Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2142 - Abyss Residence

Chapter 2142 – Abyss Residence

After hearing Shi Feng’s instructions, Late Autumn and the others sighed in relief as they sat down to rest. As for what Shi Feng planned to do inside the labyrinth, they had no intention of asking about it. After all, Shi Feng was the leader of a Guild. He naturally had his reasons for coming to this dangerous place. If they pried too deeply, they might end up annoying or angering him.

Moreover, even if they wanted to enter the labyrinth with Shi Feng, they most likely didn’t have the ability to survive for very long in there. The labyrinth was rife with Level 65-plus Undead, many of which were Great Lords. With just their adventurer team’s strength, they wouldn’t be able to progress very far into the labyrinth. Not to mention, if they came across a Grand Lord, their fates would be sealed.

In the next moment, Purple Shadow’s members saw Shi Feng easily weaving through the Undead’s attacks. Moreover, the Undead here actually couldn’t keep up with his speed at all, the distance between the two sides steadily widening. After a few seconds, only the Undead remained in sight.

“The difference between us is really huge,” Colorful Fruit said, a bitter smile forming on her face after Shi Feng disappeared.

“It is, indeed, massive, but it’s not like we can’t catch up,” Late Autumn said, nodding. “An organization called the Adventurer Alliance has appeared in the Fire Dragon Empire and is currently recruiting powerful adventurer teams. I heard that even Super Guilds have to treat this Adventurer Alliance with respect. Moreover, the alliance is even nurturing experts. I received an invitation, but I didn’t put too much stock in the matter. On further thought, I feel that we should join the alliance.”

In the past, he had been very confident in Purple Shadow’s strength, believing that even if Purple Shadow was no match for superpowers, superpowers wouldn’t have an easy time dealing with Purple Shadow, either. After today’s fight with Bright Dawn’s team, however, he realized that he was sorely mistaken.

Before a superpower, Purple Shadow didn’t even have the strength to protect itself.

Unless they became monsters like Shi Feng, daunting even an expert like Bright Dawn at the thought of attacking them, they would never secure a foothold in the Dark Night Empire.

Meanwhile, the Fire Dragon Empire’s Adventurer Alliance was an existence that could intimidate even Super Guilds. Needless to say, its existence was extraordinary. After all, the Fire Dragon Empire was one of God’s Domain’s Four Great Empires—and far superior to the Dark Night Empire. Many superpowers and even quite a few Super Guilds had established footholds there.

The fact that the Adventurer Alliance was able to establish a foothold in the Fire Dragon Empire, despite competition from so many superpowers, proved just how powerful it was.

As for joining a Guild, that was something Late Autumn was not willing to do, no matter what. Otherwise, he would’ve long since joined Starlink together with his comrades. After all, Starlink had extended an invitation to many of the powerful adventurer teams in the Dark Night Empire.

“Commander, can we really catch up to him?” Colorful Fruit turned to look at Late Autumn reflexively, a hint of anticipation gleaming in her eyes.

Shi Feng’s strength was already deeply ingrained in her heart. At this point, what she wanted to do most was to share the same stage with Shi Feng one day, instead of staying in the Dark Night Empire and remaining a frog in a well.

“It shouldn’t be a problem. The alliance promised that as long as we pass its test and qualify for its training, we will be able to reach the apex of God’s Domain,” Late Autumn said.

Previously, Late Autumn had sneered at this promise, as he thought that the Purple Shadow adventurer team already stood at the Dark Night Empire’s peak. There was no need for Purple Shadow to undergo the Adventurer Alliance’s training.

However, in hindsight, the gap between Purple Shadow and the Adventurer Alliance was massive. Moreover, a power that could stand shoulder to shoulder with superpowers should understand the strength of the various superpowers. Since the Adventurer Alliance had declared that it could help qualified players become apex experts, the alliance was most likely telling the truth.

This is great! The next time we meet, I must stand on the same stage as him! Colorful Fruit thought to herself, her fighting spirit soaring.

At this moment, aside from Colorful Fruit, Half Feather and the other top experts of Purple Shadow also had similar thoughts.

