Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2141 - Flying Improvements

Chapter 2141: Flying Improvements

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Purple Shadow's members were stunned to see the Great Stone Ape embedded in the hard, stone wall.

"How high is his Strength!?" Colorful Fruit could not help but stare at the Great Stone Ape in disbelief.

She had felt the Great Stone Ape's Strength when it had torn apart her vines so effortlessly, high enough to rival a Grand Lord's of the same level.

However, not only had Shi Feng repelled the monster's Skill with a single swing of his blade, but he had also thrown the Great Lord with that strike. His Strength was simply absurd.

Meanwhile, Purple Shadow's healers breathed a sigh of relief at receiving Shi Feng's help. They immediately put more distance between them and the Great Lord.

"Lead MT, aggro the Boss! Guardian Knights, activate Protection Blessing, and hold down the Demonic Stone Apes!" Late Autumn shouted commands to team's Lead MT the moment the Great Stone Ape's offensive had halted.

From this initial clash with the Stone Apes, he realized that these monsters possessed extremely high combat standards, especially the Great Stone Ape. Only their team's lead MT could likely hold down that Boss. If he sent any of his other MTs to tank it, he'd just be sending them to their deaths.


However, as soon as Late Autumn finished his command, the Great Stone Ape pulled itself away from the wall with a furious roar. Its eyes became bloodshot, its muscles bulged. Clearly, this Great Lord had just entered some kind of berserk state, charging straight for Shi Feng.

"Crap! Solitary, activate your Berserk Skill, and stop that thing!" Late Autumn hurriedly ordered the Level 67, Tier 2 Berserker that stood closest to the monster.

"Leave it to me!" Solitary Dragon nodded in reply.

Before the Berserker could activate his Berserk Skill and face the Great Stone Ape, however, Shi Feng stopped him and said, "No need. It's still too soon to use Berserk Skills here. Leave this to me."

After saying so, Shi Feng took a step forward and appeared before the enraged Great Stone Ape in an instant. The Swordsman looked like a child compared to the five-meter-tall monster. Seeing its hated enemy standing up to it, the Great Stone Ape swung its fists at Shi Feng; the sharp sound of the movements cutting through the wind was audible from 30 yards away.

In the blink of an eye, the Great Stone Ape fired six strikes at Shi Feng, the massive size of its fists making the punches impossible to dodge.

The other players' expressions darkened as they watched from the corner of their eyes. This move was enough to tell that the Great Stone Ape's combat standards were on par with a player who reached the middle stage of the Trial Tower's fifth floor. Combined with Attributes that rivaled a Grand Lord of the same level, how were they supposed to fight this monster?

Contrary to expectations, however, the attack hadn't sent Shi Feng flying. Instead, all six punches harmlessly passed through Shi Feng before the Swordsman began to fade out of existence, revealing that the Great Stone Ape had only struck an afterimage.

Without anyone realizing it, Shi Feng had moved behind the Great Stone Ape and had already swung his Sacred Sword.


Another blue flash sliced through the Great Stone Ape, eliciting a scream and plundering over 70,000 HP from the Great Lord. Another visible cut now graced the monster's sturdy form.

The Great Stone Ape's fury reached new heights as it took another hit. In response, it spun around and launched another barrage of punches at Shi Feng.

As if Shi Feng existed in another space entirely, the Great Lord couldn't hit him no matter how hard it tried. Instead, one cut after another joined the first two. Not only did Shi Feng continue to reduce the Boss's HP, but he repeatedly inflicted injuries, as well, reducing the Great Stone Ape's reaction speed.

"Is this real?" Colorful Fruit watched Shi Feng give the monster a one-sided beating, utterly awestruck. For a moment, she even forgot to support her teammates.

Purple Shadow's lead MT, who had been in the midst of trying to assist, was just as stupefied.

A Tier 2 Swordsman was perfectly suppressing a Level 62 Great Lord with the combat standards of the Trial Tower's fifth floor. Moreover, he accomplished this feat within the Bottomless Abyss, where players' physical bodies were severely suppressed.

This was unbelievable!

Most importantly, Shi Feng's calm composure made it seem as if he were confident of slaying this Great Stone Ape by himself.

