Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2145 - Attention "The Bottomless Abyss?"

Chapter 2145 – Attention “The Bottomless Abyss?”

Most of the Zero Wing members that had teleported to Stone Forest Town had failed to react to the system notification, but some of those players, who had a certain understanding of the Ancient Undead Country, were excited to see it.

“Is this real!? We’re actually inside a God Mode Regional Dungeon!”

“All hail the Guild Leader!”

“Our Guild is set for life now!”

Although none of the various powers had made any progress in exploring the Bottomless Abyss, what they had learned of the Regional Dungeon gave them high hopes. Moreover, the Bottomless Abyss was the reason that Starlink had been able to suppress both Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor when it had laid claim to a single fortress.

Stone Forest Town’s new environment also surprised Zero Wing’s members. In the Bottomless Abyss, the town’s Mana density was likely even higher than in Zero Wing City. Players would be able to achieve the same results when training their combat standards with half the effort here.

Stone Forest Town had become a sacred ground, ideal for players.

Not only could players level up and upgrade equipment around the town, but they could also train their combat standards and techniques in the town.

Shortly after Zero Wing’s members discovered Stone Forest Town’s new location, news spread quickly to Star-Moon Kingdom’s various major powers.

“How is that possible?!”

“Someone must have made a mistake with this report! That’s a God Mode Regional Dungeon we’re talking about! How could Zero Wing just transfer Stone Forest Town there!?”

All of the various powers instinctively denied the validity of the news.

Everyone knew that even the various superpowers were powerless in the Bottomless Abyss. Surviving in the Dungeon was nearly impossible, much less raiding it. It simply shouldn’t be possible to move a Guild Town to such a lethal location.

However, when these powers began to receive similar reports from other spies within Zero Wing, they couldn’t deny the truth. There was no doubt that after today, Zero Wing would become an overlord in God’s Domain. Even if it wasn’t yet a superpower, it now qualified to contend with the various superpowers in the game.

Meanwhile, in one of White River City’s Advanced Restaurants, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade received confirmation of their suspicions, and they fell silent for some time.

“Zero Wing did it, Uncle Yuan! Are we going to begin the next part of our plan now?” Purple Jade asked excitedly after recovering from her surprise.

Although she had known that Shi Feng hadn’t lied to them, she couldn’t help the surprise and admiration she felt once he had actually made good on his promise.

“Mhm! Notify our subordinates and tell them to organize the necessary manpower to visit Stone Forest Town! We need to secure the Bottomless Abyss before the other superpowers have time to prepare,” Yuan Tiexin nodded. Smiling, he continued, “This time, we’ll show the Chamber’s advanced members how ‘foolish’ the Secret Pavilion’s decision was!”

The Secret Chamber of Commerce’s advanced members had criticized the Pavilion for demoting Starlink to basic membership rank, and the Pavilion had been forced to offer a variety of benefits to quell their anger.

To make matters worse, many superpowers that had heard of the matter had ridiculed the Secret Pavilion for being foolish enough to abandon a fortress in the Ancient Undead Country for Zero Wing.

However, none of that mattered now!

The Secret Pavilion owned a portion of Stone Forest Town’s shares. Not only would it earn a large number of Coins from the town, but it could also establish a Guild transfer point within its walls. The Pavilion’s members would not have to run all the way to the Ancient Undead Country to reach the Bottomless Abyss. In fact, the Pavilion’s members could now grind in the Regional Dungeon without having to leave it. Once they ran out of Stamina, they could simply return to Stone Forest Town and rest. The Pavilion now had more advantages than the other superpowers.

With this relocation, Zero Wing could nullify any progress Starlink had made in the Bottomless Abyss on a whim. Moreover, Zero Wing wouldn’t have to resort to drastic measures to do so. As long as the Guild barred Starlink’s members from Stone Forest Town, allowing others in, Starlink would fall behind. If the situation persisted, it would even affect Starlink’s position in the Dark Night Empire. This was exactly what the superpower had attempted to accomplish by hindering Zero Wing’s progress in the neutral maps around Star-Moon Kingdom.

Moreover, Starlink would likely find Zero Wing a difficult pest to crush now. Once the various superpowers discovered Stone Forest Town’s relocation, they’d reach out to the smaller Guild in an attempt to secure a partnership. Once that happened, Zero Wing wouldn’t be so easy to shake.

However, if Starlink allowed Zero Wing to develop in the Bottomless Abyss freely, the superpower would only lose its advantages in its own empire.

“I doubt anyone had imagined that a small Guild like Zero Wing would put the Dark Night Empire’s overlord in such a bind.” As Yuan Tiexin remembered when Zero Wing had been small and weak, he couldn’t help his rueful sigh.

Zero Wing’s developmental history was practically a miracle.

After today, Zero Wing would qualify to stand on the same stage as the various superpowers. It was no longer an ordinary Guild that could so easily be slaughtered.

While the Secret Pavilion prepared to garrison in Stone Forest Town, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor’s headquarters in the Dark Night Empire were in an uproar.

“How did Zero Wing do it?”

Both super-first-rate Guilds’ upper echelons were overwhelmed with shock and curiosity when they learned of Stone Forest Town’s new location in the Bottomless Abyss. None of them had ever thought that Zero Wing would be so capable.

“Heart, I want you and Lingsha to visit Zero Wing’s headquarters in White River City. Tell them that Unyielding Soul would like to deepen our relationship. Isn’t Zero Wing trying to break into the Dark Night Empire’s market? We can offer them some of our central Shops in the empire if they’re willing to let us build a temporary Residence in Stone Forest Town!” Unyielding Soul’s Guild Leader, Silent Soul, commanded after giving the matter some thought. “You two have full authority to negotiate those Shop’s management and sales!”

When the Guild upper echelons in the meeting room heard Silent Soul’s decision, they stared at him with dropped jaws. They hadn’t thought that their Guild Leader would willingly grant Unyielding Heart and Mu Lingsha so much authority.

Financial strength was the most important aspect when running a Guild as large as Unyielding Soul. The profits from the Guild’s Shops were particularly crucial. Shops were a Guild’s lifeblood, and the fact that Silent Soul had given Unyielding Heart and Mu Lingsha control of the Guild’s lifeblood meant he had granted them the authority that was only second to his, the Guild Leader.

Unyielding Soul wasn’t the only superpower interested in cooperating with Zero Wing. Superpowers throughout God’s Domain promptly made their way to Star-Moon Kingdom’s White River City as well.