Meanwhile, as Purple Shadow’s members were resting, Shi Feng had activated Gale Domain to shake off the Undead chasing him. The Undead here were living beings that died during the Great Ancient War. Not only were their combat standards extremely high, but they were also organized when fighting. He would require a lot of time to defeat them.

Fortunately, the Undead here were not monsters that persistently chased players. They would give up pursuit once the distance between their target and themselves exceeded 300 yards.

Shi Feng was a Level 76 player, and with his Basic Attributes, his Movement Speed was already faster than that of Great Lords of the same level. After activating Gale Domain, he shook off the Level 65-plus Undead here right away and effortlessly passed through one area after another. Meanwhile, the deeper he ventured into the labyrinth, the higher the levels of the Undead he came across, the monsters’ levels gradually increasing from 65 to 70.

Finally, after traveling through the labyrinthine pathways for more than an hour, Shi Feng arrived before a dilapidated palace in a cavern that was enveloped by a magic barrier. None of the wandering Undead dared come within 100 yards of the magic barrier.

Shi Feng, however, walked toward the barrier without hesitation.

The magic barrier specifically targeted Undead and was totally ineffective against the living.

There was no creature inside the palace besides the phantom of a gray-robed old man. If players used an Advanced Identification Skill on this old man, they would discover that he was actually a Level 180, Tier 4 Hero.

The title of “Hero” was not easily obtained in God’s Domain. The existences granted the title of “Hero” were invincible in their tier. Meanwhile, not only was this old man a Hero, but his title had even been bestowed by an Ancient God. In other words, he was blessed with a portion of an Ancient God’s power, making him the strongest NPC in the entire Bottomless Abyss.

“Young adventurer, this is not a place for the living,” the Hero Saibu said as he opened his eyes to look at Shi Feng. Immediately, a horrific aura filled the palace.

If an ordinary Tier 2 player were standing here right now, this horrific pressure would most likely scare them stiff. However, Shi Feng had the support of multiple Fragmented Legendary items and a Bloodline, so he managed to withstand the pressure brought on by this aura.

“Esteemed Hero Saibu, I am here by the will of the Gods to expel the darkness,” Shi Feng said respectfully as he stood 30 yards away from Saibu.

Players wanting to transfer a Guild Town to the Bottomless Abyss needed to fulfill three conditions’ two of which were the standard conditions for transferring a Guild Town.

The third condition was a hidden condition: passing Saibu’s test. The first part of the test was enduring Saibu’s aura.

In the past, 90% of the powers that attempted this test had failed at the very start because ordinary experts couldn’t endure Saibu’s aura at all. One needed the Basic Attributes of a Tier 3 player of the same level to do so. Otherwise, they would be forced to kneel, then get teleported out of the palace.

“Not bad. Being able to move so close to me proves that you have the strength to deal with the darkness,” Saibu said, smiling and nodding in approval when he saw that Shi Feng was barely affected by his aura. “However, you cannot expel the darkness here with just this. Since you are a Bronze Legatee, I can set up a stable area for your residence, which will allow you to combat the darkness here long-term. However, you will have to contribute 6,000 Mana Stones.”

“Lord Saibu, here are the 6,000 Mana Stones you require,” Shi Feng said as he took out the Mana Stones he had prepared beforehand.

He had basically emptied out the Guild’s reserve of Magic Crystals to make these 6,000 Mana Stones. However, this price was well worth it if he could move Stone Forest Town here.

“Excellent. So many Mana Stones should just barely be enough to resist the corrosion of darkness here,” Saibu said. As he received the 6,000 Mana Stones from Shi Feng, he couldn’t help taking a few extra glances at the youth before him. Following which, he started incanting.

As Saibu chanted, the 6,000 Mana Stones merged and transformed into a resplendent gemstone.

“With this item, you can set up a magic barrier on the first floor, which we are on. The residence you set up inside this barrier will be able to avoid the corrosion of darkness. Keep in mind that this item can be used only on the first floor,” Saibu said gravely as he handed the gemstone to Shi Feng.

When Shi Feng accepted the gemstone, he sighed ruefully.

In the past, he could only watch from the sidelines as the various superpowers established one town after another inside the Bottomless Abyss. In this life, however, he, too, could set up his own town here.