Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2144 - Abyss Town

Chapter 2144 – Abyss Town

Once Shi Feng made his selection, another system notification rang in his ears.

System: You have selected to transfer Stone Forest Town to the specified location. Transfer conditions met.

System: Stone Forest Town will be closed off in one minute. Estimated transfer time is 30 minutes. Players will not be able to enter the specified transfer area during this time. You will automatically be teleported out of the transfer area in 10 seconds.

Half an hour, huh? When Shi Feng heard the system notification, he could not help his growing excitement.

Nothing was more important to the various large Guilds than resources and experts. As long as Stone Forest Town’s transfer completed smoothly, it would become even more important than Zero Wing City. The Guild Town would even generate more profit than the city.

While Shi Feng considered his next step, he was transported out of the magic barrier.

Meanwhile, back in Star-Moon Kingdom’s Stone Forest Town, the players in the town were in an uproar.

“What’s going on? Stone Forest Town is moving to another location?”

“Crap! I just got here to level up!”

“What is Zero Wing trying to do? Stone Forest Town has just begun to recover, yet Zero Wing is moving it elsewhere? Does Zero Wing think the town will attract more players if it’s in another location?”

“This is a scam! We need to boycott Zero Wing! The Guild’s abandoning new players just to become more popular! I won’t ever set foot in a Zero Wing town again! We’ll see how long Zero Wing lasts if no one visits its towns!”

The players in Stone Forest Town fell into heated discussions when they received the system notification about the town’s relocation. The players new to God’s Domain were particularly boisterous. Stone Forest Town was still a holy ground for players between Level 30 and 50. Not only was the town next to a low-level Asura Mode Regional Dungeon, but it also had everything low-level players could need or want. Not even NPC cities could rival Stone Forest Town’s benefits for low-level players.

However, before they had the chance to enjoy these benefits, the system had announced Stone Forest Town’s transfer to another location. This meant the time they had spent trying to reach the town had been for nothing.

Meanwhile, news of Stone Forest Town’s relocation quickly reached Star-Moon Kingdom’s various major powers.

“What? Zero Wing is moving Stone Forest Town to another location?”

“Stone Forest Town’s popularity has only begun to recover. It’s still earning a significant Magic Crystal profit each day, yet Zero Wing wants to relocate the town? Has the Guild found a better location?”

“I want this investigated immediately! Tell our spies in Zero Wing to find out where the Guild plans to relocate the town!”

For independent players, Stone Forest Town’s relocation only meant that they’d lose a leveling spot, and that only impacted the independent players that had recently joined God’s Domain. Naturally, there were other maps where they could grind.

However, Stone Forest Town’s transfer held a completely different meaning for Star-Moon Kingdom’s various powers.

Transferring a town meant transferring an area of influence. Since no one could oppose Zero Wing in Star-Moon Kingdom, they’d be doomed if the Guild relocated Stone Forest Town to their territories. Hence, the kingdom’s powers anxiously searched for the town’s new location.

While Star-Moon Kingdom’s various powers panicked, Yuan Tiexin, who resided in one of White River City’s Advanced Restaurants, stared intently at the report he had just received from a subordinate.

“Uncle Yuan, have our spies learned anything?” Purple Jade asked curiously. “Is Black Flame’s claim really true? Has he actually relocated Stone Forest Town into the Bottomless Abyss?”

The various superpowers were paying particularly close attention to the God Mode Regional Dungeon. If not for the Bottomless Abyss’s monsters and environment, the Secret Pavilion would’ve already dispatched a large team to explore the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, according to the most recent report, quite a few Super Guilds had sent their own teams into the Bottomless Abyss. Unfortunately, they had suffered grievous losses for doing so. According to their investigation, current players simply weren’t strong enough to grind in the Regional Dungeon. They’d have to reach Level 70 before they’d have any chance of survival.

Hence, she found it truly hard to believe that Zero Wing had successfully transferred Stone Forest Town to the Dungeon, but when she recalled Shi Feng’s confident expression on the day they had made their deal, she knew he hadn’t been joking about his plans. Furthermore, if Shi Feng failed to complete the transfer, the Secret Pavilion would secure the Guardian Puppet Design.

“They haven’t been able to verify anything yet,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head. “But based on our information, Black Flame has made an appearance in the Ancient Undead Country. He even humiliated Bright Dawn, one of Starlink’s Vice Guild Leaders. I believe that your guess is likely correct. A town’s transfer, after all, requires its owner’s permission.”

Yuan Tiexin couldn’t help the sting of regret he felt. If the Secret Pavilion had been as confident in Zero Wing’s abilities as Shi Feng, it would’ve likely invested more in the Guild, rather than treat Zero Wing with half-hearted sincerity.

“If Zero Wing has actually accomplished its goal, it’s future will be set. With Stone Forest Town alone, Zero Wing will qualify to contend with superpowers. If it can solidify its legacy foundation as well, then we can reasonably expect that it will become a super-first-rate Guild any day now!” Purple Jade said. She had a thorough understanding of how valuable the Bottomless Abyss’s resources were. If a Guild monopolized those resources, its development speed would be astonishing. Moreover, the various superpowers would have a very difficult time dealing with Zero Wing before players reached Level 100. Even Starlink would find it challenging to shake Zero Wing’s foundations.

Meanwhile, within Zero Wing, Guild members excitedly discussed the latest news regarding Stone Forest Town.

“I wonder where the Guild is moving Stone Forest Town to?”

“I’m guessing that it’s moving the town to a neutral map. All of the large Guilds are trying to claim them, and our Guild is no exception. I can’t wait to find out which neutral map the town will occupy.”

“I agree. Since Starlink is so dead-set on suppressing our Guild in the Ore Empire, we can’t really do anything in the empire’s core area. We’re stuck around Silverwing Town. It’d be wonderful if the Guild transferred Stone Forest Town to that area.”

“Honestly, it’s not a big deal if the Guild doesn’t transfer Stone Forest Town to the Ore Empire. Starlink already has a fortress there, but it doesn’t have any bases in other neutral maps. We could secure a massive advantage if the Guild transfers Stone Forest Town to a different neutral map. Moreover, the Zero Wing Auction House now has access to a wider variety of items. Even if the Guild transfers the town to a smaller neutral map, our leveling speed won’t be any slower than it is in the Ore Empire.”

Many of Zero Wing’s members expressed their guesses and hopes for Stone Forest Town’s new location, every one of them filled with anticipation.

Although Fire Dance had repelled the Starlink forces capped outside of Silverwing Town and restored some of the Guild’s morale, that didn’t change the fact that Starlink still harassed the Guild’s members in the rest of the Ore Empire and the other neutral maps around Star-Moon Kingdom. To make matters worse, other Guild’s members were rapidly growing stronger and exploring neutral maps. To say that Zero Wing’s members didn’t have any opinions on the matter would be a lie.

As every player throughout Star-Moon Kingdom discussed this abrupt change, half an hour passed quickly. Many of the players keeping an eye on the Guild teleportation function soon noticed that Stone Forest Town’s name had reappeared among the list of available destinations. However, they were dumbfounded when they saw the Level-60 limit.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is there a level limit?”

As players wondered about this oddity, some Guild members, those above Level 60, couldn’t help themselves and purchased a Guild Transfer Scroll to visit Stone Forest Town.

When these Zero Wing members arrived, the sound of a system notification reached their ears.

System: You have discovered the Bottomless Abyss.