Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2143 - Transferring Stone Forest Town

Chapter 2143 – Transferring Stone Forest Town

Shi Feng didn’t linger after obtaining the barrier gemstone, making his way toward the Undead Forest.

The Undead Forest was located in the center of the Bottomless Abyss’s first floor. Not only did a large number of Level 70-plus Undead wander the area, but it was also where the first floor’s dark energy was densest. Without high Darkness Resistance, not even Tier 2 players could spend more than six hours in the area.

However, despite the Undead Forest’s dangers, it was one of the few places on the first floor that could support a Guild City.

The Bottomless Abyss’s first floor was comprised of a series of connected tunnels and caverns, which was why there weren’t many places that could house a Guild City. As far as Shi Feng could remember, fewer than ten caverns could support such a massive player base; most of them could only support an Advanced Town.

As a result, players needed to select the location for their Guild Town carefully in the Bottomless Abyss. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to promote the town due to insufficient space.

Of course, Shi Feng had another reason for choosing the Undead Forest; it was the closest location to the Bottomless Abyss’s second floor.

The Bottomless Abyss was a Level 60 to 100, super-large-scale Regional Dungeon, and it was considerably larger than many neutral maps elsewhere, separated into a total of three floors. Each floor was more difficult than the last, and the second floor was considered a turning point.

To current players, the Bottomless Abyss’s first floor was already horrific, but they didn’t realize that the first floor was only a training ground to help players adapt to the Regional Dungeon’s environment. These monsters were only between Level 60 and 75. However, the Dungeon wouldn’t be so kind once they reached the second floor, its difficulty rising to a whole new level. The second floor’s monster ranged from Level 70 to 90.

But as the God Mode Regional Dungeon became more challenging, it would reveal its true benefits.

From the second floor onward, not only would monsters drop Seven Luminaries Crystals, but their drop-rates for Fine- Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment would be roughly three times higher than elsewhere. Players would also find plenty of combat techniques and Skill Books. They’d even have a chance of finding a Legacy if they were particularly lucky.

Unlike most Legacies found outside of the Dungeon, those in the Bottomless Abyss had survived since ancient times. The weakest Legacy players could find in this Regional Dungeon was Advanced rank.

As for the Bottomless Abyss’s third floor, it was where players would discover the true essence of the God Mode Regional Dungeon. Not only would players have a chance of obtaining Peak Legacies when they killed the Bosses on that floor, but they’d also have an extremely small chance of obtaining Fragmented Legendary items.

Typically, Fragmented Legendary items didn’t even drop from ordinary Mythic Bosses; only special Mythic Bosses had a chance of dropping such precious treasure. However, the Bottomless Abyss’s third floor was the typical map. Every Mythic Boss on that floor had a chance of dropping Fragmented Legendary items, and the Dungeon’s Final Boss was guaranteed to drop one.

One could say the Bottomless Abyss was responsible for introducing Fragmented Legendary items to God’s Domain’s players.

In the past, the various superpowers had only begun to acquire Fragmented Legendary items once they had discovered the Bottomless Abyss. After that moment, everyone had come to understand that Epic items weren’t truly the best weapons or equipment in the game and that something even stronger existed.

Since Shi Feng was the first person to acquire a barrier gemstone in the Bottomless Abyss, he had to take advantage of as many opportunities in preparation for conquering the Regional Dungeon’s third floor.

After an hour or so of travel, Shi Feng found himself in a massive, spacious cavern. At first glance, the cavern looked like any other forest, filled with verdant trees and bright light. It looked nothing like the cavern it truly was.

This was the Undead Forest. The dark energy here was so dense it was stifling, and Level 70-plus Great Lord ranked Undead roamed through the woods. There were even quite a few Grand Lords.

Dark energy affected these monsters in the same way Mana affected players. The denser the dark energy was, the higher the monsters’ combat standards would be. Even the weakest Great Lord in the Undead Forest had combat standards on par with the late stage of the Trial Tower’s fifth floor. Such combat standards would be impressive enough to earn a player a party leader position among a first-rate Guild’s core members. Including the monsters’ high Basic Attributes, even a first-rate Guild’s chief MT would have a tough time against these Great Lords.

The Grand Lords, on the other hand, could reach the sixth floor’s early stage. They were nightmarish opponents, even for a first-rate Guild’s main force. Only the various superpowers’ top combatants had a chance against these monsters.

Thank goodness I have the Bible of Darkness. I don’t know how I’d make it through this forest without it. Shi Feng was relieved as he used Omniscient Eyes to watch the Level 74 Grand Lord ranked Great Necromancers that wandered in the distance.

These Level 74 Great Necromancers were extremely powerful. Not even Shi Feng would dare provoke them in his current state. If he accidentally aggroed one, he’d have no choice but to flee.

Fortunately, the Bible of Darkness granted him control over the Power of Darkness. This, in turn, allowed him to resist dark energy and significantly lowered the chances of Dark Creatures noticing him. He’d be able to avoid the Undead Forest’s residents with relative ease.

After about ten minutes or so, Shi Feng had circled around more than 30 Great Lords. He had also encountered more than three Grand Lords. If a superpower’s main force visited this forest at this stage of the game, their deaths would be a guarantee.

It should be here, Shi Feng thought as he observed his location. He then took the barrier gemstone from his bag and began to chant an incantation.

After ten verses and more than 30 seconds, the barrier gemstone disappeared. Then, two gigantic, silver magic arrays formed above and beneath Shi Feng, and every monster within the array’s range released pained cries before fleeing the area.

The two magic arrays continued to grow larger, from their initial 500-yard radius to 1,000 yards, then 3,000 yards. The arrays only stopped expanding after another 30 seconds.

Suddenly, a colossal magic barrier blossomed in the middle of the Undead Forest, occupying one-tenth of the entire area. Not a single monster stood within the barrier.

Next, I need to guide Stone Forest Town’s transfer. Shi Feng was quite satisfied with the forest’s lush greenery within the magic barrier. He then took out the Town Transfer Token he had obtained from the Eclipse Throne and chose to transfer Stone Forest Town.

Originally, he had planned to use this token to move Stone Forest Town to a neutral map neighboring Star-Moon Kingdom, but with Silverwing Town in the Ore Empire, he had set the token aside. Now, the token would finally display its potential.

System: Do you wish to transfer Stone Forest Town to the specified area?

Shi Feng clicked ‘Yes’ without hesitation.