy or capture Stone Forest Town before Zero Wing could stabilize its position in the Bottomless Abyss.

“Has something happened, Vice Guild Leader?” the Assassin beside Bright Dawn asked curiously when he saw his commander’s sneer.

“Good news! Wonderful news!” Bright Dawn said, laughing.

Black Flame had humiliated him earlier, and he hadn’t expected to find a chance to take revenge so soon. Why wouldn’t he be excited?

“Good news?” The Assassin gave Bright Dawn an odd look.

“Mhm. The Guild Leader has commanded me to deal with Stone Forest Town. Moreover, I get to mobilize the Guild’s full strength!” Bright Dawn explained.

“All of it?” The news shocked the Assassin.

He had already learned about Stone Forest Town’s relocation to the Bottomless Abyss since it had sparked a commotion among Starlink’s members. Naturally, the news had shocked them all. However, Lu Xingluo’s command to mobilize the Guild’s full strength against the town was even more unexpected.

The various superpowers had far more influence than ordinary Guilds, and the Guild typically only mobilized a fraction of its strength for any of its operations. Even when Starlink had targeted Unyielding Soul, for example, it had only used a small fraction of its true power.

Yet now, Starlink wanted to turn every weapon in its arsenal against a non-superpower like Zero Wing…

“That’s right! Everything!” Bright Dawn nodded as he grinned wickedly. “I had expected to wait a long time before I had a chance to claim vengeance; I hadn’t expected that I’d get to move against that bastard so soon. Hopefully, Black Flame doesn’t run from me too quickly!”

Dealing with an established town was normally even a headache for superpowers like Starlink.

But if Starlink employed the Guild’s full power, taking down a Guild Town would be a piece of cake. Not even Advanced Towns would pose much of a challenge. Furthermore, Stone Forest Town had just completed its transfer; its defenses weren’t as strong as usual since hardly any players currently occupied the town.

Although not a lot of players could traverse the Bottomless Abyss’s complex terrain at once, destroying or capturing a town didn’t require a full army. A sufficient number of peak experts and powerful tools would be enough to complete the task.

“Notify the fortress and have them deliver this list of items! I also want you to summon our old monsters and all of the peak experts in the fortress!” Bright Dawn commanded.

The Assassin’s eyes glowed as he began to contact the necessary personnel.

Although Bright Dawn was responsible for handling the Guild’s affairs in the Ancient Undead Country, the peak experts and old monsters in the fortress weren’t under his control, not to mention the tools within the fortress. Every one of those tools would be a strategic missile on an open battlefield. They simply shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, a team of 100-plus players used the Undead Forest’s trees as cover while they observed Stone Forest Town.

“Boss, you really are impressive! Sparing and following the Purple Shadow adventurer team actually led us to Zero Wing’s Stone Forest Town!” a Level 68, blue-clad Assassin congratulated as he watched Purple Shadow’s members enter the town.

“Zero Wing has certainly proven capable, transferring a Guild Town here. Not even our Sky Dragon House could accomplish such a feat,” a man in crimson armor commented as he stared at the town in admiration.

If Shi Feng were present, he’d likely be shocked to hear the conversation between these two players.

Sky Dragon House was one of the Fire Dragon Empire’s three overlords and a veteran Super Guild. It was far stronger than ordinary super-first-rate Guilds. Even the up-and-coming Starlink would have to bow its head before Sky Dragon House. At its peak in Shi Feng’s previous life, Sky Dragon House had even been known as one of God’s Domain’s top- ten Guilds.

The virtual gaming world wasn’t the same as it had been in the past. Countless corporations now invested in the industry, and becoming one of God’s Domain’s top-ten Guilds meant that it stood among the best of the best. Not even ordinary Super Guilds had any hope of comparing to Sky Dragon House; only a transcendental existence like the Secret Pavilion could contend with such a powerhouse.

“What should we do next, Boss?” the blue-clad Assassin asked. “We’re not just here to pay a visit, are we?”

“Of course not,” the crimson-armored man said, laughing. “Zero Wing is quite impressive to pull off such a move, but the Bottomless Abyss isn’t fit for the likes of such a small Guild. Moreover, Zero Wing hasn’t learned that the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Rather than let other powers get their hands on Stone Forest Town, we should claim it.”

“I was hoping you’d say that!” the blue-clad Assassin said as he licked his lips, anticipation and killing intent flashing in his eyes.

As far as he was concerned, treasure only belonged to those with the strength to keep it. Zero Wing, meanwhile, didn’t qualify to lay claim to such a precious place like Stone Forest Town.

“But we should wait for a little while longer,” the crimson-armored man decided.

“Wait? Why?” the Assassin asked, confused.

“Right now, we aren’t the only ones here,” the crimson-armored man said, smiling as he gestured to a team hiding on a nearby plateau.

“Players from Pride Empire!” The Assassin in blue frowned when he noticed the other players.

Pride Empire was another of the Fire Dragon Empire’s overlords, and it wasn’t any weaker than the Sky Dragon House. Finding its Guild members here wasn’t good news for them.

“They’re likely thinking the same thing that we are. If we make the first move, they’ll try to take advantage of the situation,” the crimson-armored man said.

“But we can’t just wait here, Boss. Plenty of superpowers have set their sights on Stone Forest Town. If we don’t move quickly, securing the town will become more of a challenge,” the Assassin complained.

Before the man in crimson armor could reply, he received a message.

“Sure enough, they’ve discovered us,” the crimson-armored man reported, chuckling as he read the message.

“Moreover, they’re taking the initiative to ask for our help in securing Stone Forest Town.”

“What? They actually want to cooperate?” The Assassin was surprised to hear it.

The Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire were rivals. Although their two Guilds had very few public confrontations, they constantly fought in secret.

“This could work, too. Rather than waste each other’s time, we might as well work together to claim the town before more competitors show up,” the crimson-armored man said after giving the matter some thought. “Tell everyone to get ready.”

“Understood!” Although the blue-clad Assassin didn’t like the idea of working with his Guild’s rival, he had no choice but to obey his commander’s orders.

Under the crimson-armored man’s command, the team from Sky Dragon House snuck toward Stone Forest Town while the Pride Empire’s members did the same.