It's no wonder why Bright Dawn was so afraid of him! He is truly a monster!Late Autumn inwardly exclaimed as he watched the Great Stone Ape's HP plummet.

"Finish the fight quickly. We'll only attract more monsters if we linger," Shi Feng shouted, noticing the dazed expressions Purple Shadow's members wore.

Although he could solo the Great Stone Ape, doing so would require a lot of time and energy, and a God Mode Regional Dungeon wasn't a place where players could afford prolonged battles. If this fight took too long, they'd attract another wave of monsters.

Shi Feng's warning snapped Purple Shadow's members out of their daze, and they immediately resumed their attacks against the Demonic Stone Apes. Immediately, they resumed their attack on the Demonic Stone Apes.

With Shi Feng keeping the Great Stone Ape in check, Purple Shadow's members had an easier time dealing with the Demonic Stone Apes. Moreover, they began to adapt to the Bottomless Abyss's environment as they fought. As a result, their attacks became more efficient.

Under Late Autumn's command, the team gradually descended the staircase, never fighting in one place for too long. Although they occasionally encountered other Stone Ape groups, the number of enemies they fought at any one time was tolerable.

Finally, after more than five hours of combat, the team had cleared out the Demonic Stone Apes and Great Stone Apes in their path.

The loot the monsters had dropped had surprised Purple Shadow's members. Not only did these monsters drop plenty of Magic Crystals, but they had also granted the team a few pieces of Level 60 equipment and materials. These monsters' loot was far more abundant than outside the Regional Dungeon. Moreover, the weakest piece of equipment the Stone Apes had dropped was Level 60 Mysterious-Iron rank, and some had even granted Secret-Silver ranked items. Such high-quality equipment could fetch a lot of money on the market.

It was no exaggeration to claim that the last five hours' harvest could rival a full day of grinding elsewhere. However, the loot wasn't the most valuable acquisition. Due to their battles against the Stone Apes, Purple Shadow's members had been inspired, improving their combat standards. That was a benefit they definitely wouldn't find outside of the Bottomless Abyss.

"Commander, this place is heavenly! If we could spend a month down here, the Purple Shadow adventurer team could become one of the top-five adventurer teams in the Dark Night Empire!" Half Feather exclaimed.

As a Refinement Realm expert, he could sense himself improving throughout the five hours of constant battle. Needless to say, his teammates must've improved even more than he had. Furthermore, these monsters' loot was several times better than monsters elsewhere.

"That's right! I hadn't imagined that this place would be so helpful. It's no wonder why the various large Guilds are so desperate to explore the Bottomless Abyss," Late Autumn said. He had a far better understanding of the Regional Dungeon's value than his subordinates.

While resources and funds were important to a Guild, those factors weren't nearly as valuable as its members' strength.

This God Mode Regional Dungeon had proven to be a natural training ground, and players' leveling speed wouldn't slow while they trained here. On the contrary, they would enjoy a much higher leveling speed than outside of the Dungeon's borders. If a Guild took control of the Bottomless Abyss, its development would skyrocket.

As he considered this, Late Autumn's gaze drifted back to Shi Feng, who stood some distance away.

A large part of the reason why they were able to survive for more than five hours in the Bottomless Abyss was because of Shi Feng. Shi Feng had defeated one Great Lord after another for them. There were also times where two Great Lords had appeared simultaneously. If not for Shi Feng suppressing every Great Lord that appeared, they would've long since been annihilated. After all, the only person in the Purple Shadow adventurer team capable of holding their ground against the Great Lord ranked Great Stone Apes was their lead MT. Even then, the lead MT could only hold his ground against one Great Stone Ape at a time.

Meanwhile, after moving for more than five hours, everyone also arrived inside a cave. The cave wasn't formed naturally, but man-made instead. There were also multiple paths leading out of the cavern, the paths forming a labyrinth.

"You guys rest here for now. This place is very safe," Shi Feng said as he looked at the exhausted Purple Shadow members. After saying so, he made his way into the labyrinth.

The labyrinth-like cave was the Bottomless Abyss's first floor. At the same time, it was the only place in the entire Regional Dungeon that allowed for a Guild Town or City to be transferred over.